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Comment worth noting: Let’s pay them to go home

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 21, 2017

Reader Harold made a suggestion this morning.  But it isn’t completely new to us. It is an idea another reader proposed in 2015—let’s pay refugees to go home!  I know many of you balked at the idea of using more of our money, but here Harold makes a suggestion for how to pay for it.

Ann. A suggestion to send back refugees to their homeland.


How about a Refugee Repatriation Act? The government would pay each refugee wishing to return to their home country $20,000 and provide free air fare in exchange for their US papers and/or citizenship and would NOT be eligible to return to the USA. With the United Nations handling the relocation of refugees and since the USA pays over 3 Billion of the UN’s regular and peacekeeping budget, the $20,000 dollar RRA amount would be deducted from dues the US pays to the United Nations.

St Cloud, MN and surrounding area, where I live, has a refugee problem and assimilation in our area is not taking place.

Ann, you have been out front on this refugee problem so give this suggestion some consideration.

Keep up the good work, Ann. (The $20,000 is just a suggested amount.)


I’m sure many of you assume that all the refugees we are hauling in here now want to be here.  Over the years I’ve heard from those who want to go home! They were mislead about what it was like in America and are unhappy, but they cannot afford the airfare to leave.  Setting up a program like the one Harold proposes would help identify those who hate it here and have no intention of becoming patriotic Americans.

Along these same lines, I would like to see a hotline established at the US State Department where unhappy refugees could call in to voice concerns, and the line could also be used for whistleblowers (I hear from those too!) from within the refugee contracting agencies to call in.

Although whistleblowers might now want to contact the Inspector General offices at the State Department and in the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Less chance right now of retaliation against you!

Comments worth noting is a special category at RRW to highlight readers’ ideas.  See more here.

21 Responses to “Comment worth noting: Let’s pay them to go home”

  1. Interesting idea. But first let’s see what the new Trump Administration does on immigration and on the UN.


  2. FatherJon said

    It doesn’t help that some European countries are experimenting with giving everyone a basic living wage, for doing nothing. Finland, Holland and a couple of other countries are trying this, and Australia’s talking about it. The amount is roughly around 600 Euros a month, enough to live on. Anything that the recipient earns above that is recorded in the tax system.

    However, as we already see, two generational families of Muslims, complete with several wives and tribes of kids can live very substantially pooling all their social welfare money. It’s hardly going to be a disencentive to those in Africa and the Middle Eaststill hoping to come to Europe. And for those already in Europe, they’re not likely to take a big pay out to go home when there’s easy money to collect every month courtesy of a willing government.


  3. CONTACT the White House!! Email address here…..


  4. Guled Warsame said

    Piggybacking off my previous comment, the best way to prevent greater numbers of migrants from entering the United States, or to woo back those already here, is to help developing countries build adequate government institutions so their people do not flee due to insecurity. I come from Somalia, and if the U.S government gave at least $1 billion in direct budget aid to the Somali government so that it could build the necessary police and internal security agencies necessary to guarantee basic peace, and to provide basic government services (health, education, limited infrastructure) then the number of Somali migrants entering the United States, and Europe, would plummet. The last time the U.S government provided direct aid to the Somali government was in the 1970s and 1980s, and there were virtually zero Somali refugees entering the country then because the government there had sufficient capacity to run a basic state. Providing such aid to Somalia again would be much cheaper than attempting to individually bridge the tens of thousands of Somalis already here, and it would have a much greater chance of success. Currently the United States provided only very limited support to the Somali government, and all the foreign aid sent to the country is given not to the government directly, but to Western NGOs who mostly spend it on “consultants” who live in swanky hotels in Nairobi while providing “consultations” to the Somali government.

    One hindrance to this solution is that many grassroots conservatives are against foreign aid, but they must realize that foreign aid is a valuable tool in foreign policy that helps prevent the problems of other countries from being exported into the United States. If the U.S government doesn’t help the Somali government establish its necessary internal capacity to maintain basic government functions, then Somalis will flee the country and many of them will come to America where they will face integration challenges, as we already see. Conservatives should cautiously welcome foreign aid meant to build up other countries, so those countries’ problems don’t become global problems. The most important aspect to this solution, however, should be a steadfast effort to prevent corruption, which is something that can be prevented if enough political pressure is brought to bear.

    Basically what I suggest is increased foreign aid, currently foreign aid is less than 1% of the U.S federal budget, meant to build/buttress the basic governmental institutions of impoverished developing countries in order to prevent migrants from those countries, who are fleeing lack of government services, from coming to the U.S.A. It’s doable, it achieves many goals at once, and it can be done at a relatively cheap cost!


