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Aberdeen update: Efforts abound in South Dakota to keep citizens in the dark about refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 5, 2017

If you missed the story yesterday, go here, to learn about how an arrest, an indictment and a guilty verdict all went missing from local news reports about a Somali refugee who had been in the country one week before his July encounter with a special-needs woman.

Here is a recap and an update from Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily:

A South Dakota newspaper that failed to report on the case of a Somali man convicted of trying to molest a severely handicapped woman, changed gears Wednesday after being outed by WND and decided to publish a story about the crime.


Most SD refugees are placed in Sioux Falls. How Mohamed got to Aberdeen within a week of his arrival in the US and was left unsupervised is still unexplained.

The story ran on page three of the Aberdeen American News under the headline “Sentencing later this month for a man convicted of attempted sexual contact.

But the newspaper left out an important detail.

The convicted sex criminal, 39-year-old Liban Mohamed, was a recently arrived refugee brought to the state from Somalia at the invitation of the U.S. government. He had been in the country only about a week and in Aberdeen only one day when he wandered up to a group home and tried to molest a 31-year-old mentally handicapped woman who was sitting outside the facility.

Mohamed, freshly arrived in the U.S. just days prior, wandered more than a mile from his hotel on foot and preyed upon a mentally handicapped woman at the Aspire Inc. residential care facility, which houses about 150 handicapped people. His victim was left unattended for only minutes. When a caregiver returned, she caught him with his hand between the disabled woman’s legs, reaching toward her private parts.

AAN’s belated story also neglected to mention that Mohamed had been brought to Aberdeen to work in the local meatpacking plant, DemKota Ranch, which has become a magnet for cheap refugee labor.

I did some looking around last night and there is some very funny business that went on with this particular meat plant and its former owners that involved the state government and then-Governor Rounds (now US Senator for SD).  It would be good if someone out there took time to investigate the broader story.

Near the end of his update, Hohmann, reports on a group of citizens who met with the South Dakota Attorney General in October (when surely this AG would have known about this case while the citizens did not!):


What did AG Jackley know and when did he know it?

Meanwhile, a citizens group tells WND they met with South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley on Oct. 3 at the state Capitol in Pierre to discuss their concerns about refugee resettlement and its impact on safety.

The meeting was affable with the approximately 10 citizens sharing concerns about refugees who might put the safety of their communities at risk.


Then the atmosphere changed:

“If you guys know of anything, can cite anything [negative] that’s happening in your communities, then please tell me,” he reportedly said.

“He wouldn’t give the concerned people the answers they were looking for,” said one person present at the meeting. “I watched him and was thinking what are you doing? It was more like dodge ball and ‘what do you know?’”

He told the group refugee resettlement was a federal issue and “his hands were tied,” one participant of the meeting said. “What’s upsetting is, he already knew, he would have known that this crime had happened in Aberdeen.

So what are they hiding in South Dakota?

The situation is shaping up there to look very similar to what happened in Twin Falls, Idaho where a sexual assault case blew things up—big company/big money wants foreign laborers, pols going along, newspaper covering for them all, citizens treated like troublemakers and labeled racists for wanting answers about why their community is being radically altered and wanting to know who is behind it?

8 Responses to “Aberdeen update: Efforts abound in South Dakota to keep citizens in the dark about refugees”




  2. This is about “compassionate” Western altruists (read: elitists) telling Americans what we should be doing with our time, money and energy so that they can create a caste system of desperate refugees to exploit for profit at low-wage jobs. That is why so many unskilled Third-Worlders are being welcomed into our civilized Western lands, so that they can be exploited by greedy Westerners at the expense of other Westerners. Pure treason,


  3. This sexual assault of an incapable women can be dealt with by the legal system – and should be dealt with harshly. But this is not the objection Americans have to Muslim immigrants. The REAL danger with Muslims is that the Islamic Nations are currently engaged in an extravagant conspiracy to overrun America (and Europe) with Muslims so that in the very near future Muslims can outnumber natives and use OUR system of democracy to vote in Shari’a Law. If anyone doubts this plot, please watch THIS video:


  4. tvfmontana said

    Here is one of my “enemies” who I keep closer. Rather than just giving the link (why give them the satisfaction of getting hits?) I’ve copied and pasted their spin starting right off with the subject line. For the time being the the 14 comments vary. But give that time B4 all the vitriolic blather out numbers the sane comments.

    Aberdeen Groping Story Grabs White Supremacists’ Attention – Dakota Free Press

    Posted 2017-01-04 07:16 by caheidelberger 14 Comments

    Donald Trump brags about grabbing women’s genitals against their will, and he’s fit to be President. A Somali immigrant tries to grab one woman’s genitals, and it’s a sensational crime that anti-immigrant groups and other white supremacists point to as another reason to build Trump’s wall (which is a metaphor for fear of brown people).

    The Aberdeen American News reports Liban Mohamed will be sentenced January 30 for attempted sexual contact with a person incapable of giving consent:

    Brown County State’s Attorney Chris White said Mohamed approached the 16-year-old girl, who receives support services from Aspire. The girl was sitting outside of one of Aspire’s group homes in July. White said that when an Aspire employee noticed Mohamed talking to the girl, the worker told Mohamed to leave, but he refused.

    “He asked the victim to marry him and ran his hand up her leg and went to touch her vaginal area,” White said.

    That’s when the worker pulled back the chair the girl was sitting in, White said.

    He said the girl can say her name and when she’s hungry, but cannot otherwise talk [Elisa Sand, “Sentencing Later This Month for Man Convicted of Attempted Sexual Contact,” Aberdeen American News, 2017.01.03].

    While the white-folks-first crowd goes ape calling for deportation, walls, and other responses to what they find hip to label “white genocide,” I’m not hearing Trumpists wearing down their keys and screens over sex crimes by guys named Wade Alan Steele, Joseph Dawley, and Timothy Bariteau or the fact that “sex offenders comprise the only criminal population in which white people are represented roughly in proportion to their numbers in the general population.”

    But perhaps in their concern for women’s rights, the folks going ape over this crime-of-the-week story will join the Women’s March on Washington this month.
    Sentencing later this month for man convicted of attempted sexual contact

    Elisa Sand
    Jan 4, 2017

    Correction: The victim of attempted sexual assault was an adult in her 30s, according to Brown County State’s Attorney Chris White. Her age was wrong in this story. The references have been changed. We regret the error.
    Thank you for reading!

    Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading.


  5. Marty Hill said

    This is outrageous…elected officials “on the take” for big money at the expense of their constituents…they could not care a rat’s ass less about “the people,” their State and the toll that will have to be paid down the road for all these stupid actions being perpetrated in the name of “diversity,” compassion or whatever label they can put on it to make this “invasion” from Third World Countries with people of No Education and No Skills to offer other than plucking chickens. Keep bringing enough of them here and it won’t be long till they will elect their own officials…Game Over…Just look at Ellison in Minnesota… Rant Over.

    Liked by 1 person

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