9/11 Mastermind explains why they call it the ‘Religion of Peace’

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This is the 5th in my series on James Mitchell’s ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ where the CIA contractor tells us how Enhanced Interrogation Techniques did work to reveal not only upcoming planned terror attacks, but also revealed the mindset behind the Islamic supremacists’ view of how things should be in the world.

Our initial interest was in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s assertion that the Islamists’ plan is to conquer America through immigration and by out-breeding us, but that violent attacks would ultimately wear us down and prepare us for submission.

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Make it your new year’s resolution to learn more about Islam!

P.S. I sure hope Donald Trump takes time to read this book!

8 thoughts on “9/11 Mastermind explains why they call it the ‘Religion of Peace’

    1. Dear Wanda, I am an opinionated blogger, if you wish to select a convicted mass murderer to explain Christianity on your blog, go for it! Viva free speech! I have no obligation to balance what I write. Heck, I’m not CNN or even Fox News!

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    2. Really Wanda? Have you been sleeping under a rock the last eight years? Why would “refugees” 90% of which are military-aged men travel 13,000 miles for safety instead of traveling a few hundred miles to Saudi Arabia or Jordan. This is a planned invasion and it must be stopped.

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      1. Just out of curiosity, out of a billion possibilities who claim to be Christian, who *would* you select to explain the basic tenets of that faith? Your choice of a professional terrorist is an … um… interesting choice out of a billion possibilities to explain Islam.

        This article covers Khalid’s plans for terrorism and world domination, which is a very interesting topic about Khalid and al-Qaeda and more. It has as much to do with Islam as Barack Obama’s drone attacks have to do with Christianity. Just as Obama claims to be a Christian, Khalid claims to be a Muslim. Neither has background, training or experience to be experts or authorities or even credible sources about their religions.

        Khalid is a world-class, expert and experienced authority on several subjects, of which religion isn’t one. His use (or misuse, or abuse, pick your poison) of Islam is interesting, to say the least, but his authority about the religion is as credible as his current threats to act upon it. He is not, as the article claims, “explain[ing] why they call it the ‘Religion of Peace’”, whoever “they” is supposed to be. Khalid is explaining his own interesting views on how he intends to exploit that.

        There are religious authorities, inside and outside Islam, who have explained and can explain the “religion of peace” dichotomy. I would suggest Karen Armstrong as a starting point, but in any case this killer of the above article isn’t one of them.


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