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Article explains why Texas withdrawal from Refugee Program may benefit resettlement in state (in long run)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 10, 2016

For everyone getting excited about governors withdrawing from the Refugee Admissions Program, please take a breath.

The feds will simply pick a non-profit refugee contractor to run the program unless the governor takes the second step and that is, after being declared a Wilson-Fish state, he or she joins the Tennessee Tenth Amendment case prepared by the Thomas More Law Center.


Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband is CEO of the International Rescue Committee which looks like it is angling to be in charge of refugee resettlement in Texas now that the state government has pulled out. Here he is his pal George Soros. See our extensive archive on how this British subject is calling the shots about who will be resettled in many states in America. (He is also best pals of Hillary Clinton. He must have had a great shock yesterday.)

Not too long about Kansas and New Jersey withdrew, but I  haven’t heard a peep out of Governors Brownback (KS) or Christie (NJ) that they would now seek to defend their state’s rights.

Here is a portion of the story about Texas from Vice magazine (emphasis is mine):

…Texas has resorted to withdrawal from the federal resettlement program—but the same number of refugees will continue to be resettled in Texas, according to Victoria Palmer, public affairs specialist for the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families. The difference is in the distribution of funds and services for those individuals and families. Currently, the State of Texas receives the funds to distribute to nonprofits, which distribute money to the refugees and offer support services. Now, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) will instead choose one or a few nonprofits to receive and distribute those funds.

“While we of course regret Texas’s decision, ORR is working to appoint designees to administer services to refugees in Texas,” Palmer told me. “ORR is working to prevent a disruption in the delivery of services and benefits to refugees and entrants in Texas.”

And the US Department of State, which screens refugees and works with ORR to distribute them, said Texas would continue to receive all groups of refugees, including Syrians.

“Applicants to the US Refugee Admissions Program are currently subject to the highest level of security checks of any category of traveler to the United States,” a State Department official told me in an emailed statement. “Syrian refugees are screened to an even higher level.”

Since Texas’s withdrawal can’t block resettlement, immigration experts told me the move was purely for show.


Lin and Palmer both told me that Texas would eventually operate resettlement through a model that 12 states already use, called the Wilson-Fish Program. Under that program, the federal government picks one or a few organizations to serve as long-term partners, distributing funds and services to nonprofits and to refugees throughout the state.

Palmer said ORR would soon make a request for “competitive bids” to serve as the distributors.

“The organizations chosen to be the main agency for the state will be more burdened, but these agencies have been doing this for a very long time,” Lin said.

Texas will be the largest state to use the alternative program—which Aaron Rippenkroeger, the CEO and president of Refugee Services Texas, said was cause for concern.


But Rubin of the IRC assured me that Texas’s withdrawal may even open the door to a better resettlement process.

More here.

Texas grassroots citizens concerned about refugee resettlement in the state must pressure the governor to take step #2 and sue! But, if you do this, you MUST make sure your Washington reps know what you are doing and how you feel—see calling on Texas (your members of Congress are in key positions to do something!). As I said yesterday, I think you would be stunned to find out how isolated your Washington reps are in their little Capitol Hill bubble.

Click here to learn more about Wilson-Fish states.

6 Responses to “Article explains why Texas withdrawal from Refugee Program may benefit resettlement in state (in long run)”

  1. You can be assured that Obama and Soros have committed to serve up as much misery to America as possible, at least for the next couple of months until inauguration. Soros has already sent out orders to more than 200 MoveOn.Org operatives, shortly after Trump was declared the victor, and that is why we are seeing violence in many US cities. Dallas had windows broken, “civil disobedience” pranks, etc., last night and you can bet that the emboldened left will do all possible to make things miserable for Trump the next couple of years. Their efforts will be measured in the results of the mid-term elections.
    Beyond inauguration, the State Department will be under the control of the new administration, right? Can the decadence created by Hillary’s Department Of State be STOPPED? When does our dominance take hold? When does our clear message ‘trump’ the United Nations Muslim and Soros stained control of our immigration policies, when will our sovereign rights take hold??? Saudi Arabia financed 20% of Hillary’s campaign, probably effectively more. When will their influence over our future end? When will the evil comradeship duet of Obama and Turkey’s Erdogan end, a Muslim Brotherhood devotion that wants to infect the entire world with Sharia muck?
    It seems that the entire rest of the world is committed to our downfall, pouring across our borders by the tens of thousands, encouraged in every conceivable way by ungodly cooperation from the left and the RINO right. When we exercise our rights as laid out in the Constitution we are disparaged when we win, and beset upon with threats and violence by those who blame us for everything. Their real enemy comes from within their own camp. Those who adored the silliness of Bernie’s appeal, and signed on to his unsustainable rhetoric should have recognized that on their own.

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  2. All need to withdraw from the Muslim refugee program.


  3. kerberos616 said

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  4. […] back against the out of control federal nemesis.  The fed wields a lot of power!  Here’s an article on what our Texas leaders have tried.  If this subject goes on unchecked, we could face disastrous […]


  5. Brittius said

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  6. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    We have won a major battle, folks, but the war goes on.
    Soros wants the world and he will not quit until he gets that extra hole, but then ten more evil people will rise. There is no end to them.
    Never has been, never will be.

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