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Will Rep. Tom Price rein-in refugee program, so far no sign he is inclined that way

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 2, 2016

Readers here at RRW know that the Dept. of Health and Human Services isn’t just about Obamacare.  For us, it is the agency that does most of the spending on refugees and those so-called unaccompanied alien children we just told you about in the previous post.


Rep. Tom Price, Trump’s pick for HHS Secretary

Here is The Seattle Times educating its readers about HHS’s role involving immigration via its sub-agency the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The examples given here of Trump nominee Georgia Rep. Tom Price’s (a medical doc btw) earlier positions on the subject of refugees doesn’t look very reassuring to me.  So, if any of you know things about Price that would give us confidence he might draw in the reins on the RAP, let me know!

And, correct me if I am wrong!

In my earlier post this morning, I noted he did not back Rep. Babin on his bill.

The Seattle Times:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The congressman named by Donald Trump to oversee the country’s health care system would also have an impact on another top issue: immigration.

It’s an area where Georgia Republican Tom Price has been at odds with the Obama administration.

If Price is confirmed by the Senate to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, he would head an office responsible for both resettling refugees in the United States and caring for immigrant children caught trying to cross the border on their own.

The five-term lawmaker has joined his Republican colleagues in objecting to President Barack Obama’s immigration enforcement policies, including those at the border. He co-sponsored a bill that sought to let states block Syrian refugees from settling in their communities. (I’m assuming they mean McCaul’s toothless bill, mentioned here at Breitbart)

Continue here.

And, again, if anyone has anything that would give us confidence that Price would be willing to dramatically decrease the budget at HHS for the Refugee Admissions Program and turn off its giant grantmaking machine, send it my way!

On the grants:  There are millions of dollars of grants that ORR hands out to contractors that have no basis in the law—crazy stuff like those grants for planting refugee gardens for example!

7 Responses to “Will Rep. Tom Price rein-in refugee program, so far no sign he is inclined that way”

  1. Rebecca Callahan said

    We have reason to be VERY concerned with Trump selecting Rep Tom Price to head HHS. Trump just increased “The Swamp” in Washington instead of draining it. And, yes I voted for Trump praying our nation could be saved. I live in the District that Rep Price presents and have had dealings with him. Though it did not involve Immigration, this was 2009.
    It gave me great insight into this man. My opinion, respect and views concerning Price changed drastically. If you are not part of the Milliare Club, Price can not relate. He can not relate to the middle class or what’s left of it who have worked hard for decades for what they have. If you are in the low income bracket, disabled, etc your are SOL. He is in the pockets of Corporations and the wealthy elite. His truth is very fuzzy, though he talks a good game. Don’t believe what he says at face value. When he speaks, do your homework and research the truth. America is headed in a life changing direction with Price as head of HHS and it’s not for the better.

    If ever we need to pray it’s now!
    Praise God and Pass the Ammunition.


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  4. Pakistani illegals up 935%

    News: Pakistani’s flooding southern border –



  5. Muslims and those deceived by them will want Muslim refuges. They come to destroy like a bomb looking like flower.


  6. […] Will Rep. Tom Price rein-in refugee program, so far no sign he is inclined that way December 2, 2016 […]


  7. YOU THINK maybe, 50 days to when his administration starts he has other things to do ? We know you are ANYTHING TRUMP !

    YOU SHOULD BE CONGRATULATING REP. JOHN CULBERSON…IF you knew what he accomplished you would be trump-eting it !


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