Whoa! Big news! Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to bring 50 Muslim Syrian families to Delaware

So, why is that a big deal?  HIAS resettles Muslims all the time.  That is not the big news!

Delaware has hardly taken any refugees in 36 years despite the fact that then Senator Joe Biden was one of the original architects of the Refugee Act of 1980 and observers have always suspected that Delaware has gotten so few because it was a case of ‘not in my back yard’ for good ol’ Uncle Joe.

As one of the few men still living responsible for the Refugee Act of 1980 (There were about a dozen Senators, Ted is dead, but Jimmy Carter is still kicking), thank VP Joe Biden for the demographic change in your state (but not in Delaware until now!).

Now here comes news that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (see our huge archive here), one of nine federal resettlement contractors, has targeted Delaware for 50 FAMILIES according to the news from Delaware Public Media (that could be more than 200 refugees in total).

Although the article doesn’t say, we assume they would go to the Wilmington area where synagogues are lining up to help place the Syrians.  We already know that 98-99% of Syrians entering the US as refugees are Muslims and most of those are Sunni Muslims.

Here is the story at Delaware Public Media:

First State faith leaders and other community groups gathered Friday morning to learn more about a wave of Syrian refugees coming to Delaware as early as the end of the year.

About 50 Syrian families are slated to be resettled in the First State in December or January. [Planning has obviously gone on in secrecy because this plan is way down the pipeline and already approved at the US State Department. The big rush is that they want to beat a Trump Inauguration!—ed.]

Delaware’s Jewish Family Services agency is teaming up with HIAS – one of only nine organizations working with the U.S. State Department and the refugee resettlement program charged with placing refugees in the United States and abroad.

HIAS Senior Director of Communications Bill Swersey says this is the first time Syrian refugees are being resettled in Delaware, and adds the list of immediate needs for them is long.

Islamic Community is surely overjoyed!  Yes, because that means the Hijra is advancing into Delaware!

Several synagogues, non-profits and the Islamic Community of Delaware have already signed on to help. Delaware and Wyoming were the only two states not to have settled any Syrian refugees during the 2016 Fiscal year that ended Sept. 30th.

Urgent notice to Wyomingites!  They may have secret plans in the pipeline for you too!

LOL! This is why I seem to never get done (and it is a beautiful Saturday here), I read something that I know is wrong and I then have to find the facts.  I knew there were MORE than two states that did not get Syrian refugees, so I checked the Dept. of State data base.  Here is a map of where all the Syrian refugees were seeded in FY2016.


Alaska and Hawaii didn’t get any either, they just didn’t fit on the map. I count 11 states that did not get Syrians! HIAS must be giving false information to make Delaware folks feel guilty.



Nervous in Delaware? Be sure to read ‘Ten things you need to know!’

For new readers, HIAS is the refugee contractor that told the Southern Poverty Law Center to investigate me, see here.

***We have heard that the US State Department has secretly targeted 47 new resettlement sites. And, that is because they have worn out their welcome in many locations, plus the numbers being admitted are so large that they need many more cities in which to seed them.  These are the ones we have identified so far.  We have now added Wilmington.

Asheville, NC

Rutland, VT

Reno, NV

Ithaca, NY

Missoula, MT

Aberdeen, SD (may have been thwarted!)

Charleston, WV

Fayetteville, AR

Blacksburg, VA

Pittsfield, MA

Northhampton, MA

Flint, MI

Bloomington, IN

Traverse City, MI

Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilmington, DE

Watertown, NY (maybe)

Youngstown, OH (maybe)



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  1. How do they even know if they are Syrian? Most of them have no ID. There are stories at the Mexican border that border guards are finding drivers licenses from Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. They the “refugee” walks over the border and says they are Syrian, but have no ID because they are “refugees.”


    1. Janet, the ones being “resettled” are primarily the ones the United Nations has selected for us in camps in Jordan and Turkey. However, we still don’t know who they really are because they left the failed state of Syria, so there is no way to check any data to corroborate what they tell interviewers…


  2. Surprise, no………..Jews and Muslims working together against Christians to ultimately see the destruction of Christianity and Islam. Every damn Jewish group here and in other predominantly white nations are working with Muslims. Send every Muslim and anti-American Jews back to where they came from. This group (head of the snake?) may very well be the worst; Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations http://www.conferenceofpresidents.org/


  3. You can be sure that all the Jewish Congregations are Reform Congregations….Always Democrats/Obamahillary supporters, “cultural” Jews…perhaps even supporters of The New Israel Fund! ( pro “palestinian”, pro BDS )


  4. Don’t do that. Muslims want to cut you up like they do to the non-human animals in halal. They want to kill your dogs too. They deny that Jesus is god like the people who wanted Jesus to be dead. They seek a vain thing thinking the word Kafir and infidel makes them better than another person. They wanted Jesus to be boastful like Satan who impersonates God visually seen. Muslims think saying Jesus is a prophet is enough. Reject such people sending them back.

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