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We should all be Geert Wilders, use your free speech while you have it!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 26, 2016

“Members of the court, you are passing judgment on the future of the Netherlands.”

Geert Wilders


Wilders before the court!

Every one of you should take a few minutes and read Dutch leader Geert Wilders’ final statement to the court that is seeking to convict him on hate speech charges.  I’ve snipped a bit of it below.

In the US we still have our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech because the founders understood that being able to freely speak about vital issues facing the country was the best way to keep chaos and violent conflict from tearing the country apart.

Granted there are far left organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center who are seeking to silence you.  Your response should be to speak up even more forcefully. (See SPLC will have a DC press conference this week, they use their free speech!)

Every one of you who is concerned about immigration/refugees where you live and is working to expose problems must speak up! You MUST write a website, a blog, letters to the editor, a facebook page, or hold public meetings to get the information out while you can! LOL! You need to counter the fake news from the likes of CNN!  And, if thousands of you are publishing your research and opinions, they can’t stop us all!

Sorry for the harangue!

Here is Wilders (imagine living like he does, under 24 hour guard, because people want to kill you for what you say!):

When I decided to address you here today, by making a final statement in this trial against freedom of speech, many people reacted by telling me it is useless. That you, the court, have already written the sentencing verdict a while ago. That everything indicates that you have already convicted me. And perhaps that is true. Nevertheless, here I am. Because I never give up. And I have a message for you and the Netherlands.

For centuries, the Netherlands are a symbol of freedom.

When one says Netherlands, one says freedom. And that is also true, perhaps especially, for those who have a different opinion than the establishment, the opposition. And our most important freedom is freedom of speech.


So, do not forget that, when you judge me, you are not just passing judgment on a single man, but on millions of men and women in the Netherlands. You are judging millions of people. People who agree with me. People who will not understand a conviction. People who want their country back, who are sick and tired of not being listened to, who cherish freedom of expression.

Members of the court, you are passing judgment on the future of the Netherlands. And I tell you: if you convict me, you will convict half of the Netherlands. And many Dutch will lose their last bit of trust in the rule of law.

More here.

See our previous posts on Wilders by clicking here.

8 Responses to “We should all be Geert Wilders, use your free speech while you have it!”

  1. […] We should all be Geert Wilders, use your free speech while you have it! […]


  2. Muslims need to repent of Islam get out or perish like the enemies of the Israelites of old. Part of the repenting will entail saying Jesus is God visually seen with no excuses and tearing down all of their mosques and turn in all of the weapons that they have collected.

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  3. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    This is one of those posts so hard to understand. How can the leadership of a nation like the Netherlands treat this man, Geert Wilders, like this?
    Please read his statement to the court, then think of all that is happening right here in America, the eternal bastion of “FREE SPEECH,” and realize that our free speech could slip away too.
    Remember, obama still has the power of the presidency for nearly two months….

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  4. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  5. sidefxny said

    I have been a follower of Mr. Wilders for many years and I strongly urge everyone to read his book “Marked for Death.” This is what happens to people who dare to speak out against Islam in the wrong country. In the USA, political correctness is causing many people to be shut down on Facebook and Twitter as we have seen with Milo.

    Every school in America should have Wilders’ speeches to be required reading and viewing. (Ha, that’s a joke. They don’t even have civics classes anymore)

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  6. According to the SPLC & ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has
    “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.
    By their own definition the SPLC & ADL are HATE GROUPS.
    During the Trump “transition” following the 2016 election, following their usual modus operandi, the SPLC & ADL have been running around to the MSM giving hysterical, frightening, interviews about an IMAGINED “wave of Trump induced HATE CRIMES(TIHC)” The SPLC & ADL have been absolutely silent about the ACTUAL, RECORDED HATE CRIMES committed by Blacks on White Trump voters , or about how MOST of the CLAIMED TIHC are actually FALSE FLAG events staged by the supposed victims.
    The SPLC & ADl are HATE GROUPS spewing venom and INSTIGATING VIOLENCE toward any White, CHRISTian Citizens that they can.

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  7. Dutch soldiers who fought in Afghanistan send lawyer Knoops, advocate of Wilders, with the permission of their commander a text message in which they wished Wilders and the team of the lawyer Knoops much strength and said they fought just for that right for t freedom, wihich includes also the freedom of speech , . Advocate Knoops read it to the court!

    Incidentally, many Dutch soldiers and police openly or secretly (even officials) are behind Wilders. If you are openly positive about Wilders and his party, the PVV, at your work or in the media, you risk resignation.

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