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Refugee controversy hot in Hudson, Wisconsin; Congressman wants answers

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 22, 2016

Update: This group of Syrians will NOT now be placed in Hudson because the Dept. of State says they need more medical care than Hudson has to offer. They are going somewhere else. This case is all very strange from start to finish and it strikes me that Obama’s outgoing resettlement team is in disarray.  Read about it here. See what the Catholic Church says, here.

I told you about a proposed (strange) arrangement to resettle 5 Syrian refugee families in the small town of Hudson, Wisconsin, here last month.   A Catholic Church was being asked by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (a federal refugee contractor) to take full responsibility for the Syrian families.  I wondered if that church would get the full per head amount of federal resettlement contract money.

A large meeting is (was?) scheduled in Hudson in early January to take the pulse of the community.

Local readers (who have formed a citizens’ group in opposition) tell me that that plan was suddenly scrapped and Lutheran Social Services out of Milwaukee came to town this week and condescendingly told residents, no, they (LSS), were going to bring the Syrians to Hudson and it was going to be a whole lot more than 21 (believed to be included in the five families).

Then, when I looked around this morning, I see that 7th District Congressman Sean Duffy sent a letter yesterday to the CEO of Lutheran Social Services in Wisconsin asking questions that every careful and concerned Member of Congress should be asking if he/she is being told ‘out of the blue’ that Syrian refugees (or any refugees!) were being chosen for the district.

Here is Duffy’s letter:


I think most of you are surprised to see a reference to any assessment!

Where is the assessment for any of the 47 new sites we are told the US Department of State is considering in the closing days of the Obama Administration?  If Rep. Duffy and others want to do a service to America they could reform the Refugee Admissions Program legislatively and require PUBLIC assessments of the suitability of communities to absorb large numbers of third world refugees!

Endnote: When I checked my archives, I see I wrote about Hudson, Wisconsin in January 2014 when rival Somali gangs came over from Minnesota and got into a fight in Hudson, see here.

Our Wisconsin archive is here.

***Update*** Wimpy Walker weighs in on refugees to Wisconsin here. It isn’t clear that he understands the present process.  If he wants to see things change he better get in touch with pal Paul (Ryan) to change the law in Congress!

10 Responses to “Refugee controversy hot in Hudson, Wisconsin; Congressman wants answers”

  1. mjazzguitar said

    I saw where some Sisters had to rely on donations to get a new oil burner when the old one died. The Church wouldn’t even foot the bill for that!


  2. […] Refugee controversy hot in Hudson, Wisconsin; Congressman wants answers December 22, 2016 […]



    Here is the PROGRESSIVE DOPE who is the head of the refugee resettlement program, MRS, US COMMIE CATHOLIC BISHOPS…WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS !

    MRS director says refugee screening process is thorough, keeps U.S. safe

    By Dennis Sadowski Catholic News Service
    11.25.2015 11:20 AM ET

    “We believe the risk is nil and certainly when we look at this (process) under a microscope, these are the most vetted people that come into our country,” William Canny told Catholic News Service.

    The director said the State Department screening procedure — which the White House posted on its website Nov. 20 — is comprehensive and makes security its highest priority.

    “We’re highly confident that it’s well done, that it screens out any possible threat of terrorism. Based on that, we’re very comfortable receiving these families, which by the way, are mostly women and children,” Canny said.


  4. […] Refugee controversy hot in Hudson, Wisconsin; Congressman wants answers December 22, 2016 […]


  5. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    This is what needs to happen: people, congressmen, senators, people on the street, need to demand answers or nothing will ever change–moslems will just keep pouring in until we look like Afghanistan, which now is 99% muslim.
    (It wasn’t always, just like the Middle East was once all Christian or Jewish, until the false prophet, mohammed came along and started massacring anybody who would not convert to his fake non-religion of islam which keeps over a billion people in ideological slavery.)
    Today, instead of using the sword in America (for now) they come in, outbreed us 8 to 1 and “WILL” (all ready are in some places) and take over at the ballot box.
    It “will” happen, America, if we don’t pay attention and come to our senses.




    I nave not bugged you with too much—you are certainly busy enough without more kudos from me. Your post of today is especially poignant as Rep. Duffy has echoed our concerns from Rutland Vermont that have gone unanswered over and over after numerous requests for USCRI’s methodology of determining how many “placements” Rutland is capable of absorbing—-they simply WILL NOT TELL US if there even is any mathematical equation—-(other than how much money they—the VOLAG—need to garner for their coffers) or any other quantitative method for settlement. And the mere fact that a 501-C3 is making these determinations is absurd on its face.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and a Blessed one. Don Chioffi


    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      They really don’t have any methodology! It is one of many things that need to be dealt with in the new Trump Administration AFTER they pause the program for a long time! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

      BTW, did you see my post on Bloomfield, Indiana. New site on hold there!


  7. MN said

    Reblogged this on Minnesotans For Freedom and commented:
    Will be interesting to see how this goes!


  8. Brittius said

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


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