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The kids at William and Mary pushing ahead with refugee resolution

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 4, 2016

See our earlier post on efforts by students (whose residence is elsewhere) campaigning to get Syrian Muslim (98% of those we are admitting are Muslim) refugees placed in the historic town of Williamsburg, VA.


Sam and friends: Colonial Williamsburg needs some diversity and Syrian Muslims should do the trick! Got mosque yet?

They held a community forum this past week (30 or so attended according to news reports) and said they planned to push ahead in Williamsburg and around the state with their resolution idea.

This is the latest at The Virginia Gazette (emphasis mine):

There are no Syrian refugees in Williamsburg, but there could be soon. Students at William and Mary want to let refugees know they’re welcome here, if the state sees fit.

Speaking at a forum on Tuesday evening, students said the rationale for passing a resolution through city council is making sure refugees understand that they’ll enter a community that hopes to support them.

A resolution does not guarantee Williamsburg will take in any refugees — the federal government lets non-governmental organizations gauge where refugees might best fit.

Those organizations factor in aspects like the availability of open housing and the presence of an immigrant community.  [Remember this  last bit, once you have an immigrant seed community started then you are likely to get even more!—ed]


[Sam] Steed*** said Newport News actually voted to keep its 51 refugees out of the city, but the government placed them there anyway. [Important to note: elected body did not want refugees resettled in Newport News but shoved down their throats anyway!—ed]

“Certainly, a lot of refugees feel unwelcome (in Newport News),” Steed said.

Other places have to make it clear that they will accept Syrian refugees, Steed said. He considers Williamsburg at the start to get similar resolutions passed around the state.

Don’t these young activists read the news? 

Yes, we agree that those getting in to the US on student visas do pose a huge security risk, but the Ohio Somali Slasher is a resettled refugee.  Even NBC News reported that!

Not only is the process for refugees long, it’s considered one of the most stringent in the world, Vollavanh said. Those coming in on a student visa or work visa have less red tape.

He noted that the Somalian refugee killed at Ohio State on Nov. 28 was in the country on a student visa. [Huh?—ed]

Readers in Virginia who might be concerned that the refugee activists at William and Mary might be checking out your towns in which to push their resolution should see our ‘Tens things your town needs to know before ‘welcoming’ refugeeshere.

***Learn more about Sam Steed as a lobbyist in Washington for Amnesty International, here.

11 Responses to “The kids at William and Mary pushing ahead with refugee resolution”

  1. Virginia said

    None of them have been taught the history of our country or the history of the crusades.


  2. I think all of these students should spend their winter and spring breaks work in the migrant camps or volunteering in France or Germany which have huge encampments as well as Lake Como. All great resort locations to assist with the needy at their PARENT’S EXPENSE at pricey at a cost of $56,745 per year.


  3. Margaret McClain said

    How did that diversity work out at Ohio State? Margaret ________________________________________


  4. Ann, thanks for continuing to follow this.

    I was there to listen, observe, and gather information. Of the 50+ attendees, there were only three of us that I know for sure were opposed. We made some comments that were non-confrontational but difficult for these students and their sympathizers to accept or understand. They could only repeat the same bromides: we have very tough vetting, the economy improves and crime rates go down everywhere refugees are welcome, no chance of terrorism here, foreign refugee camps are terrible and he only solution is to bring the refugees here.

    Sam Steed, the student Amnesty International operative, et al, freely admitted that their effort is only symbolic. There is no known plan for refugees to be placed in Williamsburg. They want to counter the less than welcoming reception refugees have gotten in the neighboring city of Newport News. In admitting the symbolism and proudly naming the other small cities they have infiltrated, they are revealing that this is part of an organized, nationwide agenda.

    We were pretending to talk about generic refugees. This is actually about orthodox Muslim refugees from Islamic countries. A young man whose parents were post-Vietnam War Laotian refugees made a compelling pitch for how important it is to accept refugees. Irrelevant, but an effective smoke screen to hide the “elephant in the room.” I decided to let that go just to see if anyone in the political correctness echo chamber would recognize or admit it. That didn’t happen.

    They seem to think we suspect every orthodox Muslim refugee is a trained terrorist infiltrator. I deliberately did not introduce the real problem, Hijrah, for fear that young heads would explode. To say there is a verifiable, deliberate, orchestrated, worldwide effort to spread orthodox Islam in a peaceful (pre-violent) manner is crazy talk to these college students and their more senior supporters.

    We are not going to waste time trying to change their minds. It is fortuitous that they are using the political process (city council resolution) to accomplish their goal. This provides us the opportunity to educate the public and to engage with and influence elected officials.

    Ann, your site is crucial to our research and preparation. Thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    Keyword: These students live “elsewhere.”
    And that’s the key: these people bringing in “refugees,” especially muslims, bring them in, dump them onto a good-hearted community not really understanding that it’s the local people who will have to pay most of the bill.
    The libs who brought them in have washed their hands and left.
    About the same as celebs getting their selfies with muslims and then going home to their fenced and gated communities, never having to deal with the Third World again…unless they “want” to.

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  6. domstudent11 said

    These students should be shut down as soon as possible. Unless they are taxpaying residents of Williamsburg, they should have no voice in what the city council decides to do. I hope the actual residents of Williamsburg show up in mass and put these (probably out-of-state) students in their place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Sam is from Massachusetts, enough said!


    • Unfortunately, disqualifying the opponent won’t work. Especially when they are guided, assisted and probably financed by leftist professionals (Amnesty International).

      Those students can and do make a pretty good argument for how their (parents’) money has a big impact on the local economy, including the sales taxes they pay locally. They figure they have earned their right to speak up. Like it or not, they do have a voice.

      Meanwhile, they are working hard to influence the real taxpayers in this less than conservative town. Our task is to identify, educate, and mobilize like-minded residents on the core issue, not the messenger. Hopefully, the city council will hear from them in significant numbers.

      Thanks for your support.


  7. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  8. “Stupid is as stupid does” to quote ….


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