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SC Governor Nikki Haley should not be Secretary of State

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 17, 2016

As you have figured out by now, I am a one issue voter. What we do about immigration/refugees is all that matters for the future of this country, so I’m judging Donald Trump’s choices for high office based on that issue alone.

Needless to say I was shocked and disappointed to see that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was headed to New York today for consideration for the job of Secretary of State.  See Townhall here.


If Trump puts Nikki Haley at the top of the US State Department it will give Senator Lindsey (Open Borders) Graham a direct pipeline. Refugee resettlement will not be stopped, slowed or even reformed in that case.

First, correct me if I’m wrong, but does she have any foreign policy experience?  I sure hope Trump isn’t looking to ethnicity and gender to balance his cabinet.  If so, put her at the head of the Labor Department or something like that.

A couple of years ago when the refugee resettlement industry turned its eyes to South Carolina, a state which has not received very many refugees over the years, Haley didn’t do anything to slow its arrival.

See our huge archive on Spartanburg by clicking here.  And, go here for everything we have said about Haley.

See here for my discussion of why NC is a purple state and SC is still (for now) a conservative red state.

Warmonger Senator Lindsey Graham would have his ally in a very high place. (See Graham on bringing in Syrians, here).

Readers will remember that Haley and SC Rep. Trey Gowdy*** were early supporters of Senator Marco (Gang of Eight) Rubio and that Graham (Gang of Eight) endorsed Jeb Bush.  If Gov. Haley runs the US State Department she will be in charge of immigrant visa programs and refugee admissions to the US, and in the case of refugees, choosing where they go. It will be her budget that pays refugee resettlement contractors for the initial resettlement.  Senator Lindsey Graham will never let her restrict the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

I urge my South Carolina readers to weigh-in and tell me if I am wrong about Haley. Has she done anything to indicate concern about massive numbers of refugees especially from countries that hate us entering the US?

***By the way, Gowdy is chairman of the House subcommittee responsible for the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program and has done nothing to begin to examine the RAP with an eye to reforming it.  He didn’t even hold the legally required hearing, as Senator Sessions did in his Senate subcommittee, on Obama’s determination to bring 110,000 refugees to the US in FY2017.  So for all of my friends who think that Gowdy is God’s gift to America, think again!

Rumor has it that Lindsey Graham plays a large role in keeping Gowdy quiet on immigration issues.

25 Responses to “SC Governor Nikki Haley should not be Secretary of State”

  1. […] SC Governor Nikki Haley should not be Secretary of State […]


  2. kerberos616 said

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  3. Ann, You are right about Haley. She approved the settlement of Syrian refugees into S C behind closed doors and the activist citizens, including myself,. have had to fight for years to slow this settlement into S C. Trey Gowdy gives lip service to helping us, but has he really done anything meaningful? Obama continues to increase the numbers of Syrian refugees. We activist, after repeated trips to Greenville to ask York County Council not to approve more Syrian refugees, finally won that battle. Christina can give you an update. Haley is pro Syrian immigration in my opinion. Trump does not need her in Washington.


  4. aquaseanotes said

    Nikki Haley is racist against white people This became evident during the Confederate flag drama of 2015. She ordered the flags taken down and said in an interview that when she was growing up as the child of Indian immigrants in the south, she did not like feeling left out She did not like being an Indian minority in a mostly white state. So she decided to chip away at freedom of speech in SC because her Indian parents brought her to a majority-white country, and she didn’t like feeling left out while she was growing up. She destroyed a centuries old tradition in the American south, because of she plays identity politics, and being a “brown Indian” will always be more important than respecting the rights of her “fellow Americans” (she only refers to them as that when she’s up for re-election”
    Oh and she probably bleaches her skin so that she can be mistaken for being white most of the time.


  5. nafbpo7 said

    I think Trump is just trying to be nice to his former non-supporters. I seriously doubt he gives anything to Haley.


  6. How can she even be considered? She was vehemently opposed to President Trump.

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  7. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    Totally agreed with Ann on this: SC governor, Nikki Haley, should NOT become Secretary of State–she would/could be worse than hillary.

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  8. michellefromsandiego said

    There is a pop-up announcement today on about RSCMENA
    15 November 2016 – Direct Access Program – Certain categories of Iraqis with U.S. affiliations may apply directly for consideration for resettlement under the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) without the need for a referral by UNHCR. This program is called the Direct Access Program. If you believe you are eligible for the Direct Access Program, you are now able to submit an application for consideration online via this website!
    The State Department has the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) Iraqi Processing to accept and process applicants who reside throughout the Middle East/North Africa if they have a first-degree relative with verifiable proof of U.S.-affiliated employment in Iraq, which includes Category 4. Iraqis who are/were employed in Iraq by a U.S.-based media organization or nongovernmental organization;

    What is the administrative and monetary relationship between the RSCMENA and the US State Department?
    Here is the main text on the IOM page, which bears a US flag,

    The Resettlement Support Center (RSC) for the Middle East and North Africa (RSCMENA) is operated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Amman, Jordan. – RSCMENA conducts resettlement processing for the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) in fifteen countries throughout the MENA region. Funded by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), RSCMENA assists refugees with the many steps involved in the resettlement process to the United States.- Persons of special humanitarian concern who can establish persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion may be considered for admission to the United States as refugees. All resettlement services are free of charge.


