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Refugee advocates think Trump can’t change Obama’s 110,000 refugee goal for this year

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 3, 2017

I have no time to say much about this sob story in South Carolina’s The State newspaper about Muslim refugees resettled in the Carolinas (mostly in North Carolina) because I have to dash to jury duty again today.  But, I can’t not mention this little blip from Jason Lee.  We wrote about him on many occasions when he was chosen to work for a refugee contractor, World Relief, in Spartanburg, SC in 2015.


Trump Test! Trump here with Senator Jeff Sessions his Attorney General nominee, can and must pause the Refugee Admissions Program. He can do it on day one, but I give him 4 weeks (I’m being generous)—until February 16th to do it! Sessions knows what can and should be done!

That was a resettlement plan that resulted in a heated controversy. Spartanburg is also in Rep. Trey Gowdy’s district and despite efforts by the Immigration Subcommittee chairman (Gowdy!) to question the choice of Spartanburg as a new resettlement site (he wrote a letter to Sec. of State Kerry), it went ahead as planned.

Jason Lee is wrong.  Congress does not approve the level of resettlement for the coming year (it is not an act of Congress).

The President of the United States proposes the level in September preceding the fiscal year and sends his determination to Congress for “consultation,” but there is no legal requirement for Congress to agree to whatever number the President has chosen.  Of course, if they give the President money to admit a certain number of refugees through the Appropriations process, then that is tantamount agreement to the numbers.

That said, Donald Trump can and should, because he has the power to do it, limit the number set by Obama on day one of his Presidency.  He can halt immigration from certain regions of the world, or pause the refugee program altogether. In fact, he would not be the first to pause the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.  In 2002, the program was almost ground to a halt as fear grew in the wake of the 9/11 attack.


Jason Lee’s wishful thinking?

Here is what Lee told The State:

Congress has approved admitting 110,000 refugees in fiscal 2017.

It will be difficult for President Trump to cut that number, said Jason Lee, former director of the refugee assistance group World Relief Spartanburg. [As you know, World Relief is one of nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors, paid by the head to place refugees in your towns—ed]

“A number of questions won’t be answered until President Trump takes office,” Lee said. “(But) he’s already backed off not allowing Muslim immigrants into the country.”

Read it all here.

See our archive on Spartanburg by clicking here.  (I warn you there are many posts there!)

It is through the Spartanburg controversy that I formed my opinion of SC Governor Nikki Haley (Trump’s nominee to be Ambassador to the UN).

15 Responses to “Refugee advocates think Trump can’t change Obama’s 110,000 refugee goal for this year”

  1. 7delta said

    When Dr. ConProf and I attended the local meeting at a church last fall, we found the information given by representatives from World Relief and their local workers was full of disinformation…provably so, with legitimate documentation. I don’t think they were lying. I think they’re just parroting what they’ve been told and repeating the talking points they were given to combat the truth.

    We were told: “The reason there aren’t more Christians included in resettlement is because the refugees are chosen on a first come, first serve basis. The ones that have been in camps the longest are resettled first.” Really? By what rationale can we can trust an Islamic supremacy organization that just happens to also be fully compliant with Shariah law, the OIC, and the lily-livered, corrupt UN to decide that?

    Wonder why Christians are afraid to go into camps full of people who are obligated to kill them? Might that be a problem when “aiding” people who are really being “persecuted?” I guess if someone is Christian or a non-Muslim, genocide isn’t persecution anymore, so you just have to hide out and wait your turn in a line you can’t get in.

    While I’ll give these workers a pass on being intentional liars, I do fault them for their lack of curiosity, since reality defies what they’re told, and for not doing their own research to confirm the information they’re given. Of course, that might upset their cognitively dissonant, compassionate apple cart and ($$$ flow), but that doesn’t relieve them of the responsibility to discern the truth. I also fault ministers for not knowing the truth about Islamic doctrine, straight from Mohammed’s and Allah’s own words. That’s their job.

    Jason Lee is either dumber than a rusted doorknob or he’s an intentional liar. He has to know how narratives are constructed and disseminated to combat the truth. His ordination as a minister of the Gospel, his position with World Relief and his spearheading this program locally makes him morally, doubly responsible. He should know better, just like the other ministers who haven’t bothered to study Islamic doctrine.


  2. Ridiculous. Trump could immediately halt the immigration and placement of such refugees. He could them demand the money be cut by sending a cut as part of a Recissions package to the House and Senate.

    In fact, I think I will call a few friends over on the House and Senate sides and actually suggest they do this very thing. Mulvaney should like the idea at OMB, and so should Sessions.


  3. Trump must save the tax paying AMERICANS the AMERICANS who foot the bill and do without!!! Wake up America spread the word, get illegals their kids the 65 yr old and up who draw “your” social security, medicaid, then get free health care, dental, housing ,insurance, $1700.00 a month(here in Georgia for every illegal kid they have) no father though,? i can’t go to doctor , I must wait to see if i can pay the bill!?? first thing a so called refuge gets is trip to ATM to draw out “your money”!!! His money or her? Never pay into our tax base though, never must pay back!!!


  4. domstudent11 said

    Sean Hannity stressed today that Trump’s success depends on us, the voters who elected him. We must continue to push back, keep informing folks, and remain active. We must closely watch our representatives and call them out if they start wavering. None of us can let our guard down.


  5. futuret said



  6. futuret said


  7. Yep what we need here in CA is more people. Idiots we have a drought. How are we to survive here without enough water for all? Oh and those high density housing going up left and right is really smart too. Now an hour commute to work once more people come will take twice as long. Really smart. Idiots run the asylum and Trump best step up and keep his word.


  8. yojack454 said

    he can disband the federal court system by closing the courthouses. keeping the judges more or less circuit riders. think about the savings, unemployed lawyers too.


  9. The left is so entrenched in the permanent bureaucracy that it may prove very difficult for Mr. Trump to do much more than push back enough to keep things from getting any worse. His first fights will be with the so-called GOP-controlled legislature. The GOP(e) is merely Dem-lite. Or is that Dim Bulb?

    It’s hard to know if the GOP(e) are deeply cynical or quintessential naifs. Whichever, they will be of little help in trimming the bloat or draining the abscess of D.C. Which will continue the excessive executive branch to get anything done. The legislative branch ought to wear togas and lie back on couches while they consider the current bill. Let the costume fit the culprit.

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  10. Please let everyone know over and over all of these “people” brought in by contractors church groups are PAID richly to get them in and give them American jobs too “THEM” the Muslim from all countries get them out of America !!! I got my insurance bill for 2017 up up and my property tax up up up!!! My family friends neighbors must do without to pay the costs of just living and pay taxes, that goes to all the imported ? My son will pay 1000.0 + for health and they get it free? The American should be FIRST!!!! We should have free everything!!! If your mother and father not a legal citizen then you AREN’T( get out of America) American go to a foreign country and happen to have a baby, they tell tell you right quick it’s not french, English, Mexican, Spain its American!!!

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  11. Ha Ha now they are saying that Congress HAS to approve. When the shoe was on the other foot, only the President could set the goals. Congress never lifted a finger to weight in or out. Good luck Jason Lee. Sometimes when you ignore the americans wishes, it comes back to bite you. Now they will have to take some of their own medicine.


  12. futuret said



  13. It’s not Trump we have to worry about IT’S THE FECKLESS LYING GOP CONGRESS !



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