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Very strange story as Africans nearly freeze to death crossing our northern border to leave US!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 7, 2017

Editor: It has been another frustrating day with computer problems, so won’t get everything posted in between internet outages that I hoped for today, and if you don’t hear from me, you know why!

I did want to get this very fishy story up as quickly as I can, so am hustling before I lose internet again. Before you read on, know that Ghana is a relatively prosperous majority Christian country in Africa.  According to wikipedia it is about 17% Muslim. We take only a tiny number as regular refugees from Ghana (and that would be because it is a functioning country!). That said, if a Muslim claims he is gay (as this guy does), he is a shoe-in for asylum in the US, yet he says he was turned down.

So if he was in detention and denied asylum in America how was he loose to cross the US/Canadian border?


Maybe Donald Trump needs to be thinking about our northern border with Canada. We might not care who leaves, but those coming in that way should be stopped and returned to ‘welcoming’ Canada! (A reader tells us that this map we used is missing part of Michigan, sorry about that!)

And, where did he get the money for his extensive travel odyssey?

Here is the story at the Grand Forks Herald (Hat tip: Joanne). BTW, the headline says he crossed from Minnesota, but the story text says North Dakota.

WINNIPEG—We’ve seen the desperation of refugees risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe, but we haven’t seen any risking their lives crossing the frozen prairie to get to Canada—until now.

On Dec. 24, Seidu Mohammad nearly froze to death walking from North Dakota toward the Canadian border at Emerson, Man.

The man from Ghana spent more than seven hours walking outside and expects to lose most of his fingers.


Mohammad said a fellow refugee claimant from Ghana with him was taken to hospital in Morris, Man., with less severe injuries.

They walked through deep snow to avoid alerting U.S. officials and reach the Canada Border Services Agency at Emerson, he said. “It was up to my hips.”

What kept them going was knowing that if they gave up before getting to Canada, they would be taken to a detention facility in the United States, then be deported to Ghana.

Refugee admissions ticket par excellence!

“I can’t go back,” Mohammad said. He had to flee Ghana because of his sexual orientation, he said.

They knew that if they managed to get to the Canadian border, they could file a refugee claim and make their case before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Canada’s immigration system is seen by human rights advocates and lawyers as more fair and thorough than that in the U.S. [So are human rights activists advising people like Mohammad, and coaching them on stories about being gay?—ed]

The US supposedly denied his claims.  What? They didn’t believe he was gay?

Their refugee claims were dismissed, as most are.

I’ve written previously about these world traveling phony refugees who seem to have the funds to travel for months across the world, but don’t stop in the first safe country and apply for asylum which is how asylum is supposed to work if one is a legitimate refugee!

For Mohammad—who left his home in Ghana in 2015 and spent six months on planes, boats and buses to get to the U.S. before hoofing it into Canada—the perilous journey was worth life and limb.

More here.

When I was in North Dakota this past summer, I learned that locals do report Somalis coming in from Canada over the ND/Canadian border.

23 Responses to “Very strange story as Africans nearly freeze to death crossing our northern border to leave US!”

  1. icthelite said

    Maybe this person was escorted to our northern border while being detained and given the option of going north or being returned to where he came from.


  2. Ken Kangas said

    Look in a book sometime before completing your stories, your map left 1/3 of Michigan uncolored and apparently now a part of Lake superior.


  3. futuret said



  4. tomasrose said

    Gay asylum is a very popular track into the system. You can ask for asylum from any country in the world on this track.

    Some Volags actually have offices overseas where they advertise this method of entry to the program. Once in the U.S. there are ‘preferred community’ grants for ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) refugees; refugees who are HIV-positive’.

    And, according the ORR 2014 Report to Congress, ‘Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) continued to strengthen the long-term capacity of intensive case management and support services to vulnerable refugees and asylees identified as LGBT’.
    No wonder they are pouring in.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Blessed B. said

    I’d say…it never happened! Another ‘fake News’ story!

    They wouldn’t have been able to just walk over the border into Canada! There are surveillance cameras and sensors and border patrol or the RCMP would have caught them…..especially in deep snow up to their hips…..they aren’t travelling very fast!!

    Secondly….. Canada does not take in refugees like that! They must submit forms asking for refugee status before they arrive in Canada. If they don’t go through the process…They would be deported back to America. Canada also does not do Asylum like that…..there was an actor and his wife that tried to do that , claiming their lives were at risk in California. They were escorted back to the Border and told to go home.

