Comment worth noting: Rohingya are economic migrants, fake refugees, do not admit to US

The other day I told you that I believe that the Trump team doesn’t have a good understanding of where all of the questionable ‘refugees’ might be coming from.


We have been taking tens of thousands of refugees from Burma (Myanmar) over many years. Most have been Christian minorities that the Buddhist government there was forcing out. Now we are stepping up and taking Rohingya Muslims from Burma and Bangladesh.

I told you about it here just the other day.  Bangladesh is a Muslim country and so is Malaysia, one of several countries in the region harboring Rohingya boat people.

Why are the Rohingya our problem?

(Obama admitted 13,500 during his term in office.)

I have followed the Rohingya story since I first began writing RRW in 2007 and I can assure you the media has skewed the news to make it appear that the Rohingya are pure as the driven snow.  They never mention that the latest round of conflict began when Muslim men raped and murdered a Buddhist girl.  I have no time to go back over the 194 previous posts in my Rohingya reports category, you might want to have a look yourself. The writer, below, reports things that I found to be true over the years.

This is a comment we received in response to my post here (I don’t know this person). Emphasis is mine.

Winthan Aung:

Those so-called Refugees “Rohingya” Muslims are “economic” refugee. Basically, they are from Bangladesh. They will claim they are from Myanmar, for getting a refugee status and blame Myanmar government with bias fake stories. Trump must not take them into the US anymore. These people are good for nothing, and but for troubles. In Myanmar, they have caused a lot problem. They are with Mujahideen Terrorists.

Burmese monks making their views clear!

The “Rohingya” name pop out not long ago, ridiculously they wanna claim themselves as new ethnic of Myanmar. In fact, The “Rohingya” word is not mentioned in any dating back to Arakan (now Rakhine) Kingdom years, not long before 1950 as well. In fact, there was no historical report about fighting for Burma Independent movement at all. The ‘Rohingya’ was totally unknown to the British administration of Burma.

In WWII, British India region merged Burma/India border, that opened freely Western border of Myanmar. The people who lived Chittagong of Bangladesh and India got opportunities to travel and work in Western of Myanmar.

The Partition of India gave East Chittagong Bangladeshi people ideas that they could take advantage on the Western part of Burma as well. There was 1971 Bangladesh genocide, the Urdu-speakers was “Non-Bengalis” that time. That worries for Chittagong Bangladeshi, they wouldn’t be considered as Bangladeshi in Bangladesh.

From 1946 a separatist, the jihadist uprising had gripped Arakan and in support of their political agenda, the ‘Rohingya’ myth was created after.

At Uprising of jihadist Chittagong Bangladesh (now Bengali Muslims) chanted “Pakistan Zindabad” while killing Rakhine Citizen. Mujahideen took advantage and encroached Rakhine land at WWII. There were the mass killing of Rakhine people and hundreds of villages burned down in 1942. On 28 March 1942, Bangladeshi Muslims from Northern Arakan massacred around 20,000 Buddhists in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships. At the same period, around 5,000 Muslims in Minbya and Mrauk-U Townships were also killed by the Arakanese Buddhists.

However, Myanmar government intervened the Mujahideen movement by the time of 1962. The Myanmar Government banned all Bangladeshi illegal immigrants who are already in Rakhine state (Western Part of Myanmar) not to travel all states of Myanmar. The economic illegal immigrants stuck in Rakhine state, mostly Maungdaw township, Buthidaung and Rathedaung Townships of Northern Rakhine State.

Due to the poverty of Bangladesh, the economic immigrants from Bangladesh never stop coming to the Western part of Burma. More than 26 million live under the poverty line in Bangladesh, they live on less than $1.25 a day. the Government is not willing to do anything for them.

On the other hands, Myanmar Government was totally corrupted and the Junta was notoriously threatening to all ethnic groups in Myanmar. The Shan, Kachin, Kaya, Kayin, Chin, Rakhine ethnic groups suffered and they become refugees in Thailand and Malaysia. Real ethnic groups of Myanmar got opportunities to settle down in third countries after suffering.

When UNHCR focuses on Myanmar for ethnic crisis, Bangladeshi fake refugees approached and got aids by UNHCR as well, the people who didn’t make $1.25 a day got the opportunity to live with UN aids in Burma is their fortune, as long as they fabricated with fake stories to convince UNHCR staffs of their so-called people beaten up by Junta and harsh treatment of Myanmar Government. In order to convince UNHCR, they had pretended they were one of ethnic, “Rohingya”, which never existed in History of Burma.

When refugees crisis is the focus by internationals. They take advantages of getting resettlement. fake media will promote for their rating. Their advocates gain access to so many political, social and academic platforms to promote their sole agenda. Meanwhile, Myanmar government unethically approached them as well, issue “White card” as temporary identity card and forced them to vote for their Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) at Election. On the other hand, Global Muslims (grassroots to imams) gang up on the people of Myanmar (all over internet and media). Speaking of “Rohingya”, there is no ethnic name in Myanmar, If you have ethnic, you must have own language, they don’t have Rohingya language, they speak only as Chittagong Bengali, breath as Chittagong Bengali, they are only recognized as Bengali in Myanmar, nothing more than that. They are not really stateless, their motherland is Bangladesh.

