Invasion of Europe 2017: Prediction! Invasion will grow as there are too many Africans and not enough jobs

Invasion of Europe news……


Here they come! If you have never read Camp of the Saints, you should!


Breitbart London published this news early today:

Lack of Jobs in Africa Could Spark Massive Migration to Europe

The economies of the developing world cannot keep pace with an increase in population, meaning millions of people from Africa will likely migrate to Europe, a new report has found.

The report, from the Geneva-based International Labour Organisation (ILO), states that the economies of developing nations in Arica, Asia, and South America cannot keep pace with the number of young people entering the workforce. The result, especially in Africa, will mean that many are ready to migrate and look for jobs elsewhere – and their main target will likely be Europe Die Welt reports.

Don’t get these economic migrants confused with legitimate refugees. They are not, but the open borders movement is going to call them all refugees/asylum seekers!

Economists expect that the number of unemployed in African states will skyrocket, as the slow growth of African economies may only produce a few hundred thousand jobs over the next year. By contrast, the ILO expects there to be millions of young people entering the job market across the African continent.

More here.

The only hope for Europe (and it may be too late) is for countries like France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands to elect leaders who are nationalists!

See all of our ‘Invasion of Europe news’ by clicking here.  Curious to see when I wrote my first post about the invasion, and I think it was this one in 2011.

11 thoughts on “Invasion of Europe 2017: Prediction! Invasion will grow as there are too many Africans and not enough jobs

  1. And yet, in Western countries we are constantly being told that we must have more people or the economy will fail and there won’t be enough taxpayers to pay pensions etc. etc.

    So how is it that the argument doesn’t work with Africa?

    The fact is people create their own economy. The baker bakes bread which is bought by the butcher who sells meat to the baker.

    No, this kind of analysis from the ILO is just trojan horse stuff.

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  2. . . . and yet, even after more than half a century of enormous flow of Cash & Goods from U.S. & Europe to ‘help the poor africans’ – ( I can remember seeing those pleas for help on TV in the 60’s) — nearly 60 Years and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING has Changed for the better! — the situation is exponentially worse than ever before and will continue to worsen.


    –Multi-Generational Social Welfare Druggies With ABSOLUTELY ZERO INCENTIVE To Change!

    – – – No more Assistance of ANY kind to these countries unless implanted with long term birth control!


    The primary difference is “Sense of Responsibility” — or, Lack of —
    * * * COMPLETELY CONFLICTING CULTURES & MINDSET b/t Western Civ. people –vs. ‘them’.

    — and their Culture & Mindset does NOT change when they come to U.S or Europe.; not even after 2 or 3 generations. –They still fully expect that it’s govt’s responsibility to take care of their needs.

    — this DEEPLY EMBEDDED MINDSET is blatantly shown in results of an excellent, detailed Pew survey on various social views — North Africa/Mid-East/Arab people — completely believe that gov’ts should be responsible for all of their needs –and majority say govt’s need to do MORE! {unfortunately, I see it every day in Texas for many years now, and it’s become considerably worse in past 5 yrs).

    I realize that some of you are not fans of Pew research, but they did a darn good job on this particular study — and I’m fairly sure that this is the same study of Social Views that revealed the extraordinarily high percentage of people in each of these countries who state: [paraphrasing] * * * their Religion ALWAYS * * * takes precedence over Laws and Rules.* * *

    There’s something to be said of the ‘Christian Work Ethic” and the Responsible societies it creates;

    — anyone who saw past Friday’s episode of 20/20 Hidden America could see the phenomenal difference – – Americans commuting 4 hours every day to jobs -via bus/bicycle; Americans working 3 Jobs; Americans living in their cars because no affordable hosing near THEIR JOBS. 1 guess as to how many refugees/asylum seekers would be willing to do anything remotely close to these kinds of efforts.

    Just like in Europe, many of these refugees/asylum seekers in U.S. live at BETTER & substantially HIGHER STANDARDS than the very Americans who are paying for their welfare.

    Personally, I’d rather the civilized world just let the entire area Northern Africa/Arab/Mid-East IMPLODE on itself — & show repeated proof to all the bleeding hearts that these people cannot even get along among themselves — THROUGHOUT ALL HISTORY! — much less being relocated. –and I see that every day too.

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      1. fascinating – – after being panned for several years as racist, xenophb. et al –

        “. . .The book returned to the bestseller list in 2011 . . . ”
        surely there must be a shrine in somewhere Paris for the author


      2. Same as Oriana Fallaci’s works. She knew decades ago what was happening to Europe. Camp of Saints was almost unavailable when I read it, now you can get it fairly easily. Amazing! If we want the entire world to look like Africa a nation of tribes-like America was over 250 years ago keep it up with this refugee and asylum system.
        I was in Tijuana last week the number of Somalis on the street down there is quite unbelievable. The number of them in South San Diego county is unbelievable. I used to never see them now they and the Muslims are everywhere. Low income housing being built everywhere and there are no go zones. Its unrecognizable so glad I left the cesspool years ago.
        Thank you Ann for your work!

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  3. Ann- It is really frightening how prescient you’ve been in reporting on the Barbarian Invasion over the years. Look at all that has come to pass in the time since you wrote that piece back in 2011. You were right on the money as usual, even then. The only surprising thing is that despite all the indications and warnings about this calamity, the Powers that Be kept right on going.

    Which brings me to another point that was made on the Vlad Tepes blog the other day by a Hungarian security analyst. He pointed out the obvious- that is, the complicity between the street level human traffickers and Government officials and contractors of every stripe who are all making vast sums of money from the destruction of Europe and America. By importing millions of, in many cases, third world savages who will never be assimilated and who in fact will destroy us if they have the chance, they have brought us to the point of Armageddon. . As the analyst said, look at the logistics required to move vast numbers of people from one place to another, let alone from one continent to another! Does anyone honestly believe that this is being done by a few people smugglers with rafts and leaky boats?

    No, as you have documented over and over, this is being done from on high by government officials and contractors who are making millions from destroying our culture, our civilization and our way of life. At some point these people need to be rounded up and tried as war criminals for what they have done. Thanks to you we know who they are. My greatest hope is that a Trump administration will have the audacity and the courage to bring these career criminals to justice so that we can stop the tide before it is too late. Europe is finished. The Camp of the Saints scenario has happened. We cannot let this happen here to our Republic.

    Thank you as always for keeping the flame of knowledge alive.


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    1. ditto, and thank you again Ann –your work is always appreciated even though I don’t always have time to reply.


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