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In Minnesota, Trump talks trade and Somalis

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 7, 2016

As I watched the news the first thing this morning, what trend jumped out at me—in those states that are must-wins for Trump like North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Michigan and even New Hampshire, what is the common thread?  They are states where the immigrant population is expanding greatly with refugee resettlement as one factor.  Immigrants generally vote for Democrats because they fear their social services (aka welfare) will be reduced under a Republican president.

Muslim immigrants vote mostly for Democrats because they know the Dems will permit the Hijra (the migration) to continue unimpeded.


20,000 greet Trump in Minneapolis yesterday. See Conservative Treehouse for the story and more photos:

Trump had the guts to raise the Somali problem in Minnesota yesterday.

Remember Democrat Governor Dayton famously told an audience in St. Cloud last year, an audience of native Minnesotans, if you don’t like our (Somali) immigrants move to another state.

Trump is appealing to Minnesotans to help save their state by voting for him.

Here is news from the Daily Caller on Trump’s Minnesota stop yesterday (I think he might be going back again today, or is it Mike Pence returning to MN?):

Donald Trump told Minnesotans at a rally Sunday that this is “our last chance,” as he described a state hit hard by trade deals and refugee resettlement.

Minnesota is a historically Democrat state, and Clinton has had a solid lead in the most recent polls of the state. Trump, however, said at his rally at an airport hanger that he feels “good about Minnesota.”

Two main focuses of his platform — stopping refugees from coming into the U.S. and renegotiating trade deals — could find a receptive audience in the midwestern state.


“Oh Minnesota, Oh Minnesota, you know what’s going on, you know what I’m talking about. Be politically correct, just nod, just quietly nod,” Trump said.

“Hillary wants a 550 percent increase of Syrian refugees pouring into our country, and she wants virtually unlimited immigration and refugee admission from the most dangerous regions of the world to come into our country and to come into Minnesota and you know it better than anyone.”

There was recently a stabbing attack by a Somali ISIS sympathizer in St.Cloud, Minnesota, and there have been several ISIS-related arrests of Somalis in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is home to the nation’s largest Somali population, about 30,000. [Official number perhaps, but the population in the whole state is much higher—ed]

“If you want people to just pour into Minnesota, just vote for Hillary Clinton,” Trump said.

If you want people to just pour into America, just vote for Hillary Clinton!

13 Responses to “In Minnesota, Trump talks trade and Somalis”

  1. sidefxny said

    Here’s the latest atrocity by these murderous savages. How many more acts of terrorism must we have before they get it?

    Let’s hope that Trump’s first act when he gets inaugurated will be to start the deportations IMMEDIATELY.


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  4. […] In Minnesota, Trump talks trade and Somalis November 7, 2016 […]


  5. kerberos616 said

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  6. I am originally from Minnesota although I moved away many years ago for a job. In September my cousins friend was shopping at the Crosswoods Mall in St Cloud when he was stabbed out of the blue. My grandparents lived in Stearns County all their lives & I spent many hours as a child at their home in St Cloud. The last time I visited Minnesota I was stunned to see how many easily identifiable Muslims were there & it didn’t look to me like they were doing much to assimilate.

    If you’d asked me 5 years ago how I felt about Muslims in America i would have been neutral, but not today. Clearly, this migration of Muslims to Minnesota (which has been going on for 30 years) is not working. I still welcome legal immigrants, but they MUST be willing to obey our laws/constitution & respect our culture. If they can’t do this we must make them leave.

    Can you hear me Governor Mark Dayton? Your speech in St Cloud where you told 4th & 5th generation Minnesotans to leave if they weren’t happy with you continuing to bring in more & more Muslims was reprehensible! Without those 4th & 5th generation Minnesotans buying things at Daytons your family would never have had made all those millions of dollars that allowed you to run for the office of Governor. Worst Governor ever!

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  7. Hope said

    Throwing a lifeline to Minnesotans. Will enough if them grab it?


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  8. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    For eight years the POS/SOB/POTUS, muslim-in-chief in the Peoples’ House has been bringing in muslims and other “refugees” for the purpose of changing states from red to blue, expressly to affect voting in favor of the evil democratic party.
    (Don’t believe the dems are evil?–take a look at the movie “hillary’s America.)
    We can’t blame the dems alone; the two Bush boys had plenty to do with the new muslim immigration too; it’s now pretty well known that the Bushes are part of the NWO elite.
    When we voters change administrations on Tuesday, a large part of Congress needs to go too.
    Oh, and Minnesota, never forget what your fine governor said…it’s repeated in this post

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  12. A reminder — Hillary “We came, We saw, HE DIDED ….. LOL” Clinton
    Monday, January 27, 2014 Hillary Ordered The Final Massacre At Waco By Robert Morrow


  13. Grandtrines said

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