By staying in the refugees camp in Bangladesh or getting aids from UNHCR office in Myanmar couldn’t make them satisfied. In Myanmar, they cannot travel only in Rakhine state. They later learned about resettlement program of UNHCR. But UNHCR in Myanmar didn’t have any resettlement program for them. However, UNHCR at Malaysia and Thailand provides the refugee to resettlement in third countries.

Getting into Myanmar is easy, bribery helps them to get inside of Myanmar easily. Or just cross over the river where there is no border guard. However, getting to Malaysia is hard for them. Smugglers convinced Bangladeshi how they could earn $1000 in a month in Malaysia. Indeed the Bangladeshi who made to Malaysia could get a better living. Thus, Bangladeshi are deliberately paying smugglers about US$200 to $250 to travel to Malaysia to become economic Refugees. The people who move in this route, bet with their lives at risk. But this is the only way they could effort to travel. If they got lucky, they will get a chance to get resettlement in third countries instantly.

Any Refugees coming to Malaysia/Thailand are usually sent to countries like Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States for resettlement. However, Thailand route has long wait time to get to third countries. Their best destination is the Malaysia. There is already 42,230 Rohingya under UNHCR protection in Malaysia. That is the main motivation for them to get to there, and it is the cheapest way for traveling to Malaysia if they are not very lucky, they usually end up in Thailand, wait for more years to get the resettlement or travel again to Malaysia.

After arriving in Malaysia, they filed asylum (application) at UNHCR for refugee status, UNHCR aid these refugees, and provides monthly allowances for them until they get the settlement in third countries. Anyhow, they could easily go back without problems if they don’t get refugee status (but they are not willing to go back, even without refugee card, they could earn money) or if they have money, they usually buy refugee status in Malaysia. Some smuggler applied UNHCR card for selling the Refugees status in Malaysia. They usually pay Malaysia RM-3,500 for the card. UNHCR aware about those fraudulent activities, but they kept on silences.

The economic refugees are traveling again and again to Malaysia until international leaders push pressure to Bangladesh. Sooner or later, you will see another boat come out from Bangladesh, and claims they are from Myanmar since the topic is hot. In that case, Myanmar government is easy to blame. They have kept doing for the decade. This time they got caught by authorities (Thai, Malaysia, Indonesia) who got enough of their problems (too many crimes cases with Rohingya in Thai, Malaysia), and push back to sea.

The people are sneaking into other countries without papers by boats, they left the Bangladesh, they have only 2 points in this immigration – firstly try to get UNHCR status or get a chance to work in any country, because they don’t get enough to make living in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has been overcrowded you can view the Dhaka video –, they cannot make up living at there, some of Bangladeshi in that country even sell their organs just little as $5000 well.

If you call these fake people a “Refugees”, then we fail to support real refugees who really need for. We must save cards for real one, not these fakes.

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4 thoughts on “Comment worth noting: Rohingya are economic migrants, fake refugees, do not admit to US

  1. The above is mostly incorrect, If readers want the truth they can go to a recognized source such as CSIS,ORG. Mus;oms were first invited in to Burma under the rule of King Narameikla in the 1430s When the British first won the Anglo Burmese War (1824-26) Muslims were invited in from Bengal etc,. In earlier times when Buddhists conquered Arakhan,over 35,000 Muslims were killed. After Burmese independence,they were considered as citizens and recognized as a group. There was a revoking of citizenship etc in 1982 under Ne Win. There are many more facts and historical evidence on many objective sites by historians etc. The poster of the above was more likely a Buddhist from Arakan. I just did a quick internet search to find reliable sources. In any event, there is no denial there is a genocide being perpetrated and one can argue about legitimacy, they are a persecuted minority and should be admitted as such which is part of Trumps order, For myself, I am embarrassed for America as his actions are just a way ti discriminate against Muslims.


    1. @Ralph Parker –

      It seems you know nothing about Arakan (Rakhine) and Arakan histories. You seem that you clouded with fake stories created by so-called “Rohingya”. Foundation of Buddhism in Arakan was long date back to 729 AD, Even Buddha visited at Arakan (Rakhine State). Arakanese people are Buddhists since Buddha’s lifetime. Arakan Kings didn’t conquered the Arakan, They constructed the Arakan. You know what that means?

      Having Sultan title doesn’t mean Arakanese King “Min Saw Mon” was Muslim at all. Having friends with neighboring countries and getting aids from them, didn’t mean that your friends can come over take your home illegally. Yes, the King had the relationship with Suleiman Shah, and trade deals in the past. It got nothing to do with immigration at all. Every country has a relationship with neighboring countries. All of the Arakan kings were Buddhists. And King Min Saw Mon aided by troops “largely made up of Afghan adventurers” when he invaded. Remember, he used “Afghan” people. All of the monarchs after King’s Min Saw Mon were also Buddhists. There were no Muslims kings what so ever in the Arakan history.


