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RRW weekly round-up for week ending December 2, 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 11, 2016

A couple of things before I give you the top three most-read posts of the week:

If you subscribe to RRW, are you getting your e-mail notices in a timely fashion?  That would be usually within minutes of my posting.  Of course you don’t know exactly when I posted, but if you get an e-mail and see that I actually posted that news the day before, then something is wrong.

For example this post I wrote entitled: ‘Comment worth noting: We aid and abet ISIS when we don’t tell the truth about Islam‘ arrived in my e-mail inbox a day after I posted it.  As I have said before, I don’t control those e-mails to subscribers, wordpress does.  The fact that it was sent out a day late made me wonder if someone somewhere is screening certain topics.  It could even be my e-mail server.  So, just wondering if you are seeing that either with RRW or some other blog not in favor with the PC police.


This is one of my tweets this morning. There is so much news I could hardly post on all of it. So see my tweets in the right hand side bar here at RRW, or better still follow me at twitter. Every post I write is tweeted and it might be a better way to see what I am writing about than subscribing to the blog.

And, another word about comments. I do screen them so please don’t get carried away. I know you are ticked-off, but you can be angry without threats or foul language.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend signing your comments with your full name and town because who knows who is reading RRW.  So, if you’ve wondered about the fact that you did use your name and town (and sometimes phone #) and it doesn’t appear, I have taken the liberty of removing it!

Fake news alert!  Someone wrote to me in the last week and I am sure it was an attempt to get me to fall for fake news.  I am planning to write about it if I get a few extra minutes. He/she was pretty humorously ham-handed.  So, do keep an eye out for Lefties/Open borders types attempting to lure you in to a trap (some are pretty unhinged since Trump won the presidential election) especially if you are blogging yourself.

Excused absence!  I have jury duty starting tomorrow. Not sure yet how much of my time that will be eating up, but alas it is our duty. I don’t expect to be chosen to actually sit on a jury, but I do have to report for the next month.

Here then are the Top Three Posts of last week (daily top posts are in the right hand side bar):

First two months of FY2017, Somali ‘refugees’ entering US at highest rate ever!

At least four (more!) reasons SC Governor Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador makes me nervous

Ohio Somali slasher family’s lawyer says family scared by Trump

For new readers, go to this October roundup and scroll down for instructions.   In addition to twitter (@refugeewatcher), RRW does have a facebook page, here.

And, as always, thanks so much for your donations. It isn’t necessary, but appreciated as a vote of confidence for my work.

8 Responses to “RRW weekly round-up for week ending December 2, 2016”

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  2. thetinfoilhatsociety said

    Good for you for actually doing your duty. I work in a medical office and we deal with people almost weekly – certainly monthly – who come in wanting medical excuses to get out of serving.


  3. I see former Indiana Congressman Hamilton(D) has bought into this “Fake News’ scam. Is he part of this ongoing Democrat lie, started by Obama-ites? I read Facebook and Twitter and lots of those ridiculous YouTube commentators, but its patently obvious what’s real and what isn’t.


  4. Well said, Ann, and know that we out here love you very much.


  5. Michael Dersch said

    Hi Ann: I have not noticed your emails being delayed, and I have not noticed what might be meddling/delaying of my outgoing emails. Funny, now that I’m more active and vocal in order to help do what is right, I feel certain that I’m in a database (or 2 or 3) of some kind as a possible trouble maker.  In the past, I felt that people were too paranoid many times, and that big brother or some other orgs (possibly of certain ideologies) had better things to do.  These days, there’s plenty of proof that lists and databases exist.  I’ve had debates, when I could draw them out, with nameless people on CAIR and other Islamic websites.  They simply NEVER own up to the facts and current events.  Always what their version of history is.  White Christians doing this and that.  I tell them, stick to current events, they cannot, due to the reality of what Islam is doing around the world. Keep up the great work.  You’ve informed me and inspired me to be more active.  Best regards, Mike


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thank Mike, glad to hear about your activism. BTW, I wrote a 4th post yesterday about Missoula, MT and it has not yet shown up in my e-mail. Incompetence somewhere because it surely wasn’t a controversial post.


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