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Roanoke, Virginia: Refugee kills one wounds three at manufacturing company

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 25, 2016

No wonder Roanoke isn’t feeling very welcoming toward more refugees (remember this story! ).

Hey, all you big companies looking for cheap refugee labor take note! We bring an awful lot of refugees in to America with mental illnesses.

From WDBJ7 (Hat tip: Suzanne):

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The man who shot and killed a person and shot three others at FreightCar America has been identified as 53-year-old Getachew Fekede from Kenya.


Police on the scene of this morning’s shooting in Roanoke. Shooter is a refugee former worker at the FreightCar America facility there.

Police say he died from a self-inflicted gunshot would.

Three other employees were shot. One of them has been released from the hospital.

Roanoke police say around 10 rounds were fired from a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun.

Fekede last worked at FreightCar America in March. [They make railroad cars—ed]. He arrived at the building by bicycle, police say.

Fekede came to Virginia in 2011 as part of a refugee program.

No mention of Fekede’s nationality (his resettlement contractor*** would know).  We don’t take Kenyans as refugees, but we take thousands of Somalis and other African migrants (Sudanese, Ethiopians) who have re-located to Kenya.  So keep an eye out for more news about where he is really from and what his religion might be. [Update: a reader tells us he is probably Ethiopian.]

Longtime readers may remember the famous failed kidnapping plot in Roanoke in 2009 where several refugees were found guilty of attempting to kidnap one or more prominent women in the town and hold her/them for ransom.

Also we have 2,024 posts in our refugee crimes category, here.

*** Commonwealth Catholic Charities is responsible for refugees resettled in Roanoke.

13 Responses to “Roanoke, Virginia: Refugee kills one wounds three at manufacturing company”

  1. Here’s a little more refugee news fyi.


    Michigan Town Sticks It To Fed’s Refugee Plan – Patriot Update The dangerous proposition of bringing middle eastern refugees into America with little to no vetting has hit a roadblock in Michigan.



  2. said

    Can you add a facebook link so I can repost to FB? Thanks! John


    • Ann Corcoran said

      If you come to the blog itself, you will see a facebook icon at the bottom of the story that you can click on. I assume you are getting the stories via e-mail but its better just to come here.

      I have no control over the e-mails that wordpress automatically sends out to those who subscribe.


  3. I fancy the perpetrator wasn’t a Christian.


  4. revbacon said

    “getachew” turns out to be an ethiopian name, per Wikipedia. I’m betting on Ethiopia. Important safety tip: if someone with that name moves into your area, buy a gun, lock your doors, do anything to make sure he can’t “get at you (getachew).”


  5. I remember the Palestinian Abed crime family arson/witness intimidation spree of the 90s when I lived in Roanoke. These folks do not play nice. I remember riding a bus and striking up a conversation with a Kurdish woman from Turkey, getting off the bus and talking to a Turkish man who hated the Kurds, of course, and wondering, “hey, I hope those two never meet!”


  6. kerberos616 said

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  7. Ann,

    Love the way you pounce on anything even possibly negative about refugees. WWJD? Certainly not what Ann does.

    This is a still evolving story, we certainly don’t know all details, in fact this latest from ABC News may offer some insight:

    A neighbor of the suspected shooter at a railcar manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia, says the man told him he quit his job because he was being harassed by a co-worker.

    Clarence Jones told The Associated Press that 53-year-old Getachew Fekede would complain about a man who intimidated and picked on him. Jones said Fekede transferred departments at FreightCar America but ultimately quit when the problems continued.

    Jones said he believes Fekede grew concerned about money after he quit his job because he was still taking care of his mother back in Kenya. Jones said Fekede was an “excellent neighbor” who never showed any signs of violence.


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