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Up next! Niagara Falls to become ‘welcoming’ refugee resettlement site

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 28, 2016

We learned months ago that the US State Department had been secretly assessing the feasibility of 47 new sites in which to place some of Obama’s last wish—110,000 refugees for America in FY2017.

Those 47 would presumably be in addition to the 110-200 listed here. (oops! The State Department’s Refugee Processing Center has taken down some of the handiest links we could previously access. Sure hope it is just temporary and not a further effort to keep information from the general public.)


Seneca Niagara Casino needs workers, so Niagara Falls will get a refugee office. Starting wages must be too low to attract Americans! I wonder who owns this Casino? No time to find out right now….

Because there is no published list of new sites we can only assume that is because the federal government and its contractors do not want to tip off any citizens who might object.

We have been listing all those we learn about (see list below).

But here is the latest news on Niagara Falls from Buffalo News.

The Jewish resettlement contractor says there are jobs there for refugees—what as waiters, maids and janitors in hotels catering to tourists?

As many as 50 refugees from one of the world’s troubled spots are likely to resettle in Niagara Falls next year as Jewish Family Service of Buffalo and Erie County expands its services northward. [It is just the beginning, the numbers will increase each year and there is no stopping it once a contractor has set up shop.—ed]

The U.S. State Department recently approved Jewish Family Service’s application to begin refugee resettlement in the Cataract City [nickname—ed], said Marlene A. Schillinger, the local group’s president and CEO.

Jewish Family Service will be the first refugee resettlement agency working in Niagara Falls, and Schillinger said it makes sense to do so.

“There’s capacity for this in Niagara Falls,” she said. “There are employment opportunities.”

Many refugees who have resettled in Buffalo have taken jobs at the Seneca Niagara Casino, and Jewish Family Service hopes some of the new arrivals who settle in Niagara Falls will do the same.

Jewish Family Service has been working with Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster and the Niagara Falls School District to prepare for the refugees’ arrival.

“You can’t just plop people down there,” said Peter Scott, career services program manager at Jewish Family Service, who will supervise the new operation.

They say the community is all fine with it! Does the community even know?


Democrat Mayor Paul Dyster supports the arrival of the federal refugee resettlement program to Niagara Falls. See his bio here:

And despite fears that refugees from Syria might be a terror threat, “we have not had any pushback from the community,” Scott said. “And there’s certainly an economic benefit.”

Dyster could not be reached for comment, but Schillinger and Scott said the mayor has been supportive, hoping a refugee influx in Niagara Falls could revitalize neighborhoods and stem falling population, just as it has in Buffalo.


Fewer refugees have arrived in America recently from Burma, the destination that has been the source of a majority of Buffalo’s refugee influx in the past 15 years. But Burma remains one of the top five home countries for refugees moving to the U.S., along with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

One thing the good citizens can be sure of is that the refugees will most likely be Muslims from Iraq, Syria and Somalia.  Even with the Burmese, large numbers now arriving are Burmese Muslims (which won’t make the Burmese Christians living there very happy!).  Just so you know, only a handful from DR Congo are Muslims.  However, Niagara Falls officials need to know they will get a mix of refugees and they don’t get to choose their favorite ethnic groups.

You should know that this Jewish agency is a subcontractor of the major federal resettlement contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

New sites!

Here are some of the new sites being chosen by the US State Department (that we know of!).  We are adding Niagara Falls, NY. If anyone there is interested in learning more, check out our ‘Ten Things Your Town Needs to Know‘ by clicking here.

Asheville, NC

Rutland, VT

Reno, NV

Ithaca, NY

Missoula, MT

Aberdeen, SD (may have been thwarted as a primary resettlement site!)

Charleston, WV (expansion of what was a very small program)

Fayetteville, AR

Blacksburg, VA

Pittsfield, MA

Northhampton, MA

Flint, MI

Bloomington, IN

Traverse City, MI

Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilmington, DE

Watertown, NY (maybe)

Youngstown, OH (maybe)

Storm Lake, Iowa

Niagara Falls, NY

9 Responses to “Up next! Niagara Falls to become ‘welcoming’ refugee resettlement site”

  1. […] Up next! Niagara Falls to become ‘welcoming’ refugee resettlement site […]


  2. tomasrose said

    federal resettlement contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is no more. It is now HIAS. They would claim that the letters in HIAS have no meaning whatever – especially since the majority of their clients are now Muslim. However, given HIAS’s apparent special mission to get the LGBTQI community from around the globe over to the U.S. as refugees and asylees, some think that HIAS means Homosexual Immigrant Aid Society.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. icthelite said

    It appears that many of the cities in the NE, USA are jumping on board in order to increase their population and hopefully their tax base. Or they are hoping to get in line for some federal funding.
    I’d be interested in others views on this.


  4. 1128jan said

    Not sure you’ll get this as a reply, but worth trying. Seneca Niagara Casino is on the Seneca Reservation, privately-owned. CEO is Cathy Walker. According to Manta.


  5. William Thomas said

    Greg,Some more new friends coming soon,hope you and family had a nice Thanksgiving,Bill

    On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 10:32 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “We learned months ago that the US State Department > had been secretly assessing the feasibility of 47 new sites in which to > place some of Obama’s last wish—110,000 refugees for America in FY2017. > Those 47 would presumably be in addition to the 110-200” >


  6. Our MISleaders betray us.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Darlene Plyter said

    This casino is one of 6 properties owned by Seneca Tribe.
    http://newyork.casinocity com/niagara-falls/seneca-niagara-casino-and-hotel/owner/

    (Why isn’t there any way to STOP OBAMA from further ruining the cultural face of America?)

    Darlene in Texas (but my hubby was born in Village of Niagara, NY and he HATES TO SEE IT TURNING ISLAM”!!)
    Of course it will ultimately destroy tourist trade -as well as force many to move out, just look what’s happened to Dearborn and Ithaca, etc.


  8. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    Our muslim-run administration, DHS, attorney general, state department (and the muslim-in-chief itself) are no longer part of America.
    The grinner in the pic is Mayor Paul Dyster.


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