    Thirdly….. I’m sure it was just a flippin cold in N.Dakota as it was in Canada during that time! Why would anyone try walking a long way during Winter to get to Canada…especially when one is already in a Country that has better welfare payments than Canada? Refugees in Canada get the same amount on welfare as the average Canadian does. Canada does not give out food stamps! One can not live high on the Canadian government teat.


  6. Raymond Monmonier said

    Ann,  Keep up the good work.  I want to steer you and your audience to a terrific YouTuibe destination that has great material re what is happening in Europe, Scandinavia, etc. concerning refugees.  Google: STEFAN MOLYNEUX, a philosopher, Trump advocate, and examiner of current events.  I think you will enjoy exploring his videos.  He currently resides in Canada. Although 3hrs long, I highly recommend THE FALL OF ROME; MODERN PARALLELS. Cheers, Fenwick Monmonier (a former Marylander)  


  7. nafbpo7 said

    When I was stationed on the northern border back in the 1980s, we would encounter aliens sneaking back and forth across the border. Often, they were pursuing asylum/refugee claims in both countries simultaneously. Another reason for them to sneak back and forth is that they are using free public health resources. Whichever country grants treatment first is where they go. They don’t want to get searched at the ports of entry, where inspectors can discover dual health benefit ID.

    You are right about being suspicious of where these aliens obtain the funds to travel around the world. Perhaps they have a Soros account?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      You might be joking about Soros, but someone or some groups are giving them the funds to become world traveling asylum shoppers.


    • Blessed B. said

      Since the 1980’s the border has had better security installed. Canada had Prime Minister Harper for quite a few years and things changed under his leadership. Nothing concerning legislation on Security has been changed since Trudeau Jr. has been Prime Minister.

      Here’s a story which explains a bit of how the Border security works if they are trying to sneak across!

      BTW…..Health care is not FREE in Canada. In most Provinces ( all except two!) one must buy health insurance. Asylum or Refugees are only covered for one year….then they are on their own. IF this story has any truth to it….which I highly doubt…..the will be treated for their frost bite and sent back to the USA.

      Back in the 1960’s…..Canada had many US military boys who defected to get away from having to serve their country in Vietnam.
      Nowadays….the last batch of Military defectors were all sent back!

      There have been many Americans trying to sneak into Canada since Trump was elected. They’ve been caught and sent home. If the paperwork hasn’t been done beforehand to come to Canada to live and work… don’t get to stay and claim asylum!


  8. I have a silly question: Why weren’t all of our borders shut and sealed right after 9/11 ? It seems they were opened wide up since.


  9. Well, that is ONE LESS to deal with…how much do we save ?

    Hope you like it up there in THE GREAT WHITE NORTH !


    • Blessed B. said

      Nothing wrong with living in the Great White North. Most Canadians know how to have a sense of humor about themselves….. we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

      Bob and Doug don’t represent real Canadians. They are fictional characters in a comedy skit.


    • ELN said

      Yeah … our loss, your gain.

      Prime Minister TruDope will surely make these unknown, uninvited foreign invaders feel right at “home” with all our tax-dollars catering to their every need. (sigh)

      Meanwhile, bona fide American visitors to Canada crossing over at a designated border station are turned away if they have a DUI record from 30 years ago!

      Canadian border security officials also deny entry of meat products that may carry diseases … but then allow illegal, un-vetted FOREIGN African nationals into the country who may be carrying any number of viral diseases including pneumonia that affects approximately 450 million people world-wide. (double sigh)



      • Blessed B. said


        Sorry to have to tell you but, Turd-boy Jr. can’t allow them to stay here in Canada. The Legislation that is in place concerning Asylum seekers and Refugees is specific. If the paperwork has not been done and they haven’t been given the go-ahead to come to Canada…..they are sent back.

        The Canadian Ex-Prime Minister, Stephan Harper, said many years ago that Canada will not be a safe haven for criminals. Hence…..if you have been convicted of a felony you can not be given access to come into our Canada.

        I’m not sure which fake news site you have been reading but, ALL of the Refugees are being vetted before coming into Canada! Canada’s CSIS agents are actually doing the vetting and have agents in Damascus who are going through the Syrian government archives looking for birth certificates, marriage certificates, etcetera. So…..they are being FULLY vetted. It takes at least 9 months for a family of four, who have been sponsored and have a job waiting for them, to actually get to Canada.

        Most of the refugees that have come to Canada have been Christians, Jews, Yazidi, Kurds and a few of the minority muslim sects. We don’t just pick muslims like the USA has done.

        Don’t think that Canada is doing the same as the United States……that’s not how it works! Also…the Refugees coming into Canada, have been given medical evaluations to check for such viral diseases before hand and also when they arrive here they get another check-up. If they are sick….they are transported to a medical facility….not released out into the general public.

