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Where are you Wrapsnet?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2016

Update!  Good news! Just got word that it is up and running! Haven’t tried it yet, but blowing kisses to the State Department web designer!  Guess we will never know if it took a nudge or they just hadn’t gotten around to it yet!

An important resource for anyone (reporters, citizens, city and state officials) wanting more information about what refugees are being admitted to the US and where they are going is the Refugee Processing Center, a US State Department data base some refer to by its url

By the way, I am mentioning this today because I can tell so many readers were trying to access this website from a link here at RRW yesterday when the latest Somali refugee terror attack was going down in Ohio. (I’ll report on that next this morning).

The site has a new warm and fuzzy face (here is a screenshot) which might, on first glance, make one think it is a website for a very pro-refugee activist group rather than simply a federal data base.


Unfortunately what seems to be missing (hopefully this is just a delay in linking in the most important page in to the new website!) is the “interactive data” that is so vital for anyone wishing to track who is entering the country and from where (almost on a daily basis).

Here (below) is a screenshot this morning of the page that once contained links for various types of data. Perhaps if that data base is somewhere else on the site, some kind government employee will direct us to it! (or maybe there is a reader who knows how to access the data through some other area of the website!)

If the availability of this data has been temporarily suspended we urge the State Department to make it available soon since this is a critical period for anyone wishing to know where refugees are being placed.

Normally one was able to click on ‘reports’ in the right hand corner in the above screen shot and arrive at a page to research data. This is what has been appearing for days where the data selection parameters once were:


***Update*** Also missing is this extremely important page that lists which contractors are working in which cities and states, here.

It will be things like this involving transparency with the Refugee Admissions Program we hope will be fixed early on by whomever Trump picks as his Secretary of State.

This post is filed in our ‘Where to find information’ category, a category full of reports, documents, and data. It contains 460 previous posts, so it is only for those who have a lot of time to peruse it!

For our newest readers whose heads might be spinning, my recommendation is to just follow along every day for awhile because I link back to so much earlier information and you will gradually catch on.

Next! The latest Somali refugee jihadist….

13 Responses to “Where are you Wrapsnet?”

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  3. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    “Warm and fuzzy-looking” right.


  4. SierraTel said

    Ann have you tried the Wayback Machine?

    thank you for all your investigative work btw. I want you to have a job in Trumps arena!!! >


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I don’t know the Wayback Machine, plus would it work if the data is being updated daily. I am not sure. As for the Trump Admin. who will pounce on them if they go off track. I already think they have with Nikki Haley. If he picks Romney don’t expect anything to change with the refugee program. In fact, as I said this morning to someone. If on January 21, Anne Richard is still at the State Dept. and Bob Carey at ORR, then in my mind Trump will already have fallen short!


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  7. seabrznsun said

    I got the same thing. Why are they hiding the information? This has to be fixed.


  8. Dit is op jowitteroosblog herblogd.


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