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Canada: Privately sponsored Syrian refugees do better than government-supported refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 14, 2016

Editor: If you saw my weekly roundup on Sunday, here, you know I’ve been off at jury duty this week. It lasts for a month so if you read RRW daily, there will be some days I miss (and probably some great stories too!).

Besides the disparity in their financial status at the end of a year or two, I’m guessing the privately supported Syrians integrated better into the country as well.

For the latest on Canada and the mess they have on their hands (because they brought too many Syrians too fast), go here.


This map of Canada is from December 2015 and shows where private sponsors for Syrians are located. What I wonder about is this: what if the private sponsor quits or otherwise falls short, does the government step in?

Someone working on a documentary contacted me a few days ago asking me to point him to a family that is being privately sponsored in the US.  I don’t know of any because that isn’t something the US does often.  However, we have told you before that a group of Libertarians and Open Borders activists and resettlement contractors have been talking about getting a private sponsorship system going here too (there was one previously).

I would consider private sponsorships if we drop the entire VOLAG contractor system and go fully private.

Unfortunately, see here, what the US Open Borders people want is a system like Canada where there are both types of resettlement—privately sponsored and government-supported.  I see it as a way for them to increase the numbers entering the US. Perhaps they know that as taxpayers begin to wake up to the reality of what they are paying for in the present US VOLAG system and want it abolished, they are searching for other avenues to keep the flood of refugees coming.

Here is what the Taipei Times is reporting about Canada:

New refugees to Canada are more successful breaking into the job market when sponsored by private community groups rather than by the government, a finding that takes on added importance as the nation welcomes tens of thousands of Syrian migrants.

Refugees sponsored for a year by a community organization such as a church or a group of private individuals earned C$18,300 (US$13,934) in the 2014 tax year compared with C$13,300 for those who had government support, based on the median estimate of arrivals over the prior five years, according to Statistics Canada data.


The US has considered adopting Canada’s private sponsorship model, while supporting refugees through federally contracted resettlement agencies that help the newly arrived integrate in the local economy with an early financial boost and other assistance.

So, this is my question:  If refugees that are privately sponsored do better than government-supported refugees, then why have any government-supported refugees?

I know why the Open Borders Left will scream bloody murder if Congress were to consider a system where all refugees entering the US would have to have private sponsors!  Do you?

9 Responses to “Canada: Privately sponsored Syrian refugees do better than government-supported refugees”

  1. “resettlement matrix”

    These Liberals ALWAYS have to invent a separate language, TO COVER FOR THE SCREWING Tax Payers get, footing the bill for our Country’s own DESTRUCTION !



  2. First and foremost, do not trust the CBC. They whitewash for the government. The truth will not be found there.

    That said, normally private sponsorship is good for one year after which they are on their own, meaning welfare, generous amounts since they have between four and six children and at times up to 12 kids.

    They integrate into their own communities and few assimilate into Canadian culture. Because they live among each other, there is little effort put into learning French although English definitely will be picked up given enough time.

    One comment pasted from Blazing Cat Fur re Global News story:

    ” I call BS.

    If 9k is half of the adults then that means 18k adults. Since kittle potato promissed only families that means 9k families with an average of 2 kids. It also means 9k of the adults are women.

    All the reasons this makes no sense and is a made up #.

    1) How many syrian families only have 2 kids? Everytime they show them on cbc they have 4 or 5 kids.

    2) Syrians don’t allow women to work outside the home. So 9k working means every male found a job.

    3) 90% didn’t speak either official language and 80% were functionally illiterate in their own language. With those stats it makes them functionall unemployable. ”



    Half of adult Syrian refugees unemployed 1 year later: Liberals

    Amy Minsky covers politics for Global News. By Amy Minsky
    National Online Journalist Global News

    One year after the first of 35,000 Syrian refugees landed in Canada, only half of all adults — approximately 9,000 individuals — have found work.

    For the past year, the federal government has been providing funds to new arrivals as they attempt to build new lives in a new country with new circumstances and different customs. After 365 days though, federal funding runs out, leaving those still requiring assistance to turn to provincial governments for social aid.

    A months-in-the-making study from the Senate released last week found language training is proving to be a major obstacle for Syrian refugees. But the Liberal government insists it is pumping in enough funds.

    READ MORE: Childcare, language training lacking, but ‘key’ to Syrian integration: Senate report

    In 2016-17, $900 million was dedicated to language training for all newcomers, with $30 million set aside specifically for the influx of Syrian refugees, said parliamentary secretary to the immigration minister, Arif Virani.

    Last month, Ottawa added another $18 million and 7,000 seats for language training in an effort to help the Syrians in Canada get a leg up.


  4. Not sure I understand this post re “private sponsorship”.

    As the director of the resettlement program in Rochester NY to 2003, which was/is co-affiliated with USCC and CWS, the overall success of the resettlement program stemmed primarily from the fact that I had, over the years, developed a solid, well-trained, resource-rich inter-denominational church sponsorship base (Congregational Resettlement Teams) as well as teams of well-trained, well-organized volunteers (Volunteer Resettlement Teams) recruited from the community-at-large. In all cases, the refugees resettled by these church or volunteer teams were processed through the resettlement program (since we alone had a contract with the feds to do so) and the teams’ efforts were supported/back-stopped by the program. Very few–and only in emergencies–were refugees resettled in the area solely reliant on resettlement staff to provide direct resetlement assistance/services. Since the Teams were not contracted by the feds to resettle refugees but, rather, volunteered to resettle refugees processed by the resettlement program which did have a contractual relationship with the feds, those Teams couldn’t be correctly described as “private sponsors”. We were all part of the same resettlement matrix with the program itself acting as overseer. What am I missing in this “private sponsorship” model to which this post alludes? Thanks.


  5. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Private sponsorship of all “refugees” especially the muslims, and like Ann says in the post, that would make the leftists scream bloody murder.
    The nine national scam outfits and their hundreds of local offices would have a mass head explosion, which would not be a bad thing.


  6. Get rid of two liberal democrats In light of the MASSIVE voter fraud in the metro Detroit area uncovered by the Jill Stein recount, Michigan democratic Senators Stabenow and Peters must be removed from office and new CLEAN elections held. Just how those two P.O.S. got into office has now been exposed.


  7. conprof said

    Here;s a good article on the Canadian system by Francis Buckley. It does not deal with the current problem, to wit, The silly decision to bring in vastly more Syrians than Canada had the capacity to absorb, but it was probably worth it to the Prime Minister – he got a good PR boost from his feel good decision – never mind the suffering that he may be causing to those Syrians who cannot get jobs and their sponsors who only signed up to help for a year – how can they just abandon people whom they have gotten to know so intimately, but otherwise, it’s a great article on how to have a program that considers the needs of the home country and relies on private sponsors instead of paid by the head VOLAGS.


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