      The Maruk U kingdom of Arakan expanded its territories to the Chittagong area of Bengal during the 16th and 17th centuries. Arakan king controlled half of Bangladesh and part of India. Arakan captured many Bengalis and sold them in the slave markets that were run by the Dutch East India Company, VOC in Batavia (Jakarta). Bangladeshi named Arakanese people as “Magh people” in their language. Arakan never accepts slave as Citizen at all since that. Arakanese named Bengalis as “Kalar” Coolies.


      Speaking of the history of exile, all countries has exile in the past. Arakan king accepted Shah Shuja (Muslim) escaped after falling to succeed the Mughal throne as well. However, he and his 200 followers and local slaves Muslims decided to overthrow the king of Arakan. Later he and some his entourage killed by Arakanese soldiers in 1661. And his family later killed in 1663. And surrendered soldiers of Shan Shuja inducted into Arakanese “Archer” guard, and they are called as “Kaman”. Since that days till 1710, Muslims came as refugees in Arakan, Arakanese called them as “Kaman”. Yes, in Arakan, there was Muslims but they were called Kamans. And there were 2,686 Kamans in Arakan in 1931.

      Thus, Arakan has Kamans as Muslims in Rakhine as the indigenous race. You wanna call “Rohingya” as over all Muslims from Myanmar is so wrong, it offends to Kamans people in Rakhine. They never wanna associated with that names. Because the Kamans have been disproportionately affected whenever Rakhine and Illegal Bangladeshi so-called “Rohingya” have riots in Arakan. They live naturalized as the lawful citizen. They speak Arakanese.

      Besides, there is no way 2,686 Kamans (Muslims in Arakan) reproduce 1.3 million of so-called “Rohingya” Muslims at Rakhine state for 86 years. Kaman people called themselves as Kamans and recognized as Myanmar Citizens. They never claim themselves as “Rohingya” at all.

      According to the 1982 Citizenship Law, foreigners cannot become naturalized citizens of Myanmar, unless they can prove a close familial connection to the country. Myanmar recognized Citizens, as defined by the 1947 Constitution, are persons who belong to an “indigenous race”, have a grandparent from an “indigenous race”, are children of citizens, or lived in British Burma prior to 1942.

      In WWII, it was the time all border were wide open, but if you follow-up with 1982 citizenship law of Myanmar, most of these are illegal, Myanmar cannot accept “illegal” at all.

      Please mind that these so-called “Rohingya” fake refugees even don’t speak the local language or Burmese language. They don’t even have language or any alphabets, to begin with. It is proven that these false indicators at there when they wanna claimed long settlers in Myanmar. They speak only regional Bengali dialect related to the Chittagonian language. They came down from Chittagong and cross borders.

      If you know simple math, you can easily figure it out how Risky for Myanmar.

      These so-called “Rohingya” Bangladeshi claim there are the population of 1.3 million Rohingyas in Myanmar. That is a scary number to see that. Let me prove you as following again.

      According to the official report, Rakhine State’s population has 3,118,963 in 2014. Matter of fact that, if “Rohingya” are going claiming one-third of Rakhine State population as “Rohingya”, that is the pure invasion.

      And Rakhine State has an area of 36,762 square kilometers (14,194 sq mi). And Most of illegal Bangladeshi live in Maung Daw, Buthingdown, and some in Sittwe.

      Mostly Rohingya Muslims illegally lived in Maungdaw (582.92 sq mi). The population density is about 295 persons per square kilometer. In 2008, the population was nearly 400,000 people in Maungdow. 80% are illegal Bangladeshi at there.

      If 400,000 people could have created 1.3 million in 2017 is truly invasion after all. Even Myanmar government have worries birth rates of these illegal Rohingya and now they wanna claim the citizenship, later they will ask for partition.

      Let me show you how to identify the fake refugees from Myanmar.

      – Ask them to Myanmar Alphabet’s details – (Every 1st grade know)
      – Ask them Rohingya’s Alphabets – (There are no alphabets at all)
      – Asking them to sing National Anthem (In Myanmar, even nursery kids can sing by heart)
      – Asking them to draw the map of nation (Ever 4th-grade student can draw)
      – Asking them about Myanmar’s History, just ask “Bayinnaung’s quote for bravery” – Every kid in Myanmar know about)

      Well, You are doing the good deed for helping refugees. But helping fake refugees are waste of the time, you are encouraging the people to risk in the boat to cross the oceans, do you know that you are indirectly supporting the human trafficking if you are supporting fake refugees. Besides you are wasting our tax payer’s funds, please don’t do just for your NGO’s profits, research well what you are helping for. Don’t import any bad apples into the US liked Boston’s bombers.


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