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How many refugees so far in FY2017? Daily average has dropped

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 16, 2017

I just checked the Wrapsnet data base and see that since I wrote last week the daily average of arriving refugees has dropped. Either the data is not up to date as of yesterday (January 15th) or placement has necessarily slowed (we noted problems in Rochester with the huge flow coming in and suspect that could be happening everywhere).

Last week we reported an entry rate of 285 refugees a day (for the first 90 days) and these numbers tell us that the rate is now 257 per day (again assuming the data has been recorded up to yesterday).

Here are some screen shots of FY2017 overall numbers.  I laugh every time I see that Delaware has zero because sweet ol’ Joe Biden helped create the Refugee Act of 1980, yet somehow his home state of Delaware always dodges a bullet.




Florida is 873, Alaska 22, and Hawaii 3 (cut off my screenshot)


Then here is a shot of the top ten states at the moment. I am fascinated to see that Kentucky is increasingly one of the top ten when it never used to be—must mean that Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are fine with it!  And, we see how impotent Texas is at slowing the flow too!



Look for our Trump watch beginning on Saturday, January 21st! Will he or won’t he ‘pause’ the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program?

3 Responses to “How many refugees so far in FY2017? Daily average has dropped”

  1. Wake Up America!!! 0 NONE! Take care of our people!!!! Our tax dollars to our people!! Free food housing doctors dental care care for us!!! America first!!!


  2. If its citizens’ security were more important than receiving huge handouts from the feds, States could swiftly and easily stop the influx into their sovereign territories. Among others states, am very disappointed with the spinelessness of Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Their vocal resistance to the resettlement of improperly vetted refugees turns out to be “much sound and fury signifying nothing.”


  3. Did you notice in the “Lord of the Rings” different groups respected the identity and diversity of other groups ……… EXCEPT for Sauron and his servants (Nazgûl, Orcs, Saruman etc).who were a mushed up MIX of twisted perverted monsters marching for the death of “MAN” just like the Democrats envision for Humanity


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