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Minneapolis City Council: Please send Syrian Muslims to our city!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 14, 2017

As if they don’t have enough problems with the tens of thousands of Somalis living in Minnesota, the Minneapolis city council passed a resolution yesterday, welcoming Syrians to join the gang in Minneapolis.


Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges (right) in Somali language Youtube here:

Frankly, I’ve wondered why so few Syrians have been sent (by the US State Department) to Minnesota so far and wondered if the DOS was worried that there could possibly be some tensions created with the added diversity in the city where Somalis are king.

Arab Muslims (98% of Syrians entering US right now are Muslim) and black Africans aren’t always the best of friends, and the Syrians will add competition for the same welfare dollars as the Somalis enjoy now.

See screenshot from below showing how many Syrians have been placed in Minnesota.  I went back to FY2012 and only these few are recorded so far (with none in FY 2017 to date).


The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Betsy Hodges approved a resolution today supporting the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Minneapolis and calling on other Minnesota communities to support a national effort to resettle the country’s most vulnerable refugees.

The resolution notes that “hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are making life and death decisions to flee Syria and neighboring countries because they are unable to access shelter, health care, education or protection, and neighboring countries have closed their borders to new arrivals.”


More than 14,000 Syrian refugees have resettled in the United States since the beginning of the conflict in 2011. The Twin Cities is a leader in welcoming refugees and has resettled more than 12,500 refugees from 40 countries, including Syria, since 2011. [Only 5 from Syria have been placed in Minnesota so far—-ed]

“Minneapolis has long stood as a place of welcome for refugees from throughout the world, including those seeking resettlement from Syria,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges. “Today we restate our City’s commitment to welcome Syrian families to make homes and new lives here.”

Continue reading here.

Here below is the screenshot from (US State Department’s data base for arriving refugees):



None were recorded in the previous three fiscal years. And none have been placed so far in the first three months of FY17.

11 Responses to “Minneapolis City Council: Please send Syrian Muslims to our city!”

  1. Don McCoy said

    I see it as a solution to a problem. Since Obama has been DEDICATED to smothering the USA under an influx of Muslim illegals…might as well send them to the cities crazy enough to ignore the situation in Germany and other countries in Europe. Let Minneapolis HAVE them! LOL!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Problem is the don’t stay in Minnesota but spread outward. It is called the Hijra and is a duty of all Muslims to migrate (even if it is only to the next town or state).


  2. Sam Nelson said

    Is there any doubt left, the worldwide brainwashing of white people, that began in earnest, in the nineteen fifties, has worked? Do any of these people, the leadership people especially, have time enough left over from checking their checkbooks and their phones to think about the future? The future the children today will have to live then. Not just white children but the children of all these different and often enemies, not white people, black and brown people from different and diverse cultures. Insanity, reigns.


  3. sidefxny said

    Hard to believe that Betsy Hodges is the mayor of a US city or that any of the people in the commercial are legal voters.


  4. That is a shockingly terrible picture. Black woman looks smug; white mayor looks ridiculous, like she doing penance as a child to her mommy. Guessing the pic was staged, but it *could* emblem-ize race relations in our country, and indeed in the wider west. God help us.


  5. Crawford said

    It must be that these states and localities are being paid by the federal government to take refugees. If so, these officials are literally selling out their citizens for cash and subjecting them to future problems, crime and expenses by doing so.


  6. triple idiots


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