Two federal refugee contractors have close ties to ISNA (Muslim Brotherhood USA)

First check out what Discover the Networks says about the Islamic Society of North America here. ISNA was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in America in 1981.

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, KY is the present President of the USCCB. His term ends next month. Louisville is a big refugee resettlement site. One year ago Kurtz called for the US government to bring in 200,000 refugees, 100,000 Syrians. Catholics should question the Bishops’ involvement with ISNA.

Then go here and see ISNA’s list of groups it considers its allies, its interfaith partners (hat tip: Brenda). Two of nine federal resettlement contractors are partners, but see if your ‘faith’ group is a partner as well.

Church World Service
Founded in 1946, Church World Service (CWS) is the relief, development, and refugee assistance ministry of 35 Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican denominations in the United States. Working in partnership with indigenous organizations in more than 80 countries, CWS works worldwide to meet human needs and foster self-reliance for all whose way is hard. ISNA works with Church World Service on issues of global poverty issues.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is an assembly of the Catholic Church hierarchy who work together to unify, coordinate, promote, and carry on Catholic activities in the United States and to organize and conduct religious, charitable, educational and social welfare work at home and abroad. The bishops are served by a staff of over 350 lay people, priests, deacons, and religious. The relationship between the USCCB and ISNA dates back to the 1990s, when they began the Midwest Muslim-Catholic Dialogue. The USCCB is an Executive Committee member of Shoulder-to-Shoulder.

Would someone tell Archbishop Kurtz that 99% of the Syrians being admitted in to the US right now are Muslims! Or, maybe he doesn’t care?

Silencing Catholics! Migration pays, pro-life pays nothing!

Don’t miss this excellent article at One News Now (hat tip: Joanne) suggesting the Bishops have sold out Catholic principles for pay days.

Elizabeth Yore, an attorney and international child rights advocate, argues that money is the real issue at hand here.

“Migration pays very well – pro-life pays nothing,” Yore told LifeSiteNews before noting that the Obama administration has given thousands of federal grants and contracts to the Catholic Church, including many grants this fiscal year for hundreds of millions of dollars to the USCCB, Catholic Charities, CRS and the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC).

Just so you know. Here is how much of your money funded the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration Fund in 2014 (from their 2014 annual report):

Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves, especially Thomas Jefferson (who understood Islam). Here we are, US taxpayers, paying millions of dollars each year to the Catholic Church to import Muslims to our towns.  Federal grants and travel loans (above) are all your money!



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  1. I am a practicing Catholic and a former USCCB rep, with years of challenging overseas experiences working for the poor and displaced, and this report turns my stomach. Resettlement Program types at all levels will invariably play the cynical we’re-more-compassionate-than-you-are card, but the profit motive of MRS-USCCB and CWS and their compatriot resettlement sub-contractors is sickeninglyobvious. What they’re doing as enablers of this invasion of inadequately vetted “refugees” is insidious, self-serving, treasonous and unforgivable by any standard of decency. A few pieces of sliver trump patriotism and decency.

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  2. Talk to these “holy men” in the language they understand.
    Stop all donations to any church. The Lutheran, Catholic, and Jewish “Social Services” are being given YOUR tax dollars to import these savages. Check out their web pages, they BRAG about what they are doing. Cut off ALL “churches” and those not involved will pressure those who ARE —- Dry up the MONEY of those JUDAS ISCARIOTS that are betraying us.
    That’s why I say just cut off ALL of them …. they DO understand EMPTY collection plates and “word” will get around very quickly IF People will STAND UP.


  3. The Episcopal Church is deeply complicit as well. Its national corporation is “The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church.” Check out the millions of federal dollars it has received on And keep in mind that DFMS is just one of many Episcopal corporations.


    1. Thanks for that…I debated whether to mention them because the resettlement agency ‘Episcopal Migration Ministries’ and I wasn’t sure it was the same as the Episcopal Church itself… probably all one big pot of money.

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  4. And THAT is why I will not attend Mass at a Catholic Church any more. The US Conference of Communist Bishops has been an insidious force in the U.S. for over 50 years now – pushing the BS heresies of Vatican II, like “Muslims worship the same God we do.” I call BS on that!

    “allah” is NOT Almighty God, our Creator. “IT” is Satan in disguise. For Almighty God left ALL people free to love, worship and serve Him – or not. muzlims’ (sic – on purpose) “allah” DEMANDS worship from ALL of humanity; and, according to Mad Mo (his so-called “prophet”) demands that muzlims force this upon every human being in the world, or accord them “dhimmi” status (with all of the hell that “dhimmi” status entails), or to “make war” upon them. “allah” also puffs up his stooges with false pride, saying: “muzlims (MALES) are the BEST of people”, and “Mohammed is the ‘perfect man'”. If Mad Mo had been born in this day and age he would have been executed as a serial robber, rapist and murderer!

    No, “allah” is NOT Almighty God, but Satan. And izlam (sic – on purpose) is Satan’s 2nd largest (and longest) con upon humanity. What is the first? “You shall be as God.”


  5. I just read where a Syrian refugee in Germany has four wives and 23 children.
    He gets $390,000 a year in benefits. Don’t think for one second that it can’t happen here.


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