One town in Michigan is fighting for its survival as county targeted for even more Middle Eastern refugees

A resolution heard around the world!

This isn’t just about Michigan—as Michigan goes so goes America!

Here is how the story in the UK Daily Mail described what happened.  I know many of you already do know because you have been sending me versions of the story from many news outlets, but for those who don’t yet know:

A Michigan town has voted to ban Syrian refugees from living there, because they believe the vetting process is not good enough.

The Waterford Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution against allowing refugees from the war torn country to settle in the area, on Monday night.

What will longtime Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson do? Will he seek an injunction against RAP and federal contractors before the election?

The vote was specifically against a federal resettlement program for the refugees. It passed with a 7-0 vote.

The result is a surprising one given that the town in North America with the highest proportion of Arab-Americans lies just 30 miles to the south.

Dearborn has more than 40,000 Middle Eastern immigrants who are proud to call the city home.

The Daily Mail said this in its short blips about the story and it made me laugh!

The towns ruling is worthless as control over Syrian refugees is done so federally and not at a local level.


Of course we know the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is being foisted secretively on local communities and local governments from the United Nations and the government in Washington, DC, but what these brave local elected officials did on Monday night is far from “worthless.” 


Because by trying to save their own town in Oakland County, Michigan, people all over the world are hearing about it as the media, including the UK Daily Mail, has been running stories about it all week and thus educating more and more Americans to what is happening to Michigan could be happening to your states too (and is happening to many, it is just that some are further down the pipeline of demographic change than others!).

Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart picked up the story and it was featured on Drudge on Tuesday.

And, here is the New York Daily News, be sure to watch the video clip.

Here is the Oakland Press about the international attention the resolution has received. And, includes this important information about a possible next step:

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has threatened a lawsuit against the federal government that would seek an injunction to halt any more refugees from locating here. Patterson says the refugees are not properly screened for medical illnesses and the Refugee Act of 1980 is not being followed. The act requires the federal government to update local officials at regular intervals about refugees locating in the area. The county Board of Commissioners approved a resolution supporting Patterson.

Worthless? Not by a long shot!

On November 8th, the future of Michigan (your state too!) will be decided! If Hillary is elected President, we will move quickly toward further Islamization of Michigan via the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program. If Donald Trump is elected, we have a fighting chance to save America and Western Civilization by slowing the Hijra (the migration). To that end, I’ve made a little video pitch with my friends in Michigan, so please help get it around especially to the voters of the Wolverine State.

I saw what is happening to Michigan first hand this past summer on my 6,000 mile swing through the heartland (a loop that took me as far west as Montana and south to Tennessee).

Watch ‘Hillary’s Michigan America’s Worst Nightmare’ released today:

Update: If you would like to learn more about the resistance in Michigan, go here: website

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34 thoughts on “One town in Michigan is fighting for its survival as county targeted for even more Middle Eastern refugees

  1. There needs to be a proposal made to take the land(or abutting land) of the families of Clinton, Bush, Obama and many members of Congress by eminent domain so it can be used to build housing projects for these refugees. Once that has been proposed then let them re-vote on whether or not they want to still bring in refugees. This approach should also be applied to the locations to be used for nuclear waste dumps. If these issues start hitting the back yards of the super rich and the leaders in Washington, I guarantee you will see a VERY different tune played by the political musicians!!

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    1. It is time for the States to invoke the 10th Amendment to the fullest degree and stop taking federal funds – that is how the feds hoodwink us. Sadly, it is going to take rape, pedophilia (muslim are well known for this) and other atrocities to wake the people up in this country – if at all, especially the clinton liberals. Should I find out about someone having such things happen to them I shall find the culprit and give them some Wild west American justice. How many women or children have to suffer at the hands of soros, Clinton and muslims?


  2. The globalist media knows exactly how to pull the heartstrings of we uniquely empathetic European ethnics. Muslims are “proud” to call Dearborn their home. ‘Refugees’ are always from the terribly “war-torn” areas of the world. It is as if a cold shivering Lassie is at your door whimpering with thorn in her paw. You wouldn’t slam the door on her, would you?! Undoubtedly most of these people are proud to be Muslims. And many in Europe, and some here, are going back and taking taxpayer financed vacations in these war-torn lands from which they are always said to be ‘desperately fleeing’ in fear of their lives.

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  3. Politicians and Priests that “Open the Gates of the City” to raping pillaging INVADERS, are PERSONALLY FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the damage they cause. Get it into the heads of People injured by the INVADERS, that the deep-pocket Politicians & Priests OWE THEM 100% REPARATIONS. Make these PUKES start PAYING for the damage they cause then see what happens. Get some hungry lawyers after the assets of those churches and politicians……. Quit letting the Politicians & Priests create chaos and bloodshed and walk away. Make THEM pay a price.

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    1. It ain’t just priests Eddie
      Lutherans, Evangelicals And Baptists all bring in Somalis and other Muslims into Maine, The South, Mn, ND, SD, and other states and do so in greater number than Catholics..
      Nice try at a drive by pot shot though. Facts in you in the kisser though


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