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Nearly 100,000 Bhutanese refugees later we help UN clean out camps in Nepal

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 28, 2016

Lesson! When the Department of State welcomes an ethnic group to America expect the resettlement to be larger and longer than they initially said it would be.

We have followed the process of cleaning out UNHCR camps in Nepal of Bhutanese refugees ever since the Bush Administration said: ‘come on in’ we well take 60,000.  This resettlement was planned to last for five years (as we now approach ten!). I suspect it was UNHCR Antonio Guterres (now Secretary General of the UN) who talked the Bush State Department in to this!

***Update*** More news here: UN says the movement of over 100,000 third worlders to first world countries was a great success.

The so-called “Bhutanese” are people of Nepali ethnicity that were pushed out of Bhutan when the Bhutanese government basically said, we want Bhutan for Bhutanese and you Nepali people who have moved in here for decades need to leave.  To learn more about what happened, check out wikipedia, here.


When we began posting on this group of mostly Hindu people back in 2007, most did not want to be resettled anywhere but back in Bhutan. And, obviously Nepal wasn’t welcoming their kinsmen home.

So, how did this become our problem?

Why did the US decide to resettle tens of thousands and scatter them around America? Frankly, with our economic muscle certainly we could have prevailed on either Bhutan or Nepal to work this out! Or, did we simply acquiesce to pressure from the United Nations? And, was the refugee industry looking for more paying clients and big business looking for cheap labor?

So here we are almost ten years in.  We said we would resettle 60,000 and so I checked (2007 to December 15, 2016) to see exactly how many we have taken since 2007.  The answer is 91,713!  But according to this article in the Katmandu Post we will be closing the program in 2017 (I guess to make more room for the Muslim Syrians, Iraqis and Somalis).

For ambitious readers, visit our archive on the Bhutanese by clicking here.  Some have done well in America, but for years they had an extremely high suicide rate that worried the resettlement industry. One of many morals to this story is that when the US State Department gives you a number that will be resettled, expect the resettlement to be much larger and much longer than they said it would be!

Many forced to choose resettlement against their will!

Here is the story from before Christmas from the Katmandu Post (notice that many are still holding out hope that they will go home to Bhutan):

Dec 15, 2016- More than 100,000 Bhutanese refugees have been resettled in various countries under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR) third country resettlement programme. But some the remaining refugees in eastern Tarai are still putting their feet down for repatriation.

Around 2,000 of the remaining 11,000 refugees, put up at various camps in Jhapa and Morang, are refusing the third country resettlement and willing to return their own homeland in Bhutan, according to a source at the UNHCR. The repatriation campaign has come closer to end after the UN body’s resettlement programme. The repatriation campaign has been weakened as the leaders spearheading repatriation themselves opted for third country resettlement. And the majority of the remaining refugees are also in resettlement process, giving up hope of repatriation.

Bhampa Rai, Balaram Poudel, among other refugee leaders, are still campaigning for repatriation, though. They blamed the government of Nepal for its failure to take any initiatives for their cause. “Nepal could neither convince Bhutan to take back refugees nor pressure the international community over the issue,” said Rai, claiming that hundreds of refugees had been forced to choose third country resettlement against their will.


According to the UNHCR, 107,000 refugees are already resettled in various host countries, including the US, Australia and Canada. Another batch of around 9,000 refugees are in the process of resettlement, officials at the UNHCR said.

The UNHCR’s third country resettlement programme will come to an end in 2017.

So where are they in America? (Or, at least where were they originally resettled). Map is from


States cut off in my screenshot are Hawaii (0), Alaska (148) and Florida (671)

Here are the top ten states where the Bhutanese were resettled:


Inds stands for Individuals.

One of the things I’ve always wondered about is this:  The UN was so anxious to close these camps (to deny these people a ‘right of return’) while they never had any interest in resettling the Palestinians around the Arab world, but has kept the Palestinian camps (really cities) open for over 60 years.  I’m actually not wondering. I really do know the answer! It was (and is) to keep a thorn in Israel’s side.

