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Refugee resettlement industry held emergency conference call on Friday: What will Trump do?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 21, 2016

Update November 22nd: Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart investigated and found more details.  In an update to his earlier article, he reports that the US State Department claims they did not organize or participate in the conference call, see here.

They are worried. And, as my good friend Richard (Blue Ridge Forum) would say, it has a lot to do with rice bowls. What? you ask! Have you ever heard the phrase ‘breaking rice bowls?’ It happens a lot when a new administration comes in to power and a lot of people have their livelihoods placed on the line perhaps for the first time ever!


In a story ostensibly about what is going to happen to the new resettlement site of Northampton, Massachusetts, the head of the local Catholic Charities tells us a good bit about what went on when 452 worried refugee resettlement workers got on a conference call with presumably leaders of the two main federal agencies that administer the program and dole out the federal bucks in Washington.

BTW, as we have mentioned previously, both the Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration and the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (as political appointees) will soon be on their way out.

Here is

NORTHAMPTON — Asked if she thought a city refugee resettlement program would be subject to change under President-elect Donald Trump, Catholic Charities Executive Director Kathryn Buckley-Brawner pulled no punches.

“Of course it is,” Buckley-Brawner said. “Because Trump will be president. It’s less a question about ‘is’ as opposed to ‘will.'”

03/10/11 South Hadley Republican Photo by Mark M.Murray - Bishop Timothy McDonnell, Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield ,annouces the official begining of the 2011 Annual Catholic Appeal, during a press conference inside the St.Patrick Parish center kitchen thursday. Also on hand at right is David Bergeron, head of food services at the center , and Kathryn Buckley-Brawner, Direcor of the Catholic Charities Agency.

Kathryn Buckley-Brawner has been resettling refugees in Springfield, Mass.

Buckley-Brawner participated in a 452-person nationwide “post-election national refugee advocacy” conference call Friday headed up by people in government. [Advocacy on the taxpayers’ dime!—ed]

The call leaders said “don’t overreact,” prepare to advocate and argue in favor of refugee resettlement programs and hold steady until something changes, Buckley-Brawner said.

But feelings of uncertainty permeated the discussion, according to Buckley-Brawner.

“People whose job it is to have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our government don’t have a clue,” Buckley-Brawner said in a MassLive interview following the call. “If they don’t have a clue, the rest of us are in the same position.”

Members of the call seemed to think the most likely way a Trump administration might impact U.S. resettlement efforts would be by blocking refugees from certain places — like Iraq and Syria. [LOL! If Trump asks me, I’ll say Somalia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Burma (Rohingya) need to be on the list too!—ed]

Trump told CNBC on Monday he felt more against allowing Syrian refugees into the country than ever, calling the prospect “one of the great Trojan horses.”


Several different scenarios were discussed during Friday’s conference call, Buckley-Brawner said.

Among these, a complete shut-down of funding for refugee resettlement — thought very unlikely. A tightening of vetting procedures and slow-down of refugee intake — thought very possible. Finally, a dramatic decrease in refugee intake across the board.

“We’re simply going to keep on doing what we’re doing until somebody says ‘stop,'” Buckley-Brawner said.

Continue reading here about the elected libs in Northampton and their enthusiasm for taking Syrian Muslim refugees.

Be sure to visit our archive on Springfield, Mass. where the mayor called for a MORATORIUM and begged for relief from Buckley-Brawner’s resettlement of refugees there for years.

Northhampton is fresh territory and I will bet that although it is only 20 miles north of Springfield, the folks in Northampton likely have no clue about all the problems Springfield has had (unless they have been reading RRW for years!).

Endnote: My apologies to the good citizens of Northampton! I have been spelling the name of your town wrong for months! Sheesh, just found that I had spelled it wrong above!

7 Responses to “Refugee resettlement industry held emergency conference call on Friday: What will Trump do?”

  1. […] Refugee resettlement industry held emergency conference call on Friday: What will Trump do? November 21, 2016 […]


  2. I call it a Muslim invasion agenda. This needs to be stopped now or younger people later on will have the hurdles of trying to stop it. Fast forward 2025: we will end up like the EU which has been conquered incrementally with no resistance. Under aged girls married to men in mosques and local gov. cannot stop it, along with many other crimes, some serious. Police will be pol. correct and ignore even serious crimes like the child rape in Twin Falls ID, like they do in the EU.


  3. I am starting to tie many issues with theses foreign invaders with #SanctuaryCities,Ann. Northhampton ,MA is part of #SanctuaryCities >>(


  4. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    An “emergency conference”–GOOD! It’s time those people have to worry about their “rice bowls!”
    And I love how they appear to have “NO” qualms about bringing “refugees” in, dumping them on bleeding-hearted Americans, then washing their hands and are never heard from again–until they have more “refugees” to dump.
    This from Their call leader, “don’t overreact,” prepare to advocate and argue in favor of refugee resettlement programs and hold steady until something changes…We’re simply going to keep on doing what we’re doing until somebody says ‘stop,'” Buckley-Brawner said. (Me thinks “her” rice bowl should end right now!)
    “My” thought: America cannot keep taking in the Third World just to line these scammers’ pockets and to provide cheaper labor to certain big business.


  5. Trump has no excuse if he permits Ryan to fund refugee program past Dec 9. Any funding in new budget should be towards safe zones. Millions of Trump voters will be angry if the paul ryan funding doesnt stop, which he has continued for years.


  6. Reblogged this on Frangelica1 Hot Topics and commented:
    Really hope President Trump puts a moratorium on all refugees coming to this country except for rape survivors – just my personal opinion! There definitely needs to be more investigation of any refugee interested in coming to our country. I am hopeful that some needed changes to refugee resettlement will be done by our President Trump when he takes office!


  7. Brittius said

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