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On tape, former Homeland Security agent describes cursory screening of refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 24, 2017

Just discovered by a citizen activist is this May 2016 discussion about the pros and cons of admitting Middle Eastern refugees to the US at McCuistion, a non-profit organization. We learned that The Foundation for Responsible Television has been producing the McCuistion Program for 20 years.


It is a 28-minute program and you can watch the whole thing below, but what our activist wanted you to hear is near the beginning of the discussion where A.J. Irwin, a former Homeland Security agent and expert on terrorism (see here at wikipedia) describes the screening process that we have been told is so long and so thorough.  (Hat tip: Jim)

Remember, for the Syrians, the Obama Administration sent more agents to the Middle East to reduce the time it takes to bring them in. They processed them to your towns and cities within 3 months.

Begin listening at 2:50 until 4:57 and learn about the screening process that has largely been kept secret from us with euphemisms about how “robust” it is!

A.J. Irwin:

“…when we send refugee officers over there to interview people, they have a mission and their mission is not to detect fraud or identify terrorists, it’s to process these people and get ’em into the system….

When they sit down at their desks or their cubicle, the line is as far as they can see. And they have the pressure of processing these people. So they don’t spend a whole lot of time talking to them. They get their basic information, they see if they meet the basic requirements – have a credible fear – what it’s based on. And then they move on to the next person. So this process is very rapid and the mission, again, is more service. It is not enforcement; it’s not detection of fraud or national security.”

Be sure to see Senators Cruz and Sessions let loose on Homeland Security rep at hearing last September. Leon Rodriguez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was forced to admit that many Syrians were admitted on the basis of their “personal stories.”  [Donald where are you, this would be easy to stop!—ed]

You know and I know that they all have manufactured stories about how they will be persecuted if we don’t take them to America. I bet the vast majority say that ISIS is after them. Ha! Well if we destroy ISIS, then what? Will they go home?

Watch the full discussion below or click here:




6 Responses to “On tape, former Homeland Security agent describes cursory screening of refugees”

  1. Have Knot said

    Give President Trump a little time. I am confident he will take care of this problem!


  2. This is an interesting topic, so I looked for government manuals on refugee processing on the internet. I got quite a few interesting returns, but one of the biggest gems was the UNHCR handbook, that gives details on how the UN is supposed to handle these people. What I found very interesting is the fact that there are several sections devoted to reasons why they can be returned home, that can be just as easily applied as the reasons for letting them in. The tone of the document still regards them as temporary visitors to host countries, not as automatic citizens, and considering that this manual is published by the very people who seem to be chiefly responsible for shoving them down our throats in the first place, I think it’s worth a read:


  3. nafbpo7 said

    Having had a very similar career as A.J. Irwin I share his concerns regarding refugees/asylum applicants. I also was a senior law enforcement instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). I was tasked by the FLETC management to develope an interview training program for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency. The training was targeted for senior adjudicators who were to form a new anti-fraud program initiative.

    At the FLETC we utilized a five step interview process, which is also taught to all federal special agents that attend the basic training program. One of the steps is “rapport,” which is necessry to establish a baseling on the person being interviewed. I also used rapport with my students and I also used it to form a baseline on the people I was charged to train at being effective interviewers. The very first day of class and in the first hour I would ask them questions about how they had previously conducted interviews, what I discovered was pretty earth shattering, considering that their decision on granting lawful immigration status had lifelong ramifications for America. After all they are granting these people permanent residency in America.

    I asked them if they ever conducted an interview and typed the persons responses simultaneously. Almost every student said that was exactly how they performed their interviews.

    Can you imagine conducting such an important interview and not maintaining eye contact with the person being interviewed? Remember these were “senior adjudicators,” meaning they had been already on the job for years.

    Who is conducting the interviews to determine selection of displaced persons to be included in the UN refugee program? What training do they receive? What country is the interviewer from and to who are they loyal.

    The Trump administration needs to halt the entire refugee process and take a hard look at the process and who is involved in making these selections and determinations for extending refugee/asylum status. From what I have heard from USCIS folks and other former agents the whole process is very shaky at best.


  4. Ann, thanks for this posting and to James S. for getting the information to you.


  5. Paula Kinziger said

    We all need to send these kinds of articles with video to our new White House website… to our new President and Mr. Kelly at Homeland Security and anyone else you feel should receive it. Hell, even call and leave a message for them.

    Thanks, Paula

    On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 6:57 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Just discovered by a citizen activist is this May > 2016 discussion about the pros and cons of admitting Middle Eastern > refugees to the US at McCuistion, a non-profit organization. We learned > that The Foundation for Responsible Television has been producing” >

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