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Church World Service head honcho sucking up to the NYT and Chobani Yogurt tycoon

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 12, 2016

We told you recently that the NY Times has gone to bat for Hamdi Ulukaya who is changing Twin Falls, Idaho with a refugee worker flow for his world’s largest yogurt plant there. As I said yesterday, some of the big players in the UN/US refugee program are giant corporations, some of them foreign-owned, that want CHEAP labor.

Think about it! If companies like Chobani didn’t have the steady supply of immigrant/refugee labor they might have to hire American workers and pay them better wages!

Since I’ve been writing about Church World Service this morning, I thought you might like to see what CWS’s highly paid CEO is saying to the NYT.  Is he looking for a little moola from Hamdi?


Re “For Standing Up, Scorn” (Business Day, Nov. 1):

On behalf of CWS, a global humanitarian organization and refugee resettlement agency, I commend Chobani’s founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, for making the concerted effort to employ more refugees at his yogurt company. In a time of widespread xenophobia and hateful rhetoric, his compassion, boldness and good entrepreneurial sense are especially uplifting.


CWS CEO Rev. John McCullough being arrested in Washington, DC protesting in support of Obama’s executive amnesty. Photo and story here: McCullough pulls down an annual salary of over $300,000 a year from his CWS work and from “related organizations.” Page 13- 14

Through his own employment practices, he helps demonstrate that refugees are hardworking, productive members of our society, not the economic burden some suggest.

Mr. Ulukaya, an immigrant from Turkey, also warrants our praise for establishing a foundation that assists migrants, traveling to Greece to witness the refugee crisis firsthand and committing to give away most of his fortune to help refugees.

Mr. Ulukaya illustrates tangibly what’s right about our country: longstanding values of hospitality, diversity and industry.


New York

The writer is president and chief executive of CWS (Church World Service).

Learn about CWS’s finances here.

See our extensive archive on CWS, by clicking here.

Our Twin Falls archive is here.

About the photo on McCullough’s arrest: Why would a non-profit group, that is being paid millions of tax dollars each year to help legal refugees get established and find jobs in the US, be out protesting on behalf of illegal aliens who will in turn (if granted amnesty) be in direct competition with refugees for jobs?  I have never understood the sense of this.

The only logical explanation is that CWS and McCullough are out to change America by changing the people no matter how they have to do it!

6 Responses to “Church World Service head honcho sucking up to the NYT and Chobani Yogurt tycoon”

  1. […] Church World Service head honcho sucking up to the NYT and Chobani Yogurt tycoon […]


  2. eagle669 said

    Chobani’s founder, Hamdi Ulukaya can take his yogurt company to some other country. the stores around here know better than to stock this yogurt. I wonder how the call to the wilds five times a day is working out for Chobani’s founder, Hamdi UlukayaChobani’s founder, Hamdi Ulukaya. Do they use toilet paper?


  3. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  4. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    More on Church World Service: right, without more “refugees” they might have to hire Americans, and pay better wages.


  5. success14 said

    Doing the right thing is greek to Chobani and other firms who hop on this bandwagon to get cheap foreign labor at the expense of American workers. How about making a list of such scavengers and organizing a boycott against them?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      There are so many that it would be beyond the ability of this one-woman blog. If anyone has a list already, let us know. I do know that most meat and poultry processing plants are behind refugees-as-slave-labor…


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