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Lancaster County, PA refugee economic study is misleading

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 26, 2016

If everything is so copacetic in Lancaster County, then why did it go 57% for Donald Trump?

This is what the Left is so good at—writing studies that are not completely accurate to paint a positive picture of the economic impact of refugees on a community and then use it as a news-hook.

But, in this case the study (the propaganda!) which concluded that immigrants/refugees economically benefit Lancaster County, PA was produced by the real driver of the Open Borders movement, not the Leftwing, do-gooder, ‘humanitarians,’ but business interests who want the ready supply of cheap labor—-the Chamber of Commerce and Bloomberg’s New American Economy cheered on by federal refugee contractor Church World Service which receives most of its funding from you, the taxpayer.  [For more on the New American Economy, go here.–ed]

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 15: Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg speaks at a press conference announcing a new initiative between the Clinton Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies, titled Data 2x on December 15, 2014 in New York City. Data 2x aims to use data-driven analysis to close gender gaps throughout the world. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Do not trust any propaganda from leading Open Borders advocates like Bloomberg: “Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg speaks at a press conference announcing a new initiative between the Clinton Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies…” (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

The article at (fake news?) seems to be promoting refugee resettlement, but when you look closely, the educated and hardworking immigrants cited are mostly not refugees—they are Vietnamese (we only take a handful of refugees from Vietnam now), Mexicans, Germans!, Dominicans, and a smaller number of Cubans which we do take as refugees, but shouldn’t be!

But, the most important and misleading aspect of the story is that there is no information in the study about what the refugees/immigrants cost Lancaster County and the federal taxpayer for welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps, medicare, the criminal justice system and a biggie—education for the kids.

The low wages Tyson Foods and other big global corporations pay their labor is supplemented by you, so of course the business community loves this model!

Lancaster County is Donald Trump land. The president-elect won 57 percent of the 240,000 votes cast there, compared with Hillary Clinton’s 38 percent.

The county of about a half-million people also is home to fast-growing numbers of immigrants and refugees – 23,094 as of last count – whose rate of growth from 2009 to 2014 was nearly double the rate for the county as a whole. Nationwide, immigrants and refugees were among groups often lambasted by candidate Trump.

But in Lancaster County, according to a study released Tuesday, foreign-born residents have had “an outsize” positive impact on the local economy, and in 2014 contributed $62.8 million to Social Security, $16.4 million to Medicare, $52.5 million in state and local taxes, and $103.3 million in federal taxes. Their spending power was estimated at $440.5 million.

The study was a joint project of the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Lancaster County Refugee Coalition. It was conducted and underwritten by the bipartisan New American Economy, a Washington nonprofit whose cochairs include former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter.


“With the very serious workforce challenges the business community faces, the findings in this report will help us to more fully leverage every person in this county,” Cheryl Irwin-Bass, vice president of the chamber, said when she presented the study at her group’s annual State of the County event.


The study cites manufacturing and health care as industries in which immigrants have played important roles. Some refugees have obtained jobs at Tyson Foods. [I wonder if refugees who sign up abroad to come here are forewarned about the meatpacking jobs they are expected to fill—ed]


Church World Service has an office in Lancaster City, and the refugees she helps include Syrians who have had to flee their war-ravaged homeland. The top five immigrant groups are from Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Germany, and Cuba. [Mostly NOT refugees—ed] continues here.

Forget humanitarianism, it is all about money!

If I have done nothing else with this post and years of work on the subject of Refugee Resettlement I hope I have gotten one important message through to you dear reader—-Refugee Resettlement in America is NOT first and foremost about humanitarianism, it is about big business and cheap labor!

I’ve written a lot about Lancaster (Amish country) over the years. My interest began in 2007 when it was Lancaster’s spillover (there was some problem with crime there we were told by our police chief) that came to my county in western Maryland.

Go here for my archive on Lancaster. See especially posts where some very unhappy citizens protested against more refugee resettlement and where the school system endured a very expensive lawsuit filed by lawyers for refugees (I bet Bloomberg didn’t include that cost in his study!).

18 Responses to “Lancaster County, PA refugee economic study is misleading”

  1. […] Lancaster County, PA refugee economic study is misleading November 26, 2016 […]


  2. tmasierrahills said

    Lancaster, PA refugee econ study ignores taxpayer costs – like studying Mt Vesuvius benefits leaving out eruptions.


  3. I live in Lancaster County, and in a community that has a lot of legal immigrants, Coptic Arabs, Russians, Ukrainians, Haitians and Eastern Africans, Ethiopians, mostly. On election night, I went up to my precinct to vote and encounter the longest line ever to get in to a church. It was about 7:30, but the line was still as long at 6:30. Mixed races. All lower working class men and women, almost all voting for Trump. Yeah, among the immigrants present, they were all pulling for Trump. My friend, from Lancaster City, Ward 8, voted Democrat at her precinct. She said there were hardly any lines at her precinct. On Wednesday, we all came back to work, and in spite of her candidate losing, she was fine. Not wanting to burn anything down or riot. In fact, you would hardly have known there was an election, because, guess what? EVERYTHING WAS FINE! The post adolescent toddlers at Millersville and Franklin and Marshall all had a good cry, but no one took to the streets.
    I am betting a lot more minorities voted for Trump than anyone would care to admit.


  4. I think I lost the post, but Berks County PA is a ICE center. They complain about treatment and medical. But they got less and worse treatment in MX. Here is what is really going on. POLITICAL ASYLUM. Sick. we are housing them while in this city and other we have tent citys with people freezing and dying over the winters.


  5. this is my county. most of Spanish community live in the inner city bringing crime to it. I am with the amish who do adopt from foreign countries because they are so far inner bread they need outside dna because they do not marry outside the church. This one influx of the young ones coming in. Its funny to see a black girl in a bonnet.


    • I’m in Lancaster County, too. I have seen a number of Jamaican Mennonites, and Central American Mennonites, too. It is kind of strange seeing them decked out in 19th century PA Dutch togs. I wonder who we can complain to for cultural appropriation.


  6. tvfmontana said

    Didn’t you have articles about everyone in Utica being happy with incoming refugees?

    Utica is in Oneida County
    Oneida – Election Results


  7. […] via Lancaster County, PA refugee economic study is misleading — Refugee Resettlement Watch […]




    • Berks, mostly Lancaster County were German immigrants in the early years. I am now in Berks, we have Amish and Mennonites here. But I try to speak Dutch, that is broken hi German, and they have no clue what I am saying. I need to go home.
      In fact we have been here, my family, so long, we were friends with Washington. My grandfather was the last comb horn smith in the uSA. We made the combs and buttons for Washington and is army.


  9. How can Germany possibly be sending us cheap labor when they supposedly have such a shortage of their own, that they allow a disastrously liberal immigration policy? I’m wondering if these “Germans” aren’t actually Muslim immigrants, who once naturalized can move on to bigger pickings in the US using European citizenship as a cover.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    Hmmm…, do I despise this guy, Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, or the present mayor of NYC, de blasio? Good question. They are both libs and open border fanatics, ETC.
    There’s also a pic of a lady with a dumbass grin on her face (you’ll like that one.)
    And finally a pic of a guy and a flag (you’ll like that one most of all.)


  11. Reblogged this on jowitteroosblog.


    • Lancaster county is comprised of Amish and Mennonites largely. They feel the bible claims to be in the world not of the world. Therefore they do not vote or get into politics. Unless you leave the cult then they are great politicians.


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