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City Journal: Refugees bring numerous health problems with them to your towns; more reporting needed

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 20, 2016

LOL! But New York City dwellers need not worry too much because most refugees resettled in the state of New York go to other towns and cities.  New York is virtually always in the top five resettlement states in the nation.

This article at City Journal by Jonathan Leaf is a bit strange as one is initially cautioned about using fear mongering on the subject of refugee health, but when you read carefully writer Leaf then tells readers about some serious health concerns and he wraps up with this paragraph:

Regardless of their views of secularism, constitutionalism, or jihad, refugees entering the United States from the Middle East may be vulnerable to or carrying an array of potentially serious ailments. Thoughtful reporting on this aspect of the refugee debate is long overdue.

We have been doing thoughtful reporting on refugee health issues for nine years! For any serious student of refugee health, visit our ‘health issues’ category with 319 previous posts on the topic.


We are bringing in 50,000 from the DR Congo at this time. Communicable diseases found in Congolese refugees during domestic medical examinations in 6 states from 2010–2013 (n=2,355)* From the CDC:

Here (below) is more from City Journal.  I don’t see any mention of huge mental health treatment needed by refugees or any mention of who is paying for all the treatment (that would be you, the taxpayer).

Most of the critical comments in the press—and almost all of the hostile insinuations from our politicians—about the arrival of refugees from the Middle East have focused on the newcomers’ Islamic faith. The persistent question being asked is, “What are the implications of a growth in the numbers of Muslims in our country?” This might be a legitimate concern, but it’s obscuring immediate issues about the health of these refugees. That subject is either ignored or presented in hysterical terms.


For residents of New York City, afflictions affecting refugees are unlikely to have much immediate consequence. That’s because the federal agency coordinating refugee resettlement is bringing roughly 95 percent of refugees entering the state to locations outside the city. In addition, all refugees entering the country receive two medical screenings. One, which is intensive, is undertaken three to six months before arrival. A much briefer follow-up examination is done just before the refugee comes to our shores. [As we have said previously, having been screened does not mean they are screened out and denied entry!—ed]


Many refugees now arriving in the United States are affected by potentially serious communicable ailments. Indeed, since at least 2001, health authorities in Minnesota have known that more than one-third of those in the state with active tuberculosis cases were Somali immigrants. This problem has existed among many other immigrant groups as well, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, including patients from “Ethiopia, Laos, Mexico, Vietnam, Mexico, Liberia and India.” Thus, by 2014, 73 percent of tuberculosis cases in Minnesota affected the foreign-born, and approximately two-thirds of TB cases nationally are found among immigrants.


The infected may develop the disease later or act as carriers of the bacillus.

Measles has become endemic in Syria, and Syrians show high rates of infection with highly communicable hepatitis A. Refugees wishing to come to the United States must demonstrate that they have been immunized for these diseases.

Of greater concern is the incidence of parasitic infections among refugees.

On this last point, I agree with author Leaf that the parasitic infections are not being given much attention.  Indeed that young Congolese boy who died at O’Hare may well have died from an E-coli infection as a result of severe parasite destruction of his intestines.  (Google the story because the autopsy has been released.)

Click here to read more.

One story I didn’t get to this week, is Michael Patrick Leahy’s latest on Tuberculosis (Ticking Time Bomb) in the immigrant/refugee community. Leahy has obviously made it his mission to put the spotlight on what Leaf describes as a legitimate (and under-reported) concern.

Warning! Not only should you be concerned for your personal health and your family members’ health who must come in contact with refugees newly arrived in America, but you should be concerned for your pocket books! Obamacare does not have money trees growing in Washington no matter what the Democrats might want you to believe!

15 Responses to “City Journal: Refugees bring numerous health problems with them to your towns; more reporting needed”

  1. […] City Journal: Refugees bring numerous health problems with them to your towns; more reporting neede… […]


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  3. I would like to see a future post about refugees who get both taken advantage of and abused by volunteers within the Volags and agencies which are supposed to facilitate resettlement. I have read vague reports of refugees who are getting abused by resettlement agencies. If the resettlement agencies are not screening the refugees, most likely the volunteers are not being screened either! If the volags and resettlement agencies cannot fully screen their own volunteers from abusing vulnerable refugees, then maybe those agencies should be shut down?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      That information is extremely difficult to verify. When I first started writing this blog there were news stories with complaints from refugees, but those seem to have dried up. I think the volags now work really hard to keep any abuses out of the news, and with the media the way it is now, they aren’t actively trying to dig out those stories either. There were actually some agencies closed a few years ago for neglecting refugees.


  4. Susan Reed said



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  5. The latest from The Hive. It would seem that the Syrian refugees are just like us, with MUCH praise about the noble efforts of the IRC.


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  8. Considering how many of them have been convicted of rape, we can add all kinds of disgusting, revolting, and deadly sexual diseases to the list of plagues the invaders bring.


  9. FLINT WATER —– “they” do not care about the People ……. all they care about is themselves and having lots of CHEAP LABOR as they live off their stocks & bonds.


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    They are nothing but problems, a lost cause, deport for a safer America.


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