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Which refugees have gone to Missoula, Montana’s new resettlement office?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 11, 2016


A reader recently commented that the new International Rescue Committee office was being silent on how many refugees they were getting.  It is easy enough to check at

For new readers, see our archive on the huge (and still on-going) controversy about the office that is now resettling third worlders from Africa and the Middle East in Montana, in Missoula to be exact.

Montana had resettled a handful of refugees years ago, but up until last year the state (alone with only Wyoming) did not have a program.

Here is a screenshot of the ethnicity and numbers placed in the city that we are told has a shortage of low-income housing. These are only resettled refugees, not secondary migrants or others who entered the US illegally or through different legal programs.

(The data below is for FY2016 and the first 2 months of FY2017, up until Dec. 1, 2016. Fiscal years run from Oct. 1 of the previous year to September 30th of the present year.)


By the way, all three ethnic groups arriving in Montana have a certain percentage of Muslims in their group. See here. But, only the IRC (and its local volunteers) and the US State Dept. know if the refugees sent to Montana are Muslims (they could all be Christians or other religious minorities).

19 Responses to “Which refugees have gone to Missoula, Montana’s new resettlement office?”

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  2. crocetti46 said



  3. From what I understand the Muslims that have been taken in by the EU countries don’t favor the northern countries like Finland and a few others. They were complaining about the cold many said they were moving back to the warmer countries. I wonder just what the refugee office will do with them in Montana with its very cold winters and no available housing? Once the refugee office that supports them for a few months stops paying their rent, then what? Dumped on the taxpayers as usual. Where are any of them going to find jobs? The first thing they will start demanding is Mosques to be built accommodate them.

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  4. mjazzguitar said

    We certainly wouldn’t need any Afghans. This is a clip that shows the problems they are having with refugee resettlement in Bulgaria. Giving these people money to buy booze with is the last thing they should be doing; not only are they creating a generation of alcoholics, but it contributes to the problems they cause others. I’m sorry for the rough language, but as adults, we have name the problem. These people act like barbarians and I don’t think it is up to the west to baby-sit them and teach them how to behave.
    “We are sick and tired of sewing asses.”


  5. Mea Brock said

    The ecumenically based (28 different local congregations) Family Promise in Missoula Montana states that there are 50 homeless families seeking shelter each night in Missoula. During the summer, they can sleep under bridges or in their cars. In winter, things are much rougher. That reality, plus the 5 year waiting list for so-called “affordable housing”, makes bringing refugees to Missoula complete madness.






    • Ann Corcoran said

      Everybody be sure to buy Leo Hohmann’s book. It will be the first book about the refugee program and what it is doing to America! Leo Hohmann ‘Stealth Invasion’ at Amazon.

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  8. domstudent11 said

    It is really interesting to filter the results by religion as well: 16,636 Suni Muslims (12,000 of whom are from Syria — and this since June 1 following the attacks in Paris and Orlando); 3,385 Shiite Muslims; and 9,837 generic “Muslims.” That’s almost 30,000 Muslims, almost half of the total. Only 178 Jews and 43 Chaldeans. The latter are seriously endangered in the Middle East, by the way.

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  9. domstudent11 said

    To add to my previous comment, only 1,300 refugees were placed in Illinois from 01/16 through 06/16. Obviously the administration seriously “stepped up” refugee importation after June 1st (which was noted by many at the time).


  10. domstudent11 said

    According to, over 64,000 individuals have come into the country since June 1, 2016. That is simply astounding! Over 2,300 were placed in Illinois in the past 5-1/2 months, most in Chicago, Rockford and Wheaton. I am surprised by Wheaton, home of Wheaton College and a very affluent area with expensive housing. I can’t imagine where refugees are being placed there.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      They love college towns. Apparently more libs live there and they get the college kids to volunteer. Where they place them, I don’t know. I hope Ben Carson stops Obama’s Affirmatively furthering fair houses, a HUD program designed to put diversity and poverty into every American town through housing grants.

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  11. tvfmontana said

    Thanks Ann, for this. I didn’t even know Eritrea is a country. LOL


    • Ann Corcoran said

      We love geography here at RRW and educating you all on the subject is a side benefit of reading RRW (LOL!) So, did you get this post in your e-mail inbox as a subscriber (if you subscribe) because it hasn’t shown up in mine yet.


  12. Planned GENOCIDE of White, Western Civilization and Christianity.


  13. […] Which refugees have gone to Missoula, Montana’s new resettlement office? […]


  14. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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