        If you don’t actually know how Canada does things….it’s better to not comment about it. Relying on youtube videos is not the best plan….just saying. Actually do the research and look up what Canadian legislation actually says!


        • Ann Corcoran said

          Please don’t take offense, but it sounds like talking points that you are giving us here (similar to what we hear in the US, but we know from experience is not true). Could you tell us how you know how it works in Canada. Are you employed in the refugee field?

          Liked by 2 people

          • Blessed B. said


            I live in Canada. I know the legislation that is in place concerning asylum and refugees. I have friends who are CSIS agents and Border patrol (CBSA). I also have friends in the Conservative Party in Parliament. Also, a very close friend of thirty years that actually is in contact with a few International Intelligence agencies.

            This link will explain some about Resettlement from outside Canada for Refugees

            About refugees and Canada’s response

            I have spoken with a couple of the Syrian families. They both said that it took about 9 months ( after filling out the paperwork and submitting to the UN) for them to actually get to Canada even though the male parent had a job waiting for him here. The Company sponsored them, meaning that the Canadian government nor the Provincial government didn’t have to spend a dime on them. The families were planning on going back to Syria once it was safe to do so.

            In late November 2015, Canadian officials converted an airplane hangar on a Jordanian air base into a refugee processing site complete with biometric data collection stations, medical assessment posts, consular interviewing desks, a playroom, a prayer room, and a vast filing room complete with scanners, computers, servers, and wireless transmitters. Teams of officials have been busy interviewing thousands of Syrian refugees for resettlement in Canada. Canada was taking refugees from Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey…..

            There are also CSIS agents in Damascus who are gathering information from the Syrian archives ( Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Passport information, etcetera..) on all those who have submitted papers to come to Canada. This is something that America can not do as Assad knows who started this murder and mayhem in Syria, trying to overthrow his legitimate government.

            We often talk about Syrian refugees as a homogenous group of people with one outlook on life, but the fact of the matter is that they are a diverse group with different backgrounds, and varied hopes and dreams. Canada’s program clearly shows that the world cares whether Syrians live or die.

            This was all done by the former Harper government. Turd-boy was elected in October of 2015 and had yet to really get down to business. He was too busy jet setting around the world to show off his nicely quaffed hair. The 25,000 refugees that arrived in the beginning of 2016 were all vetted under the Harper government…not Turd-boys…though he was quick to get the kudos for it!

            Turd-boy Jr. has not changed any of the legislation concerning how Refugees get to Canada. Here is a link to see what the Canadian government is working on.

            The Harper government legislated Bill C-51…in this Bill, all of the Canadian Security Agencies were to share all information. The CSIS, RCMP, Local and Provincial Police forces, the CBSA and others would not have any secrets from any other agency. In the USA….every single agency works by itself and decide what other agency gets what if any information.

            These are not talking points like the US government and Obama has given you. These are facts. Don’t confuse the Canadian government’s way of working as the same as the American government. We don’t share the same government set up with each other and while you had Obama the traitor for a leader, we had Prime Minister Stephen Harper. PM Harper had already been threatened by jihadists before Obama even made it to the White House. Google “Toronto 18” ! The CSIS had already stated that Islamists were Canada’s greatest threat. While Obama’s regime couldn’t or wouldn’t say Islamic terrorists…..PM Harper most certainly could and did!

            I don’t take offense with questions that are nicely asked of me….I take offense to the lack of understanding that Canada does not do things the way America does, yet most Americans do not do the research to even figure it out. Then they will argue with me, a Canadian who does know the facts, and tell me I’m wrong!…..


        • ELN said

          In rebuttal to your comment, I’ll allow Frosty Wooldridge to speak for me in this 1 hr. radio podcast.

          …and to add a little flavour, Roy Beck succinctly tells his story in this 6 min. gumball presentation.


          The term “refugee” is such a loaded term to render it meaningless today. Virtually anybody in the world can claim victim-status and be granted entry into any 1st world nation (except Japan) by simply uttering the “magic password”.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Blessed B. said


            This guy is an idiot! He most certainly doesn’t know how the Canadian system works! It’s not the same as the American system, nor Britain’s though we do share the same set up….many things have been legislated differently. For instance…..Britain has Sharia Courts, Canada doesn’t! Britain was part of the EU which stipulated that they had to take in a quota of muslims. Canada didn’t have any stipulations put on us as we are a sovereign nation and can make our own legislation.

            Polite suggestion….instead of listening to airheads on youtube who don’t have a clue…. do your own research. Start with the Canadian government sites to get the legislation in place.


    • WE don’t want him either.


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