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Progressives take lessons from the Tea Party movement to try to beat Trump agenda

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 10, 2017


I wonder if the ‘Hill’ youngsters know that Lincoln was a Republican?

This isn’t about refugees per se, but as you get geared up to go to battle with Congress to push them to get tough on immigration and to reform/trash the US Refugee Admissions Program, this might be a helpful guide to what the other side is going to do!

They know, as you should, that the battle will ultimately be in Congress!

Sent to me by a reader, click here to learn more, and go here to access the document.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Right!

If you’ve been a longtime Tea Party activist and weren’t sure you were getting things accomplished, you will be happy to see that the other side thinks you were highly successful!

I admit I didn’t read the whole thing yet, I just thought I should get it out quickly. Let me know if  you see anything that we should make particular note of!




2 Responses to “Progressives take lessons from the Tea Party movement to try to beat Trump agenda”

  1. The Black Board said

    Everyone on our team should sign up for these emails so we know what the opposition is doing and can counter it.


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