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Message to new ‘welcoming’ towns: get out your wallets for your school system!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 10, 2016

Ehtesham-Cating said… she cannot foresee the government penalizing Rutland schools if they cannot provide translation services right away.

This is yet another story from Rutland, VT where citizens and elected officials have been questioning a resettlement contractor (USCRI) and the federal government for months about the details of the US State Department’s decision to send the FIRST 100 Syrians there perhaps next month!

Board of Aldermen President William Notte wanted to know about school funding if the refugee children arrive in the middle of the school year.

As we point out in our 2015 postTen things your town needs to know‘ when ‘welcoming’ refugees, the impact of the resettled refugees will be felt first in your school system’s budget.

Here is what we learned at Vermont Watchdog:

Miriam Ehtesham-Cating, the English language program director for the Burlington School District, said the focus needs to be on elementary and high school kids, in keeping with the federal government’s requirements for English language learning.


In news dated December 2nd, USCRI says it is proceeding with plans for Rutland with a wait and see attitude toward the incoming Trump Administration.

“Vermont and the federal government have a strict regulatory process for identifying English language learners, and providing language assistance,” Ehtesham-Cating said.

Ehtesham-Cating, who oversees English language instruction for 14 schools, said services for preschoolers would not likely be a priority. “It is more important for staff to receive coaching and to receive help in developing learning profiles for these children,” she said.

In addition, since schools are required to send materials home to students and parents in a language they can understand, Rutland schools will need to offer some sort of translation services.

Ehtesham-Cating said that in her opinion, she cannot foresee the government penalizing Rutland schools if they cannot provide translation services right away.


Winooski, another refugee resettlement community in Vermont, spends about $1 million dollars annually on language services. Rutland schools would have a much lower tab, said Ehtesham-Cating, since only two full-time liaisons would likely be needed to help an estimated 40 refugee school kids.

“(Language services) aren’t just a requirement, they’re good practice,” she said. “Some of these children have grown up their whole lives inside a camp. They don’t know how to even go to school. … Rutland has to decide how they are going to help these children transition.”

Continue reading here.

See our complete archive on the on-going tension in Rutland, VT by clicking here.

The federal contractor WRAPSnet previously maintained a list of a couple hundred resettlement offices, here.  As of this writing they have removed that list and so after years of being able to see where refugee offices are located that information is no longer available to you.

Rutland is one of 47 new sites the US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement have quietly targeted as new resettlement sites.  One of the first things the Trump Administration must do is to make all of this information public information.  Here are some of the sites we have identified so far:

Asheville, NC

Rutland, VT

Reno, NV

Ithaca, NY

Missoula, MT

Aberdeen, SD (may have been thwarted as a primary resettlement site!)

Charleston, WV

Fayetteville, AR

Blacksburg, VA

Pittsfield, MA

Northhampton, MA

Flint, MI

Bloomington, IN

Traverse City, MI

Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilmington, DE

Watertown, NY (maybe)

Youngstown, OH (maybe)

Storm Lake, Iowa

6 Responses to “Message to new ‘welcoming’ towns: get out your wallets for your school system!”

  1. THE DIRTY SECRET IS…School Districts have been funding ‘illegal immigrants’ FOR GENERATIONS…but with a ‘double set of books’,

    LEP students cost taxpayers approximately $59.2 billion annually. Almost the entirety of this cost, 98.9 percent, is borne by taxpayers at the local and state level. This fiscal impact is felt well beyond the southern border states—Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California—where problems related to immigration are typically associated.8 In fact, 11 of the 13 states spending more than $1 billion on LEP programs in 2016 don’t border Mexico: Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Maryland.

    In all but 14 states, the percentage of LEP students swelled between 2003 and 2013. Almost one in every 10 states serves more than 100,000 LEP students and 22 educate 50,000 or more. In urban areas, 14 percent of students are LEP. Though this demographic is the fastest-growing segment of the public school population in many areas, few districts are adequately dealing with this crisis as language programs eat up a growing share of local school budgets. In Boston, a sanctuary city where thousands of high school students walked out of classes in March 2016 to protest budget cuts, around a third of all students are enrolled in LEP programs. In Lexington, Nebraska, a meat-packing town in the western part of the state, the figure is almost 20 percent.9

    from………The Elephant in the Classroom: Mass Immigration’s Impact on Public Education
    What Every Parent and Taxpayer Should Know About Immigration and the Public Education Crisis

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  2. tvfmontana said

    News from Missoula Montana. Notice that the Soft Landing site is mostly “fluff”. No real details or numbers of how many to date have been resettled in Missoula. Also note none of the videos are of the Missoula refugees. Apparently they intend to have rally B4 the state legislature 2017 session.

    From SLM web site: Show Your Support in Helena on January 23 — Soft Landing Missoula
    for the anti-refugee/anti-immigrant bills

    Keep an eye on this link.$BAIV.return_all_bills?P_SESS=20171

    Total number of Introduced Bills – 92
    Total number of Introduced and Unintroduced Bills – 2136

    I spotted Bob Keenan’s LC0106 dealing with refugee resettlement. I’m sure there’s more from the democrats. Other Keenan bills to note LC0107, 108, 109.

    Your article ” Message to new ‘welcoming’ towns: get out your wallets for your school system!” should be copied and read by anyone testifying B4 the in MT legislature or those of other states. Get your talking points and documents ready!

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  3. Dee Winter said

    Ann, this refugee situation is so way out of hand, it is going to take a miracle from President elect Trump to bring it back to any semblance of order.

    Spoke to my sister-in-law in Amarillo and she said that walking into the Walmart on the east side of town, is like taking a trip to another country.

    Thank you so very much for your more than active voice to our country. Believe me when I tell you that some of us are listening. In fact, a lot are especially with the election of Trump.

    Have a blessed Merry Christmas!!


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  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    School-education for the new “refugee” arrivals, especially the muslims (who–among other things– are not here to assimilate.)
    School budgets will suffer so watch your property taxes escalate right into the hereafter.
    So far, Rutland, Vermont is standing strong, waiting for the Trump administration….

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  5. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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