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Is there a Refugee placement office in your town? Updated list available

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 23, 2017

rpcLogoSmall [Converted]We had for years been able to visit the list maintained by the US State Department Bureau of Populations, Refugees and Migration of “affiliate” offices.  These are the subcontractors’ offices in hundreds of US cities. When the website Wrapsnet was recently remodeled, I couldn’t find the list at first.  Just now I looked again and it is back (it may have been there the whole time!).

The list is somewhat updated.  For instance it includes the newly opened offices in Rutland, VT, Fayetteville, AR, and Ithaca, NY, but I don’t see the new USCRI office in Reno, NV.

You would think that if they were updating they might put Nebraska in the proper alphabetical order. LOL! So if Nebraskans are looking for the offices in your state, don’t get excited when at first you can’t find Nebraska!  They have Nebraska after North Dakota.

Remember too, that refugees can be placed within a hundred mile radius of these cities.

This (below) is a screenshot of the first page.  Note the abbreviation in the left hand corner. The data base you are looking at lists contact information for subcontractors, but the abbreviation indicates the major federal contractor (there are nine of them, see below) which is passing your money through to the subcontractor.



Abbreviations (thanks to a reader who sent this just the other day):

CWS: Church World Service

ECDC: Ethiopian Community Development Council

HIAS: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

IRC: International Rescue Committee

LIRS: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

USCCB: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

USCRI: U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

EMM: Episcopal Migration Ministries

WRI: World Relief Inc.

New sites?  You might want to visit the feds’ New Site Development Guide, here.

New readers: If you’ve never checked our Frequently Asked Questions, go there now and have a look.

11 Responses to “Is there a Refugee placement office in your town? Updated list available”

  1. Dana said

    How do I get involved to STOP refugee resettlement in/around my neighborhood


  2. David J said

    Californians love muslims. Send them ALL there.


  3. The list omits:

    Episcopal Migration Ministries
    Refugee Resettlement Office
    1610 South King Street
    Seattle, WA 98144

    Surely it omits others…




  5. Didn’t see North Dakota listed…and maybe Fargo is taking care of whole state. don’t know.


  6. Pat Sabin said

    Can the 100 mile radius cross state lines?


  7. Numb3rTech said

    Thank you, Ann. I see a placeholder for Midland, TX for the IRC. Have to spread the news that this crap is coming to the area and see if it can be stopped!


    • Its not my intention to offend anybody…BUT…Did you know that this org. is being helped by the American Jewish Congress? At least thats what Ive been told…


      • Numb3rTech said

        I am not PC .. and if the Jews really want to welcome the islamist religion and sharia laws, that demands Jews and other non-believers convert or be put to death, it just shows the amount of ignorance and stupidity prevalent with the Progressive Liberals. If they want to support islamic refugees so very much, perhaps they should go to the islamic countries and help them there… if they survive! Just my honest opinion. Islam should be totally banned from the United States, period!

        Liked by 1 person

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