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Bloomington, Indiana: Plans for new resettlement site on hold; federal money drying up

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 18, 2016

“We in Bloomington and groups all throughout the United States are waiting for the new budget to come out. Like a lot of vulnerable populations, we will have to see how much funding will be allocated.”

(Refugee promoter Diane Legomsky)


This is the first in what I expect to be many reports from controversial potential refugee resettlement sites that the Obama State Department was attempting to get open quickly.  Why? Because actions by Congress to limit funding in the appropriations process are causing the DOS and the ORR to start pulling in the reins on new sites.


US STATE DEPT. NO-SHOW! More than 100 people came out to a refugee forum in Bloomington, Indiana in early November. Experts DON BARNETT and JIM SIMPSON debated one lonely pro-refugee immigration lawyer, when Barbara Day, representing the US State Department, was a no-show and purportedly discouraged refugee agencies in the state from participating as well. Photo and story from Bloomington, here:

Elections have consequences and the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) may be changed beginning January 21, 2017 (the day after inauguration day).

We expect the present political appointees, Anne Richard at the Dept. of State and Bob Carey at the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS) to be job hunting soon if they aren’t already. Indeed, they could go back (revolving door!) to the ‘non-profit’ resettlement contractor they both came from—the  International Rescue Committee.

Showing once again the impact that federal funding (or the lack of it!) has on local resettlement offices, the announcement that the planned program is now on hold for Bloomington, IN was reported yesterday at the Herald Times (emphasis is mine):

The effort to resettle refugees in Bloomington has been put on hold as local and national aid organizations await details of the incoming presidential administration’s 2017 budget plans.

The announcement came Saturday from Bloomington Refugee Support Network chairwoman Diane Legomsky, who said while the organization is no longer expecting refugees to arrive this spring, she is confident this is just a delay of the inevitable.

“We in Bloomington and groups all throughout the United States are waiting for the new budget to come out. Like a lot of vulnerable populations, we will have to see how much funding will be allocated. However, this is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when.’” Legomsky said. “We certainly anticipate that resettlement will be happening here; it just might be in late 2017 or in 2018.”

The State Department has been clear that it considers Bloomington an ideal resettlement city: In addition to being extremely welcoming, it is an exceptionally well-resourced city, able to resettle and give support to refugees in a very cost-effective way. Any budgeting decisions about resettlement are based on national, rather than state or local, considerations, Legomsky said.


Local efforts to welcome refugees to Bloomington have sparked opposition from the Grassroots Conservative political group, which has raised concerns at public forums about safety and potential cost to host communities.

Earlier this month, Congress passed a continuing spending resolution to fund the federal government through April 28, providing an opportunity for the new administration to put its imprint on the 2017 budget. [Will Trump severely restrict federal funding in the second half of FY2017?—ed]

President-elect Donald Trump was critical of the Syrian resettlement program, in particular, during his recent presidential campaign, and he called for suspension of immigration from areas of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism until “extreme vetting” measures could be put in place.

The law is very clear on this last point, the President of the United States can stop immigration from any region of the world he wishes.

More here (but warning this requires a paid subscription).

One commenter said that local millionaire developers (who have empty apartments) will be disappointed! Remember refugee resettlement is big business!  Federal dollars (your money) grease the skids.

Look for more from me going forward about the federal Budget and Appropriations process in the new year.

10 Responses to “Bloomington, Indiana: Plans for new resettlement site on hold; federal money drying up”

  1. […] Sean Duffy sent a strongly worded letter about plans to begin placing Syrians in his district and here a few days ago we learned that the plan for Bloomington, Indiana was shelved because opposition had grown there […]


  2. […] although we reported new proposed sites have been placed on hold (see Bloomington, IN), there are still plenty of existing sites where refugees are being placed at the highest rate in […]


  3. Wesley Hoover said

    Why do Christian missionaries travel to a village in Africa, spending untold thousands along the way, rather than help the coal miner whose unemployed and hooked on meth a few towns down the road?
    Why does a shithole like Newark NJ import third world rejects when it can barely function as a city let alone provide basic services efficiently to it’s people?
    Why do (((Catholic Charities))) fight so hard for grants from the (((FDRL GVMT))) instead of trying to alleviate the obesity or opiod epidemic right here in the heartland?
    Why does the church prioritize helping the foreign rot spreading in this country, and not the orphans of those that had parents who overdosed on drugs?


  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Maybe some good news from Indiana (people are getting themselves informed.)
    We can hope this “getting informed” business will continue.


  5. tmasierrahills said

    “Vulnerable populations” are never American pedestrians being gleefully car-crushed and knife-stabbed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ionwhite said

    Good. It’s a relief to see that this money is being redirected toward the rehabilitation of places such as Syria is much more Christ-like than any “resettlement” groups who seek to dispossess Americans or Europeans, sacrificing their rights and concerns. It does mean people working for these groups and agencies will see dwindling paychecks, but their skills – and presumed love for humanity – can also be redirected rather easily – toward their own nation’s people, or they can strive to work for the people they sought to resettle in their own countries, something that is even more Christian and following the path of Jesus.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Have always admired those who followed their convictions and went to troubled countries to help there. That is real charity! It isn’t charity to steal tax dollars from hardworking Amerians, spend a few hours volunteering and then putting on the white hat of humanitarianism and making oneself feel good.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. […] Bloomington, Indiana: Plans for new resettlement site on hold; federal money drying up December 18, 2016 […]



    ‘They’ will come up with the Mooo LAHHH, and blame Obama, et al !


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