Ignoring the governor, New Jersey refugee contractors vow to place them as fast as Obama admits them!

In my previous post I said I had two stories today (so far) about reactions from within the refugee resettlement industry about the future of the program in a Trump administration.  The second story comes from NJ.com which begins with the usual heart string-tugging story that has to be the first lesson of Journalism 101 classes at our colleges and universities.  However this story has a little smell to it! (Emphasis below is mine)

Governor Chris Christie withdrew New Jersey from the Refugee Admissions Program, but it is meaningless if he doesn’t follow-up with a state’s rights lawsuit. Contractors admit at NJ.com that Syrians can’t be properly screened!

The woman, a Syrian refugee recently resettled in Middlesex County, had one question the morning after the election of Donald Trump:

“What does this mean for my sons?”

What kind of visa allowed the Syrian couple admission to the US, and it is certainly a red flag that their TEENAGE BOYS were not admitted!

Also, since the pair have not yet been approved for asylum, they are NOT REFUGEES (not until their asylum applications have been approved are they eligible for all the goodies refugees receive from taxpayers!).

NJ.com continues:

Her concern was recounted by the Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, whose New Brunswick congregation has sponsored the resettlement of several refugee families. The woman and her husband had come to the United States on visas, and are seeking asylum***, but her teenage boys were denied visas and are waiting in a third country.

“I told her it doesn’t mean anything for her boys,” Kaper-Dale said. “I do not expect Donald Trump will be nearly as aggressive with his actions as he was with his mouth.” [Rather optimistic isn’t it?—ed]

Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale perhaps should be more realistic with this Syrian couple. They are not refugees yet, and if the Obama Admin. didn’t let the BOYS in, there must be concern. By the way, references here on the cover of Kaper-Dale’s book to Chris Smith refer to the NJ Republican Congressman who has been a long time supporter of the UN/US State Dept. Refugee Admissions Program.

Admitting it again! Trump does not need Congress to cut off the flow!

Trump campaigned on a promise to stop the flow of refugees from the Middle East, vowing to hit the pause button on the current administration’s acceptance of refugees from the brutal civil war in Syria. Since the refugee resettlement program is administered by the U.S. State Department, a president does not need congressional approval to make the change.

And, just as we predicted! Obama may be trying to front-end the resettlement of his 110,000 refugee plan for FY2017. However, contractors beware because if you get out ahead of your federal funding, you may actually have to find private money later in the year (or go belly-up!).

The New Jersey-based agencies that have federal contracts to help refugees find housing and jobs all vow to continue to welcome people who have come to New Jersey from at least 18 countries. [Progress when mainstream media mentions that the ‘religious’ groups have federal contracts!—ed]

If anything, some expect the pace of resettlement may pick up as the Obama administration tries to bring over as many families as possible before Trump takes office in January, one volunteer said.


Concerned about the impact the Trump election might have on the organization’s refugee resettlement program, Bertrand made inquiries a few days after the election and said he was told refugees would continue to arrive until the change of administration takes place in Washington.

“And after that, they have no idea what will happen,” he said.

Gov. Christie’s withdrawal of the state from the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program only means a non-profit federal contractor like Church World Service in this story will call the shots for NJ (maybe it already has become a Wilson-Fish state). If he was serious he would file a lawsuit as Tennessee is doing here.

Although Gov. Chris Christie came out against the state accepting any Syrian refugees – saying he would be opposed to accepting even orphans under the age of five – states cannot ban refugees from resettlement in their borders.

Will wonders never cease! Here they actually admit what we have been saying all along about screening Syrians!

Agencies that help with refugee settlement say the people arriving today have been in the vetting pipeline for years. But they concede that the chaotic conditions that triggered a mass exodus from Syria in 2015 makes it very difficult for refugees to prove anything about their backgrounds, as employers, relatives and even records are now scattered, unavailable, or destroyed.

Continue reading here.

***As I warned in my earlier post this morning, watch out for more extensive use of the asylum process if the refugee resettlement program is curtailed.

Go here for more on New Jersey.

15 thoughts on “Ignoring the governor, New Jersey refugee contractors vow to place them as fast as Obama admits them!

  1. Ann, I sent an e-mail letter to Gov. Christie with your suggestion. Here is the text of that letter:
    Re: Stopping the refugee re-settlement scam
    Dear Governor Christie:
    If you really want to fight the forced settlement of un-vetted (and un-vettable) so-called “refugees” from everywhere in the third world and protect the citizens of New Jersey, there is an alternative to becoming a “Wilson-Fish” state (under which you STILL lose control of who is being re-settled in your state). That is to join Tennessee in fighting this UN-Constitutional mandate based upon the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
    The Thomas More Law Center is willing to represent – pro bono – any/all states wishing to fight this over-reach of the U.S. federal government. For more information on how this is being done, please reference the article at the link below:
    (from the article:)
    “The Thomas More Law Center will represent the state [Tennessee] free of charge in the ‘constitutional challenge to the federal government’s refugee resettlement program as a violation of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.'”
    There IS a way to fight this. Our founding fathers included the 10th Amendment to the Constitution for a reason. This sort of federal government over-reach is EXACTLY what the 10th Amendment is there to fight.
    Very truly yours,
    (a concerned NJ citizen)


  2. I’m curious why the Democrats are so determined to flood this country with refugees that quite frankly hate us, and our customs, laws, and traditions? Then American citizens are told we have to do away with things like the Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas, or Thanksgiving because their offensive to certain immigrants. There seems to be no consideration of just how this could end if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had gotten their way. It’s like these politicians have learned nothing from what’s happening all over Europe whether women are being raped and assaulted in their answer is keep arm distance away from Muslim immigrants, and cover your skin. Really?

    I have to question the motives. If we are the most powerful country in the world why aren’t we reselling these Middle East refugees in their own countries where surely there are more comfortable amongst people they are culturally compatible with.

    It’s the Christian refugees that have been slaughtered in the Middle East that are the most in need. What about them? That would be a easier transition to our customs.


    1. Justin, here is the answer to your question. It applies to the U.S. as well as to all other Western nations:

      The so-called “refugee” invasion and the continued toleration of the INVASION of illegal aliens – particularly from Third World countries – constitute the “shock troops” of the globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabal. The plan: destroy whatever hegemony the nations of the West still retain. Destroy their sovereignty. Cause as much strife, economic hardship, crime, mayhem and murder as possible.

      When the situation gets bad enough the sheeple of the once-free nations of the West will beg their so-called “leaders” to “do something”. Then the NWO cabal will come out with their “solution”: WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Translated: enslavement of all who are not part of their cabal or the government drones that do their dirty work.)


  3. CROOKED CROOKED CROOKED GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!! shared to my public FB with my added comments:



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