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Refugee contractor may have exaggerated numbers in letter promoting Rutland, VT resettlement

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 12, 2017

Every one of you working in your local communities and questioning plans for either expanding the number of refugees in your city or where new sites are planned, pay attention!  Do what this housing authority member did—don’t take the contractors word on the economic benefits that refugees supposedly bring to your town or city.

I’ve been begging for years for someone with an economic/business background to thoroughly debunk (with a focused economic study) this illogical notion that bringing more poor people to a poor and struggling city benefits the city economically!  I’ve suggested Utica, NY as the case study location.

This meme along with the propaganda that no refugees have been involved in Islamic terrorism are the two major talking points the refugee industry advocates peddle.

Here is Vermont Watchdog.  You too can do this!

Gail Johnson, a Rutland resident and Board of Aldermen hopeful, likes to confirm her facts. This practice grew out of necessity when, as a U.S. Navy finance officer, she was in charge of payroll for an entire naval base in Charleston, S.C.


In 1996 Lavinia Limon was Bill Clinton’s Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. After leaving government where she doled out grant money, she took the reins of one of nine major government refugee contractors receiving grant money, the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. See Breitbart’s Michael Leahy’s dossier on Limon here last August:

Now, a member of the Rutland Housing Authority commission, Johnson continues to fact check. “Whatever I say or do, I have proof. I back it up. I expect others to do that as well,” she said.

Johnson never thought she would find discrepancies in a letter by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) to the Rutland Board of Aldermen, but she did.


In October, the Board of Aldermen sent a letter to USCRI, asking for justification of Rutland’s selection as a refugee relocation site. The agency still has not released the original grant application, which is supposed to spell out in detail Rutland’s suitability. Instead, USCRI CEO Lavinia Limon responded to the board in December, sending a letter that cited numbers of available jobs and housing.

Limon said that, as of Nov. 28, 2016, The Vermont Housing Data showed “284 housing units available for rent in Rutland City.”

Johnson noted that the 284 figure could be a result of expanded search parameters, to potentially place refugees in rent-to-buy situations, homes or condos. However, USCRI only places refugees in apartment rentals. [However, because the numbers coming in now are so astronomical, we are hearing refugees being placed (against federal regulations) in hotels!—ed]

However, when Watchdog checked the site on Jan. 11, only 23 housing locations are listed in Rutland City. Of those listed, none have availability.


“I’ve worked with people from many backgrounds. I’ve studied Arabic. Refugee settlement is a wonderful humanitarian effort,” she said.

But she said she becomes concerned when settlement agencies claim refugees will be beneficial to Rutland’s economy.

“They say that bringing in refugees is good for our economic recovery. I don’t know that that’s the solution. What I do know, in a bigger sense, is that the logic behind improving our economic recovery in Rutland by bringing in low-income people to generate business, it’s not a logical economic model,” she said.

Instead, Johnson contends, Rutland’s unemployment and lack of affordable housing makes bringing low-income refugee families into the city counterproductive from an economic standpoint.

Please read the whole story, Ms. Johnson found many more discrepancies in Lavinia Limon’s letter.

See my previous post on Rutland where I said Ms. Limon was setting this up (with the New York Times help) to use as a cudgel against Donald Trump should he stop the flow of Syrians after January 20th.

See our many posts on the Rutland controversy, here. And, learn more about Lavinia Limon and USCRI by clicking here.

4 Responses to “Refugee contractor may have exaggerated numbers in letter promoting Rutland, VT resettlement”

  1. inwitinthemidwest said

    I have read very carefully through Refugee Resettlement Watch with very mixed feelings. It’s about how our federal refugee resettlement agency, along with ill-informed humanitarian organizations and corrupt contractors, end up lying to doe-eyed liberal cities and towns about the potential benefits of taking refugees into their communities. The assertion is that refugees will drain resources from the education system and from state- and town- funded community services. Poor people will not help poor towns! is the overarching message. Have I got it here?

    Some very interesting nuts n bolts info is scattered throughout, especially about the contractors; but all is in the service of panicky xenophobia, alt-right (read white supremacy) selfishness, and shameful prejudice on so many levels! starting with the notion that refugee resettlement is some sort of monolithic “industry,” adding that folks interested in helping are just starry-eyed about “cool,” “flavor of the year” refugees, to the old canard about the two Somali 2nd generation refugees who were radicalized, when a great many more homegrown young & dumb white ‘muricans were.

    Should I counter any of this with a few small assertions? Like the fact that some of the refugees mentioned may be poor, but poor because they were bombed out of their lives, and at the very least, because of circumstance? poor with trade and business skills, college degrees, law degrees and even doctorates? That some speak English better than your happy American fellow citizens? That all have much skill, kindness, and even education to offer to towns that so openly lack these valuable things?

    Imagine having your city and your life destroyed around you in the space of a few years. Your job, your education, your very existence is under threat. Then a shell hits your house and it is destroyed, along with some members of your family. You are shifted to an outdoor camp which is more of a permanent tent city. You spend years being vetted for refugee resettlement status. Then, very very far away, in a country that ironically helped pay for the shell that hit your house, somebody decides to help sponsor your resettlement in their town. Their town may need a lawyer, a doctor, a bakery. You may not even want to leave your country, but you decide that getting a new start in life is the best thing for you and your family.

    Now imagine yourself, blogger, and your confrères, the comfortable descendants of refugees. Be ashamed. See where you are in history. Wake up. Do good.


  2. I am trying to find out whether there is any sort of attestation of truth that the contractors are required to submit with their R&P abstracts. The IRC has submitted abstracts for Missoula Montana for 2016 and 2017 that contain outright lies about housing availability and employment opportunities. I want to call them out on this but unless they can be shown to be lying on a document that legally requires them to be truthful, I won’t get very far.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, but you always have the media and your own local blogs and publications, right? in which to expose the falsehoods. Try letters to the editor too. And, when you get your facts, contact your Washington reps—your US Senators and Congressman and pound the heck out of them until they pay attention!

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  3. thetinfoilhatsociety said

    This is awesome. I wish more people would do this and confront these organizations!


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