So-called ‘Interfaith’ groups pushing refugee program just about everywhere

As you study what is happening in your community and its plan to ‘welcome’ refugees, especially the newly targeted towns and cities***, look for the presence of an ‘Interfaith’ group as part of the secret plan to change your town by changing the people.

Take a few minutes to watch Stephen Coughlin, a fellow at the Center for Security Policy and expert on Islam in America speak about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of those groups and especially of the Catholic Church.

Of course if you are a long-time reader here at RRW you know that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and a network of Catholic Charities offices across the country, resettle (for a fee) the highest number of refugees of any of the nine federal resettlement contractors. To my knowledge, not one of those Catholic ‘charity’ migration activist groups have ever questioned the ‘wisdom’ of resettling mostly Syrian Muslims to the exclusion of persecuted Syrian Christians.  Maybe , as Coughlin suggests, they have already been subverted.



If the video does not appear in your e-mail, here is the link:

Note in the video that Coughlin talks about Sayyid Qutb.  Learn how Greeley, Colorado (a town being colonized by Somalis now) played a role in the development of ideas that underpin the Muslim Brotherhood (click here) and the group’s views of America.  Too bad Donald Trump didn’t speak in Greeley yesterday!

***These are just some of the new sites the US State Department has chosen to become key resettlement cities to add to their list of hundreds already being seeded with third worlders.  Wonder why states that once were reliably red are now turning blue?—it is immigration stupid!

Asheville, NC

Rutland, VT

Reno, NV

Ithaca, NY

Missoula, MT

Aberdeen, SD (may have been thwarted as a primary resettlement site!)

Charleston, WV

Fayetteville, AR

Blacksburg, VA

Pittsfield, MA

Northhampton, MA

Flint, MI

Bloomington, IN

Traverse City, MI

Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilmington, DE

Watertown, NY (maybe)

Youngstown, OH (maybe)




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  1. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    There’s a list of new locations getting their “free” refugees. Here’s a copy and paste;
    “Wonder why states that once were reliably red are now turning blue?—it is immigration stupid!”
    Oh, and be sure to watch this guy’s 4-minute video.

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  2. So true Ann thanks for this article I hope people everywhere read it.

    We have an interfaith group here in berwick and they have just received a government award, they also brought the koran to be studied into my children’s Catholic school.

    We moved schools and now have to travel 30 minutes to get to another catholic school….whcih is little better in that it promotes muslim asylum seekers.

    Another way they are infiltrating society is through libraries – I saw today at our local library there was a Qu’ran exhibition on and it was getting lots of people to walk in to see it and it tries to promote the koran as ‘peaceful.’

    What rubbish.

    Thanks Anne you are doing such a great job.

    Jane >

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