Another 500 refugees added since yesterday; come on Donald!

The word on the cable networks, as I got up this morning, is that the President will not sign his refugee executive orders today.  I’ll have more on the news I’m seeing in the next post.

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As you know I have been tracking the refugee admissions since the morning of January 20th (Inauguration day). On that morning Wrapsnet (also called the Refugee Processing Center) reported that we had admitted 29,895 refugees since the first day of the 2017 fiscal year (October 1, 2016).

This morning the number was 31,521, a gain of 1,626 since Donald Trump became President less than a week ago. The US State Department and its refugee contractors are on a mission to get Obama’s 110,000 in here by September 30th!

We see now that there was a one day jump of 512 since yesterday, a rate that puts them well on their way to that 110,000 goal for the year.

This morning I ran the numbers for 1/25/2017 to 1/26/2017 and got 512!

You can bet that every day the Trump team drags this out, you will see astronomical numbers like that and you can be sure that the UN/IOM is handing out plane tickets like pez candy around the world.

They will then wail and moan that Trump couldn’t possibly dash the hopes of all those with a seat on a plane.

Here is where the 512 were distributed:


Florida is 8 (number cut off in screenshot).  Alaska and Hawaii are zero.

Here are the top ten receiving states over the last 24 hours:


And, here is a list of the nationalities and the numbers admitted in those 24 hours:

Afghanistan (1)

Bhutan (97)

Burma (68) By the way, 25 of these are the Burmese Muslim Rohingya I told you about yesterday.

Burundi (9)

DR Congo (98)

Eritrea (22)

Ethiopia (7)

Guatemala (1)

Iran (40)

Iraq (51)

Jordan (1)

Pakistan (5)

Rwanda (7)

Somalia (28)

Sudan (2)

Syria (35)

Ukraine (40)

Totals 512

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8 thoughts on “Another 500 refugees added since yesterday; come on Donald!

  1. Sacramento Schools: 3,000 New Refugees. In the last school year, approximately 3,000 refugees of all ages arrived locally, said Kirt Lewis of the Sacramento office of World Relief, one of four area refugee resettlement agencies. Another 3,000 have been projected for the current fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, he said. Four years ago, by comparison, only 850 refugees were resettled locally.

    Read more here:


  2. Dear Ms. Corcoran:

    Please allow me to make a few short quick comments.

    1.  President Trump has only taken control since last Friday or, 6 days ago so you can’t expect miracles in the political arena to happen overnight.

    2.  President Trump has to make sure that he is not a Law breaker himself by doing anything contrary to Obama’s Omnibus Bill signed into law in December of 2015.

    3.  President Trump is facing huge fences from Republican professional politicians as ell as Democrat elitist establishment politicians

    4.  Please do you homework before putting anything in print.  When you make statements beforehand that are incorrect, it brings to question from those we are attempting to convert to the actual facts presented by Refugee Resettlement Watch to meaningless dribble.

    Thank you,

    Bill De Spain


    1. Bill, Which facts are you referring to? What exactly is incorrect? And, please tell us where you have your experience on the refugee issue. Perhaps you would like to write a guest post about your experiences with the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program so you could inform us of where we might have been dribbling.

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    2. Mr. DeSpain: I don’t know where you’ve been hiding out these past few years that Ann Corcoran has been meticulously documenting every single aspect of the refugee debacle that is helping to destroy our country. There is no other blogger that I know of who has painstakenly accumulated the wealth of data that she shares with her loyal readers. Ann is unique in that she does not rely on secondhand news outlets that often distort the facts; instead, she goes directly to the sources of the data, namely the officials agencies themselves who are responsible.

      For someone such as yourself who obviously is clueless about Ms. Corcoran’s work, to make a statement as offensive as the one in your benighted post, reveals only your own lack of knowledge on this very important topic. As a technical writer by profession, I can state beyond a shadow of a doubt that the material she presents on this blog is impeccable in every respect. For you or anyone else to claim otherwise or imply that RRW is “meaningless” only reveals your own lack of knowledge on the subject. Get a grip.


  3. “We Hear You We See You and You Will Never Ever be Ignored Again” I just saw Our President Speak those words. As I have said before … I BELIEVE HIM!, In Every Issue that he has addressed.

    I am Glad to See that Groups still watch for results. I will be Happy to see the results of President Trumps agenda on refugees from Terrorists Countries. I being just one person will be patient for a little bit while the Cabinet is allowed to start their Jobs.

    Still a Believer


  4. I was very heartened by Pres. Trump’s immigration speech yesterday to the Homeland Security people and I think it did a lot of good in terms of confirming his agenda about the illegal criminals. That being said, what worries me more than deporting the illegals who are already in the criminal system, is STOPPING THE FLOW of the savage invaders, oops, I meant to say “refugees” who are being seeded into our cities, states and towns. People need to wake up and realize what is going on in their own back yards.

    Here’s an example. Last night I went to a big town hall meeting in Westchester county, next town over from me, that was supposedly to discuss the decommissioning of the Indian Point power plant. Instead of questions about the terrible consequences for all of the NY metro region of shutting down this plant, the first thing they want to talk about is Trump’s exec orders on immigration! Honestly I thought my head was going to explode when this woman got up and said how she and her group were in the process of bringing in TEN Syrian families to wherever they live in affluent Westchester and they were so worried that Trump’s edict would cause problems with this. And of course the ultra liberal, predominantly Dem/Commie audience cheered wildly in support of the refugees. I wonder if her neighbors, who are paying upwards of $10 grand a year in property taxes, have any idea what is coming soon to their town.

    These people have been willingly brainwashed by the left, into believing in the religion of multi-culturalism and diversity. They have no idea of history or what happens to countries that are conquered by the followers of Mohammad.

    Like you, I am very much concerned that Pres. Trump and his advisors are not putting the brakes on IMMEDIATELY.


  5. Build the wall at the border between the US and Mexico that is the main policy of president Donald Trump, he keeps the promise. The wall could stop the terrorist, criminal and the other dishonest elements enter the US and raise the social problem. The lawmakers in the US or the western country have to build the LEGAL WALL to prevent the thugs legally invade under the multiple forms as the refugee, family reunion (fake marriage) or the others. I am a refugee, the Western countries couldn’t distinguish the refugee and asylum seeker likely the python and tiger snake are the reptile, but the tiger snake could kill with venom. The UN refugee in 1951 is obsolete, the HUMAN RIGHTS turn HUMAN WRONG when the thugs exploit the immigration policy and the humanity of the Western states for the invasion, the Western country please wake up.
    Hoa Minh Truong
    ( author of 5 books, Vietnam veteran)


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