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Austin, TX mayor works with White House to welcome Syrians against official state position

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 21, 2016

Before the Trump movement was born, I advocated that your grassroots efforts must focus on local initiatives to elect like-minded office holders (especially mayors seem to have been captured!) and defeat those working for Open Borders and increased refugee resettlement.

Now that the Trump movement is headed to the White House it is time for you to turn your efforts to getting mayors, like this one in Austin, TX, unelected.  This is not to say you can rest and assume that the Trump Administration will do everything right, they won’t (Establishment influence is on the rise we hear) and you have to be ready to tell Trump when he gets wobbly!

It is imperative that the Trump movement, the reason Trump was elected, must stay alive (no matter what Trump does!) in your towns, cities and states.

President Barack Obama is greeted by Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler on the tarmac upon his arrival on Air Force One, Friday, March 11, 2016, at Austin Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas. Obama traveled to Austin, to speak at South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) and attend 2 Democratic National Committee fundraisers. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Mayor Steve Adler: Whatever you say man! See Adler bio, born in DC educated at Princeton. Come on Texans you can do better!

Here is what the ever vigilant Judicial Watch is reporting about collusion between Austin’s Democrat mayor and the White House behind the back of Republican Governor Abbott. (JW obtained this information because the organization is the leading expert on the Freedom of Information Act.)

After the governor of Texas announced that the state would stop accepting Syrian refugees, the Obama administration went behind his back secretly conferencing with a mayor that offers illegal immigrants sanctuary and Syrians a welcome mat. The plan, evidently, was to continue sending Syrian refugees to the Lone Star State, even as the governor initiated litigation to halt the flow. This week Judicial Watch obtained records of the administration’s behind-the-scenes efforts to keep sending Syrians to Texas despite fierce opposition from state officials over the security threats created by refugees from an Arab nation that’s a hotbed of terrorism.

The White House looked to Austin Mayor Steve Adler, going around the governor to confer with a city leader who espoused the controversial Syrian resettlements, the records show. Shortly after Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that the state wouldn’t accept any more Syrian refugees, the administration responded by colluding with Adler, according to records of a conference call between the mayor’s office and the White House. The administration also furnished Adler with “talking points” involving the refugee resettlement and the parties discussed Abbott’s lawsuit. It seems bizarre that the feds would discuss legal action with a town mayor operating in the state suing them.


While the legal process was taking place, the Obama administration reached out to a friendly official to assure the Syrian refugees would have a place to land in Texas. Adler, Austin’s mayor since 2014, had publicly proclaimed that Syrian refugees would be received in his city of about 900,000 residents. He even wrote a piece in a local publication last year titled “Syrian Refugees are Welcome in Austin.” Adler assures his constituents in the state’s capital city that “any Syrian refugee coming to the United States faces the most stringent background checks of anyone entering the country.” He proceeds to write that the U.S. only considers refugees screened by the United Nations (the famously corrupt world body) who are then vigorously vetted by the FBI Terrorist Screening Center and other federal agencies. Last month Adler participated in an immigration rally outside City Hall to reiterate his commitment to protecting illegal aliens.

More here.

And, by the way, Austin is a sanctuary city. President Trump must cut off federal funding to cities breaking federal law. After all, weren’t we beaten over the head a few years ago with the idea that immigration is a federal issue! The Open Borders cabal can’t have it both ways!

How many refugees has Austin been getting?

At, I went back to FY2007 and looked at the numbers up to December 15th (6 days ago).  The whole state of Texas took in 69,413 refugees in that time frame (they are trying to turn Texas blue!).

I’m not including in this list the smaller numbers of about a dozen other ethnic groups that went to Austin, but here are the major groups (FY 2007 to FY2017, so far):

Afghanistan (95)

Bhutan (589)

Burma (1,677)

Burundi (94)

Cuba (294)

DR Congo (427)

Eritrea (90)

Iran (191)

Iraq (1,775)

Somalia (278)

And, here is how the Syrians break down so far:

FY2015 (21)

FY2016 (161)

and so far in FY2017 (18)

We have a huge archive on Texas, click here for more information about the number-one state in the nation for resettlement of third worlders!

Update: Just looked at numbers again and TX has ‘welcomed’ a total of 2,217 refugees in the first 11 weeks of the fiscal year. That is a rate far and above anything they have ever seen, so clearly the feds are getting them seeded as fast as they can despite what the governor says!

12 Responses to “Austin, TX mayor works with White House to welcome Syrians against official state position”

  1. Don McCoy said

    Obama can do his worst. In another month we’ll FINALLY be RID OF HIM. Then Trump can undo the damage…well…most of it, hopefully. We can stop assisting these “refugees” in their effort to repopulate the US with Muzzies. Maybe the USA can actually return to our traditional system of admitting migrants…and barring illegal aliens.


  2. […] Austin, TX mayor works with White House to welcome Syrians against official state position […]


  3. […] Austin, TX mayor works with White House to welcome Syrians against official state position […]


  4. […]… […]


  5. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    What the hell is this DC-born idiot doing as the mayor of Austin, Texas?
    Look at him–sucking up to our muslim-in-chief!
    Come on, Texans, the rest of the country depends on you to set the bar higher than this


  6. Typical Obama admin thinking. This will be Obamas legacy, increasing the risk of terrorism by allowing massive refugees into this country. I live in Texas and we will not put with this shit for long.

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  7. It seems counter intuitive that so many jews are aiding in the invasion of the Muslim refugees, but it is a fact. The jews have aided the Muslims against the “Christians” in the past during the Crusader days and they still are doing it today in all the White, “Christian” nations.

    Could it be a long range plan to provide a “Stalking Horse” enemy for the masses, while their plans for domination continue? No, I am not “anti-Semitic” nor am I a Muslim. I just write it as I see it.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Please remember that an awful lot of Christians are working to bring in Muslim refugees too. And, that there are many Jewish people working along side of us to get this under control.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Reason I call it the abraCADABRAham religions. The lies and distortions have been going on for 6000 years now. >$< is everyone's true god.


  8. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  9. Ms. Corcoran, You ARE, in our estimation, THE expert on the Muslim refugee crisis in America. We have been depending upon YOU for info when it could not be obtained anywhere else. We hope and pray Donald Trump’s administration has a place for you in the Homeland Security Admin – or somewhere else where your expertise can be used to its fullest advantage. Thank you for your watchfulness and your love for America. It is our considered opinion that the ONLY way to avert the clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America is to bulldoze every mosque and to deport EVERY Muslim back to their homelands. A plot is clearly underway to subvert the nation through a series of steps which include aborting American babies, importing Muslims whose fertility rate is eight times that of America’s, and simply outnumbering us in future years. Here is a video outlining the scheme:

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