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Virginia does not note refugee status in records on active Tuberculosis cases diagnosed in the state; 44 other states do!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 6, 2017


WTH! Too many people in US STILL have TB! Well, gee, that might be because we keep bringing in new cases!

Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart continued his excellent series of investigative reports on the incidence of active TB in the US refugee population with this report from Virginia.  Yesterday we told you about two other Leahy articles on TB in refugees earlier this week, see here.

Leahy on this Virginia revelation:

The state of Virginia refuses to track the number of refugees it resettles who are diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB).


the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) does not think it should be a priority to track foreign-born TB cases by category, as do 44 states who have provided the CDC with that data since 2012 (Tennessee became the 45th state to do so in 2014) in its annual Report on Tuberculosis in the United States.

“The Virginia Department of Health does not collect the data you have requested,” a spokesperson for VDH responded when Breitbart asked to know the immigration status upon first entry of the 168 foreign-born residents of Virginia diagnosed with active TB in 2015.

More here.

For more on refugee health see our ‘Health issues’ category by clicking here. And, remember readers, your tax dollars pay for expensive TB medication (if the case is discovered!).

BTW, still have had no one tell me if volunteers, working with resettlement agencies, are trained to spot symptoms or are educated on how to protect themselves and their families from becoming infected with TB when they work with newly arrived refugees.

4 Responses to “Virginia does not note refugee status in records on active Tuberculosis cases diagnosed in the state; 44 other states do!”

  1. said

    Hi Eileen,with the killings today,I certainly can’t let Hunter travel alone.things have changed so. Some symptoms of Tb are coughing,loss of weight ect……..My nursing school classmate who worked on my floor after graduation got TB too and spent a year in the TB sanatorium…I had hoped we would have some resilience but she said “No there are different strains”..BummerMom


  2. I freak out whenever I see someone who fits the refugee profile wearing a TB prevention face-mask. Somehow that thin layer of medical pads over their nose and mouth doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy safe-and-secure feeling. 😦


  3. lehi48 said

    Ann, the very sad fact is potential immigrants diagnosed with active TB cases are NOT allowed to proceed with the process and enter the USA. Why is it important for Virginia to keep track of the origin of the TB, can be found by discovering WHY the CDC tries to keep track. possibly quarantine people from that country or region from entering the USA or take precautions as in the recent Ebola outbreak, use the most effective treatment for the strain of TB coming from a specific area, take politics out a public health issue regarding an infectious disease easily transmittable, protect health professionals, professionals.
    Virginia, you are placing politics first and public health much lower on the rung of priorities.


  4. VIrginia is led by a former Clinton Family BAGMAN WHO IGNORS THE LAWS OF VIRGINIA, SO WHAT would you expect ?


    Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights To Felons, Again

    August 22, 20168:40 PM ET

    Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe renewed his efforts to restore the voting rights of felons in his state, announcing that his administration would process applications for 13,000 felons so that they might vote in November.

    The move comes a month after the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that governors cannot restore felons’ voting rights en masse. In April, McAuliffe had issued a sweeping executive order enfranchising more than 200,000 people who have served their sentences and completed parole or probation. The state Supreme Court, in a response to a lawsuit brought by Republican lawmakers, ruled that the governor lacked the constitutional authority to restore voting rights in such a broad action.

    After that ruling, McAuliffe said he wouldn’t be deterred, promising to initiate the time-consuming process of individually restoring rights to all eligible felons.


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