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Rep. Brian Babin says Donald Trump will stop that insane refugee deal with Australia

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 10, 2017


Rep. Brian Babin called the Australia deal, where we would take ‘refugees’ who failed in their asylum claims to Australia, and place them instead into your American towns, “madness.”

If you don’t know what deal I’m talking about, click here.

From The Sydney Morning Herald (hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum):

Donald Trump “will do everything in his power” to halt the refugee deal between Australia and the US, according to a hardline Texan congressman who is confident no resettlements will ever take place from Manus Island or Nauru.

More than two months after the agreement between outgoing President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was announced, slow progress on applications and lengthy security vetting by the US Department of Homeland Security is raising fear among those held in the Australian offshore immigration detention centres, ahead of Mr Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

More here.

By the way, it was this news that sent me to the ‘Processing Country’ maps that I wrote about earlier to see if we processed anyone in from Australia lately. I didn’t see any.

7 Responses to “Rep. Brian Babin says Donald Trump will stop that insane refugee deal with Australia”

  1. sidefxny said

    Ann- there was a lead article in Drudge today from the Washington Post, about Trump’s call to the Aussie PM. It does not look like he wants to take these refugees!


  2. All European ruled (White) countries are under an intense racial attack with the intention of changing and ultimately replacing their ethnicity. Our enemy’s weapon is diabolically simple: Brown skinned people, of which there is an unlimited supply. The brown skinned young males are lured into our countries by pornography which they access on their free smart phones showing willing blond European women engaging in sexual acts with Blacks. Add to that Frau Merkel’s message that they are WELCOME and they get FREE MONEY and Housing and is it any wonder hordes of these dusky invaders are coming in by the millions? Oh, in case I forget, our invasion is enforced by a vicious form of political correctness which says if you object you’re a racist and lose your job or go to prison. Any wonder that Brexit and Trump got up? Next is France! Then Italy! and then the Fatherland, Germany!


  3. rabbitnexus said

    Here’s a suggestion. If you don’t go waging war on other people, those people won’t come running to our shores as refugees. I despair of my nation these days. We’re as stupid as Americans and just as hypocritical. By the way, our intelligence services are up to their eyeballs in radicalising and enabling many so-called jihadis from our shores from among mainly first born generation tyo immigrants. This generation was always easily radicalised and restless, West Side story is an old musical. This time our rotten “intelligence agencies” have deliberately radicalised them and I KNOW THIS as I have been first hand witness to much of it as a Muslim myself. We’re been running with the US war criminals too long and we have contracted their diseases.


  4. We must not let this happen…


  5. misterpaul5a said

    There ought to be a moratorium on ALL IMMIGRATION to ANY Western Country until the bonafides of EVERY immigrant has been checked and double checked. The entire
    ‘System’ has been undermined by people discarding or hiding their documentation, yet, as can be readily seen, they manage to retain their mobile phones, which are generally ‘state-of-the-art’ quality (I am still using the one I bought four years ago!). It is clear to anyone with an ounce of common sense that the entire phenomenon is being orchestrated by the Muslim world with the sole intention of seeding the West with a ‘Fifth Column’, with cuckoos in the nest, who are dedicated to the destruction of our Democratic system. The foolishness has gone on long enough, we have poor and needy of our own who are not planning insurgency or infiltration but only ask for minimal support when they are going through hard times. Give to these first.


    • rabbitnexus said

      How about as moratorium on sending our troops to other countries? Doesn’t it ever occur to you people that actions have consequences?


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