    • Adele Just said

      The U.S. has given billions over the years to other countries to help them improve the conditions of their people. The billions end up being re-directed. Some leaders of these countries live lives of luxury, and have homes in beautiful places such as the French Riviera. I remain cynical about any such effort. If we WERE to repatriate refugees / immigrants with a cash stipend or incentive, then we should require all biometric (eye scans, fingerprints) and DNA information that can be obtained in order to prevent the same people from coming back. I recall reading about a project that tracked DNA for people from Somalia who had claimed kinship or who had been claimed as kin by Somalian people already the U.S. There was a relatively high rate of fraudulent non-relationships.


      • Ann Corcoran said

        You are referring to the fact that most have forgotten. In 2008, the US State Dept. discovered that as many as 20,000 Somalis may have gotten in to the US fraudulently claiming they were family members of those already here. The entire family reunification program from Africa, esp.Somalia, was closed for several years. Ultimately the State Dept re-opened it with some limited requirements for DNA testing. Needless to say, none of the thousands who lied were identified and removed.


  5. Guled Warsame said

    $20,000 may convince an asylum seeker locked up in a detention facility to flee instead of pleading his or her case before a court of law, but for an established refugee (especially one who has gained United States citizenship), it will be laughed away as a bad joke. U.S documentation entitles someone to entitlements, job and educational opportunities, travel opportunities, and legal benefits worth far, far greater than $20,000. Unless you’re offering $200,000 you can forget it!


  6. I am afraid that some of that money could be funeled to the bad guys and used against us on some battlefield. Or those that take the money and go home, they could end up again asking for asylum claiming persecution and the bleeding hearts would take them in again. Worse still if we ended up with some of Germany’s rejects and they ended up with ours. Too much room for fraud and abuse. We just have to pray that DJT will put a stop to this nonsense. It sure sounded like he means business in his inauguration speech.


  7. FatherJon said

    Might not work. They’ll do a for and against calculation on the back of a cigarette pack and probably decide that living in the USA over a long term is a better option than taking a one-off payment. Our Australian govt. has been offering $10,000 each plus air tickets to our illegals who are in detention centres, sometimes for years. But they mostly refuse to take the offer figuring that they may still be in with a better chance extending their non-welcome by a few more years. They’re unlikely to see a change in government thinking though despite the fulsome promises of human rights legal parasites and the ilk.


  8. It’s been tried in Europe and some of them came back. How about we NOT bring them in the first place? If the bleeding hearts are so intent on giving everyone on the planet free money, they may, out of their own pockets. Another thing: if the UN is SO intent on “helping” these people, the best thing would be to fix the nation states of their origin, not move them across the globe to the US. The idea of moving them to the US fits in perfectly with their “income equality” scheme, so the idea of repairing or proposing a new government will NOT DO for the United Nations Socialist Republic.


  9. nafbpo7 said

    Prior to the Obama administration, we use to pay for the repatriation of aliens apprehended in Mexico and the Caribbean. We would charter flights and return Chinese and Africans back to their native lands.


  10. Hey! Have you checked out or contacted Act for America? They seem to be concerned about refugee resettelment issues as well:


  11. reunion1 said

    Oh NO! These people are out for all they can get and will take the money and then make their way back, some will have multiple names and make a fortune – Never hand money to these people. Perhaps they could claim a passage home ticket with a small settlement grant scheme, preferably paid to organisations in their homeland. I don’t know how this would work but feel sure it will be abused on a massive scale.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Corcoran said

      We are handing them billions of dollars in welfare, schooling, medical care, subsidized housing right now. What do you think they are living on? Family of 6 with one worker making $9 an hour?


  12. To begin solving this problem of unwanted refugees in our American states, cities and towns, I think that having a special central communications program for, say, phone-calls to the U.S. State department is very important. I think that there are Americans (“whistleblowers”) who would love to DIRECTLY share their observations,knowledge and concerns with someone in power who could make a difference. Also, yes, this program would be for the refugees who are unhappy here, and want to go home. Some of these refugees might even be considered “whistleblowers”, as well, if they are willing to betray the contracting agencies that brought them over here in the first place. Who knows what these refugees are privy to on a daily level, regarding having first-hand knowledge of these agencies’ unethical behavior, falsification of documents, and misrepresentation of these agencies’ true motives?

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Ozark LuLu said

    Several years ago (maybe 5?), Germany was trying the same idea; pay a
    refugee’s airfare and a few thousand dollars to go back home. I heard that few accepted the offer, and the program was dropped. But lately I hear of something similar again in Germany.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Germany is doing it. I wrote about it not too long ago. And, people are taking them up on it. It is not the entire solution but for those few who take it, it sends a message to the media and to those back home. Tells those back home, don’t do it! Not worth it!


  14. Sadly, it makes sense. We’ll pay more if they stay, especially if they’re unhappy here.




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