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Refugee Resettlement was big news in 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 31, 2016

Just now as I read through news on my various alerts I saw several year-end wrap-up local news stories including from Poughkeepsie, NY and Rutland, VT which ranked refugee resettlement controversies among their top stories of the year.

The one from Idaho places refugee resettlement right up there with the 2016 Presidential election as a leading story for 2016!

refugee-resettlement gleefully notes that a petition drive failed to put the issue before county voters, but this type of activity is not a wasted effort. It generated media, sneering media, but nevertheless the process created political controversy. This is an important stage in bringing about political change. As I say to everyone, stop looking for the silver bullet. There is no silver bullet, or no right thing to do, just keep up the political pressure in whatever way you can using whatever talents and time you have.

I’ve been writing RRW since 2007 and I must say, this has not happened in those nearly ten years—that the refugee issue would be a leading story of the year anywhere, so keep up the good work.

When you are feeling frustrated that your concerns about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program are not being addressed, know that getting those concerns reported in your local media (within an overarching theme of agitating your elected officials) is a first important step toward reaching a political tipping point.

Here is some of what had to say:

Refugee resettlement, which was a controversial issue in Twin Falls in 2015 and continued to be on in 2016, was also a major issue in the presidential race, and the debate over Medicaid expansion in Idaho will be shifted drastically because of the outcome. [By the way, the Office of Refugee Resettlement itself says that if your state has expanded Medicaid it makes it a more ‘welcoming’ target for the placement of refugees.—ed]


A movement to shut down the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center started last year, after news came out that some Syrians could be among the refugees to be resettled in Twin Falls. (None have been to date.) As the Syrian civil war dragged on, displacing millions of people, refugee resettlement became a topic of worldwide debate and a major issue in the presidential race, with Trump’s hard-line views on refugee admissions and anti-Muslim rhetoric energizing some and horrifying others. As for Twin Falls, it started to attract national media attention as an example of a town divided over what was becoming a focus of national political arguments.

A drive for a countywide referendum on whether to shut down the refugee center fizzled this spring when organizers got about a quarter of the number of signatures they would need to get on the ballot. In June, however, the debate flared back up after news came out about a 5-year-old girl at the Fawnbrook Apartments being sexually assaulted by three boys from Middle Eastern refugee families.

Continue reading here.

LOL! That is all I am snipping.  I am really careful about not taking too much of published news accounts, however, this publication is the only one in the nation to ever send me a legal letter telling me I have snipped too much of their report.

Does anyone know where the case is regarding the sexual assault from last June?

Our archive on Twin Falls may be found by clicking here.

7 Responses to “Refugee Resettlement was big news in 2016”

  1. We are “encouraging” Idaho legislators and our governor to join Tennessee in suing the federal government. Unfortunately, they have not listened to us in the past as we have tried for 6+ years every session to get “American Laws for American Courts” passed and we have failed. We have some staunch opposition in what is supposedly a very conservative and heavily Republican legislature–but when the majority leader in the Senate has the power to stop any action–and he seems to oppose any anit-Islam legislation, it seems to me that our elected officials are not doing their jobs. Idaho has more problems than you can imagine, but we continue to work to resolve them and stop the creeping spread of Sharia and Islam in our great state.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Warren, It isn’t going to be easy or over quickly. Trump will help, but we must just keep plugging away. I still have confidence Idaho and America can be saved! Thanks for all you are doing!


  2. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Can’t quite see the GOOD NEWS in that photo, but it seems more and more people are catching on–thank God!


  3. Fox news here Atlanta Georgia big news hundreds of thousands of illegals coming cross our southern borders!? Why are they allowed to come in!!!??? Who is mixed in and why can they just walk on in and we foot the bill???!!! Did you get your insurance bill for 2017?!!! Your tax property bill?? Demand that they not come in and get them all out!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You do a great job of documenting …… now how about some lawyers step up and SUE the ACCOMPLICES of the illegal’s and Refujihadi’s crimes?


  5. icthelite said

    It appears there is some political involvement here, by the way, the newspaper account reads. The police could have impounded the phone and checked for photos and DNA could have been checked for a match. The fact that a judge sealed the records makes it look like a political cover-up.


  6. Brittius said

    Case has a seal on it due to the age of the victim. I found that same report from source MV. The only way it will be determined if outside leverage was or currently, being applied, is to do some shoe leather work. Track the family members over age 21 who were residents if the family moved. Then a person visit, but without official status, they might not talk or simply refer the interview attempt to legal counsel.


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