Obama State Department approves 100 Syrian Muslims for West Virginia state capitol

Where were you WV Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Republican Rep. Alex Mooney?  Only two choices!—either asleep-at-the-switch or in support of this move by a local ‘interfaith’ group to be named a federal subcontracting agency for the purpose of beginning a new refugee resettlement site in the state.  (Charleston previously received a few refugees through Catholic Charities, but no where near this scale).

If Capito and Mooney had put up significant opposition, we would have heard about it and this decision might have turned out differently.

Does Obama think he can stick it to West Virginia (Trump territory) voters in his final weeks in office? And, where is Joe [Manchin]?  He must be all for it too!

Did Mooney tell this nice lady that he is supporting Syrian Muslim resettlement in the state capitol? Charleston is in Mooney’s district. Photo: https://www.nationaljournal.com/s/57741

Just this morning we reported that in Wisconsin, Republican Rep. Sean Duffy sent a strongly worded letter about plans to begin placing Syrians in his district and here a few days ago we learned that the plan for Bloomington, Indiana was shelved because opposition had grown there and because it is expected that Trump will make some move after January 20th to slow (or stop) the flow of refugees to America (money for resettlement is drying up as well).

So why go ahead with this new site at the West Virginia state capitol?

For new readers we have followed the growing controversy in Charleston extensively for months, see here.

From the West Virginia Gazette-Mail (emphasis is mine):

The U.S. Department of State has approved an application to establish a refugee resettlement program in Charleston, officials announced Wednesday. But that decision could be reversed by the incoming administration, according to an expert on refugee resettlement law.

The West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry, which also is the name local organizers have been informally using to describe their humanitarian effort, will begin as a program of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson, director at Episcopal Migration Ministries, announced that the West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry had been approved to join its network of 30 refugee resettlement sites throughout the country.


In October, they submitted an application for a resettlement agency to place 100 refugees in Charleston in the first year.

David Ramkey, chief financial officer for the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, said the refugees should be a “welcome addition” and “very productive part” of the community.


Neil Grungras, executive director of the nonprofit Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration, said the Donald Trump administration could reverse the decision.

“The State Department is never obligated to allow even an approved refugee into the U.S.,” Grungras said. “The answer, with regard to the 100 approved, is that it probably depends where they are in their processing. [I will bet a buck that the Obama Administration is packing as many as they can into that pipeline right now!—ed]


Lynn Clarke, a local organizer, said the group had been told that, if they were approved, the refugees would likely begin arriving this summer. She said the group anticipates refugees fleeing from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, but she said they also could be from other countries. –

As I said in a previous post, I don’t know why this ‘interfaith’ group was so hot for Syrian Muslims (apparently Iraqis and Afghans too), they usually don’t get to pick their favorite ethnic groups, but actually get a little bit of everything.

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  1. Ann, I know you have asked us to be “nice” or whatever it was you said, but I am getting so freaking sick of so many of my American counterparts that I’m pretty sure my posting may be getting a bit radical.
    Just yesterday I was at the VA visiting with a fellow vet (a woman) and we were doing fine, but then she just had to gush about obama, and of course I had a different opinion, and I swear, the temperature in that room went down with the look on her face.
    Need i say, “End of conversation?”


    1. LOL! You only need to be nice here at RRW, you are free to be whatever you want elsewhere. And, unless you were thinking of dating this woman vet (and since Obama is almost out the door), you might have considered smiling and changing the subject and wish here a Merry Christmas!

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    Until the American people start standing and saying “NO!!!!” to these SCAM outfits bringing in moslems by the truckload it will continue and continue until islam takes over our country.
    It won’t happen tomorrow, folks, but as it goes on and on and on, and islam begins to take over at the ballot box, it will begin changing bit time.
    Of course, if you don’t give a damn about your grandchildren and great-grandchildren then just sit back and let it happen, because it won’t happen in your pathetic lifetime!


    1. They get paid per head! Then businesses high the “refugees” as modern day coolies. The tax payers pay to import these terrorists. They breed like bunnies. Better keep your children home unless they’re packing.


  3. Good grief. Congress qua Congress might not do much, but individual congressmen can do a lot. Even Trey Gowdy who likes to be on everyone’s side, helped us kick up enough of a fuss in SC that, I think, we got all the Christian refugees admitted in 2015 and 16 or close. Is that fair? The whole business is unfair so the least a congressman can do is protect his own. Thank you, Trey Gowdy. (Well maybe not EVERYONE’s.)


      1. Not necessarily. I just watched a video of Syrian Santas in Syria As a band. Then there was a Christmas celebration in Aleppo since Syria tolerates religious diversity. There was a blonde woman walking on the street and she wasn’t being raped by a Muslim . Lots of the women were not wearing tents or a bag on their heads. Then some fool terrorist set off an explosion and people left. One thing is for sure . It wasn’t Assad.


  4. Peeps in the USA should be enraged that mooslim soetoro is filling the USA with these dirtbags. The Berlin attack which killed women and children at a Christmas Festival should have people screaming! The Berlin type attack could happen soon in USA.


    1. People are applying for concealed carry permits in droves. It should be interesting what happens at Cologne Cathedral this New Years Eve. I am so happy that whole crowd is not gonna be in the White House any more. Weirdo confluence .


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