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How many white refugees did we take from South Africa last month?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2016

I used to have more time to write about South Africa—the LOL! Rainbow Nation—but haven’t recently.


This artwork came from an article entitled, ’17 Interesting Facts about South Africa.’ Don’t miss number 16! By the way, is that yellow person in the middle supposed to be the white people of South Africa?

However, in light of what I have been writing about today: the FACT that we are picking up Somalis all over the world and bringing them to Anytown, USA, I want to mention this again.

(You can see my archive on South Africa by clicking here.)

The joke is that although South Africa is still being touted as the Rainbow Nation that welcomes all races and religions, it is not happy with its fellow black Africans and most particularly the Somalis.  So guess what? We take them! We are bringing them as ‘refugees’ to America from South Africa.  (see the processing country map I’ve been displaying for the last couple of days below).

Just like Australia’s unwanted illegal aliens, why are South Africa’s illegal aliens our problem?

This bit of information is buried in a story about Buffalo, NY and the many languages spoken in the school system there.  Remember ‘welcoming’ communities you have a huge expense coming when you set up a resettlement site, but what interested me more than the language issue (discussed frequently on these pages) was this brief mention near the end of the article.

Thanks to all who sent the Buffalo News story:

The father is from Somalia. He fled his country and made the risky journey to South Africa. That’s where he met his eventual wife and where his daughters were born, but where the family did not have permanent residency. [What! We thought everyone was welcome in SA?—ed]

So the United Nations sent them to us! So much for the welcoming Rainbow Nation!

See the map for just the month of October 2016.  How many of the 151 who arrived in the US in October are persecuted white South Africans? (Gasp! Politically incorrect question alert!)

I’ve asked this other very sensible question in the past: Once whites are in the minority will the tables be turned and will the UN promote the resettlement of whites into black majority nations (to add some diversity!)?  Hmmmmm?



Who are the 151 ‘refugees’ we admitted from the SAFE country of South Africa last month? I’ll bet the largest numbers are Somalis!


12 Responses to “How many white refugees did we take from South Africa last month?”

  1. Reposted over at Bunkerville. Thanks


  2. Roy Hobs said

    Thank the Lord this Blog has become “Race Realists”!!!

    In a relatable story…………….I knew a family from Britain working for CNN in Atlanta. 3 beautiful blonde haired children. Hard working parents and charitable to their fellow man. Just an awesome family. The oldest teen refused the “Gardasil” vaccine and the father’s work visa was revoked and they were forced to move back to Britain.

    Not any words to say what I want to say next.


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  5. ELN said

    Reblogged this on ELLIOT LAKE News.


  6. sturandot13 said

    Ann, you are absolutely correct about the persecuted white minority in South Africa – particularly the Boer farmers. For anyone interested in just what has happened since that so-called “paragon of virtue”, Nelson Mandela, his communist ANC (African National Congress) party and the CPSA (Communist Party of South Africa) has done since assuming power in that once-great nation, you can look here for all of the gory details of life under black majority – Communist – rule:


  7. Cathy said

    I have friends from South Africa. It’s not so safe, at least for whites. They say they had to have big strong fences or walls around their homes, with gates and locks. They were very glad to move out. I think I read on the web that they are having a problem with crime down there now.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Hi Cathy, from the standpoint of refugee resettlement, South Africa is considered a “safe country”, a country whose government is considered safe/secure. But, I agree that for many whites it is unsafe and that is my point.

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  8. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    A good question, Ann, and sometimes you are too funny.


  9. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  10. dijonventer said

    Yet South Africa is listed as a Safe Country by UNHCR?????

    (of course that is only brought up when white people from SA claim asylum – SA has the highest murder rate per 100,000 white farmers in the world)

    UNHCR have to have SA listed as a safe country so that Somali’s and other Africans can claim asylum there! It is all one big scam! DRAIN THE SWAMP Worldwide!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. “How many white refugees did we take…” is one part of the question. How many Christians did we take is the other and more important half of the question. Allow me to share this:
    Trump’s “Illegal Immigration” Master Plan
    “Anonymous: Trump Plan to Settle 3.5 Million Christian Refugees” Into Western Coastal Regions Of USA.

    * Christian Refugees will replace the millions of illegal Migrant Workers expected to be deported

    *”Multiculturalism has no future -Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill

    *Obama Regime effectively barred displaced Refugee Christians from entering the United States admitting just 56 in total

    *Obama & Hillary created a Radical Islamic Fifth Column seeking “to dominate not integrate”

    *Trump wants to restore the natural Christian balance in America

    *Trump appointed General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor who warned America that “Islam is a Cancer and Political Ideology that hides behind religion”

    *Donald Trump is not only aware of the grave danger Islam poses to America but also plans to rapidly address it

    *Trump has a Master Plan to remove millions of illegals from the United States by partially basing it on 1954’s successful Operation Wetback that expelled Mexican illegals from the US combined with Malaysia’s 2005-2006 Deportation operation whichsuccessfully expelled all Illegals from Malaysia.

    *Deportation is not a Punishment but a Procedure to put Illegals in compliance with US law which is already in place and ready to execute

    *All Illegals will be given a one time chance to Self-Deport to avoid a Prison Sentence and keep from being barred from reentry into the US. This is what Malaysia did.

    *Christian Refugees will Politically alter the West Coast from Leftist Democrat to Conservative Republican

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