    • dotsword said

      the US has so many Back doors — I doubt that Govt even knows the he toal # of programs –and then of course Obama added several of his own –but his New Student back door is COMPLETE INSANITY b/c EVERY recent terrorist here and abroad, Males AND Females, –are College Age!

      My concern now — Trump team will not be able to ferret out these Numerous Trap Doors Obama created and they’ll continue to flow in throughout the entire next year! All 110,000 mentioned to public — plus God knows how many orchestrated by immense help from George Clooney et al while he & Obama hung out at the UN Refugee Summit past September.


  9. dotsword said

    Whew! Thank you Ann — I truly thought I was losing my mind when I kept hearing her name this morn — that perhaps I was confusing Haley with someone else.

    So, please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that in the past she made some very pro-Refugee welcoming statements b/c her name triggers a similar shock from months ago –shock that she was Pro-refugee resettlement in U.S. I think it was a puff piece praising her work.

    I would love nothing more right now than if you told me I was wrong about this –but as soon as I heard her name on news this morn, I froze in mid-walk, then began Questioning myself —

    Nonetheless — Pure GUT INSTINCT was –and is– SCREAMING DANGER! DANGER! re Nikki Hale and I cannot remember why.

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  10. Artist said

    everything you said…..

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  11. Sec. of State is a pivotal position in the new foreign policy team. I’m just not seeing how Halley is a good fit for this. Halley might be considered for a different position to appease that camp of the GOP, but I think this business about Sec. of State might be a head fake.

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  12. sidefxny said

    Ann- as always you are spot on. I hope and pray that someone in Trump’s inner circle is reading your posts and educating themselves on this issue. Like yourself, immigration legal and illegal is my main concern. I live near a sanctuary city here in NY and can see the irreparable damage that’s been done due to the influx of illegals. (and they are not Syrians or Afghans, etc.).. Although they are 99% Hispanic Christians from Central and South America, it doesn’t matter. They require a great many services from the school district, the human services agencies and every other taxpayer funded establishment. Local property taxes have soared because most of the children don’t speak English and many come from a third world culture. The American kids who are in the schools suffer, especially the gifted ones or those with great potential. The feds have spent over $10 ,million dollars on a health center that expressly caters to immigrants in three counties. It is a Medicaid/Medicare mill that bilks the government and bills the tax slaves for the payments.

    You have already done all the research and hard work. Trump needs to pay attention and act on what needs to be done.

    Thank you Ann! You are my hero.

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  13. Contact the Trump team here:


  14. Go to President elect Trump’s transition website and give them your suggestions and comments about Nikki Haley. I did… thanks

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  15. Brittius said

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  16. After moving to SC In 2013 I heard that Spartanburg would be a new settlement site for middle eastern refugees. At that time I started calling Nikki Haleys office who told me repeatedly that the admission of refugees was determined by the Feds & her office had nothing to say about it.

    I also called Senator Graham’s office where I spoke to a very rude aide & Senator Scott’s office who told me Senator Scott had been in Minnesota & had noticed the large Somali population there, they were open to conversations about whether bringing in more refugees was a good idea.

    I also spoke to a Mr Dodge in Mark Sanford’s office who said Sanford would like to see the Refugee Program paused or slowed way down until the refugees could be vetted.

    I have spoken to Tim Scott’s office & Mark Sanford’s office repeatedly & feel they would support Trump if he moves to stop or slow refugee admissions. I can’t say that about Graham or Haley.

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    • aquaseanotes said

      Nikki Haley will most likely turn a blind eye to illegals, and will probably continue with the flow of refugees being resettled by the contractors. It appears that she is “anti-white”, and therefore, anything she can do to increase the number of minorities and decrease the number of white people (and American blacks as well), would be the goal of Nikki Haley.
      She has stated publicly that she did not like being the only “brown Indian” growing up in SC (her parents are from India), so my guess is that this is a highly, highly emotional issue for her, and therefore she can only be counted on to make irrational decisions regarding mass immigration to America. Probably, in her mind, the more foreign brown people, the better. And the more J1 Visas given out to Indians to come here and take away American jobs, the better for Nikki Haley


  17. mikekiljom said

    OMG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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