9 Responses to “Nearly 100,000 Bhutanese refugees later we help UN clean out camps in Nepal”

  1. The Bhutanese resettlement has been amazingly successful. I have worked with this community for 10 years in Atlanta. To my knowledge there has been no major crime committed anywhere by this population. In Atlanta over 300 families have bought homes and there are at least 15 businesses opened. Although Atlanta had the largest resettlement of Bhutanese as far as a city is concerned about 20% have left mainly to Ohio since there are higher paying jobs and Medicaid expansion. Others are leaving Teaxas and Arizona forthe same reasons and from CA and NY because of cost of living. While only about 15% were considered Christians there have been many conversions and approximatly 205 of Atlanta community is Christian. There have been at least 20 Gates scholars nationally including one at M.I T and many coming from substandard schools. We presented 6 small scholarships to students with GPA over 3.5 While there are no Muslims, this does prove that resettlement can work. I support resettling of Syrian families only.

    Recently Luma Mufleh founder of the Fugees Family soccer program and academy was nominated as a CNN Hero of the Year, Over 1000 people have donated to her refugee school totaling $117,000 with a $50000 match fromm Subaru. Of all the worthy here the support of refugee resettlement came out #1 Hers is the only school in the US dedicated to educating only refugees.

    So despite all the hatred spilled on this site, I believe most Americans care about Syrians as an overiding humanist endeavor despite fears of terrorism, which I personally feel are equally dangerous as internal terror threats etc. I expect little empathy about my posts as Ann feels it is useless to post since I opposed much of the sites agenda, but if I can modify one persons belief it would help

    My last shot- 2 Syrains families one with 8 including a severely autistic child and another with a 15 yeannrold would brain cancer. Should we have turned themm away??? do any of you care?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Ralph, which of your comments have I not posted?


      • I never said you did not post. I just said that in your opinion it was useless for me to post since i am a lone pro resettlement with limitations advocate. In any even we will always agree to disagree, I wish you and your family a healthy New Year.


  2. FatherJon said

    I’ve often wondered, since when did Bhutanese become refugees from civil wars and strife? So, they’re Nepalis who just outstayed their welcome in the ‘land of smiles and everlasting happiness’. Reminds me of that other ‘refugee’ case, of the Rohingya in Burma. ethnically not Burmese but Bangladeshi Muslims. They appear on our radar in Australia, with the ‘human rights’ crowd baying for them to be brought in here. There’s a limit to how many ill-educated village people can ever fit in to a snappy, sophisticated Western economy. We’re having a heap of problems in Melbourne with the hordes of Africans who were dumped in the suburbs and who now run their patch as vicious crime gangs. The wishy-washy leftist Premier of the state of Victoria and his party are trying in vain to keep the lid on just how ruinous that decision has been. Homeowners are even barricading their roofs with barbed wire to stop African youths coming in through the ceiling in home invasions. We need a Donald Trump downunder!

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  3. As this article shows, it is often the UN that is behind these “refugee” schemes. They are one of the most aggressive global organizations dumping third world slum dwellers on Western countries. I keep hoping that the western nations will have the good sense to leave them, making them only able to dictate to the third world cesspools they think are more important than the countries that provide for themselves.

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  4. This is sickening. And points directly to my assertions that it is the UN/US Left agenda driving this resettlement. Just a modest effort at diplomacy on our part could have resolved this issue with NO resettlement. The Bhutanese Nepalis are as much Bhutanese – some more so – than the ethnic Bhutanese. And as with most cases, they don’t want to be resettled elsewhere!

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  5. said

    The problem with all of these Third World countries and the source of their conflicts is over population! And if we keep taking them in at the rate the Democrats would like, we will also become over populated. I grew up in California and saw first hand what Third World immigration has done to the state. And now, it’s happening to the rest of the nation. Nancy Cuddeback Anchorage, Alaska

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  6. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    A good look at how “OUR” government by the “People” and the islamic-run, worthless, UN, manipulate and get their libtard way again and again.
    There’s a growing talk about not only defunding the worthless UN but kicking them right out of New York, right out of our country.
    It’s articles like this that will help bring that to fruition.
    The only good thing in this read is that the mentioned Bhutanese are Hindu, not muslim.

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