He did it! President Donald Trump signed the executive order on refugees


I happened to catch him signing as I came in just before 5 p.m. today.  But, will have to wait for the exact details of the order’s text.

***Update January 28th*** Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart reported late last night about the details of the Executive Order, click here. Here is the language.

We believe it includes a 120-day moratorium, a cap on refugee resettlement for this fiscal year at 50,000 and some kind of inter-agency directive to improve the vetting process (the so-called extreme vetting).  Earlier today we pointed out that 50,000 was not that great a reduction, here.

Now the ball must be placed in Congress’ court!


Every effort must be made in those 120 days to pressure Congress to begin to reform the entire Refugee Admissions Program.

I suspect many members of Congress gave a sigh of relief that Donald Trump was going to take the heat (and oh, there will be heat, more on that later), so they can pretend something is being done and THEY DON’T HAVE TO DO IT.

Trump has taken the monkey off their backs, you must put it right back on!

I’m telling you that if the law is not changed we will be back to square one come the end of May!  The President’s pen and phone can only do so much. The next President can undo it all, if the law is not rewritten.

So Trump should threaten to extend that moratorium unless Congress begins the hard work of reevaluating and ultimately rewriting the Refugee Act of 1980.

And, if there are any brave Senators or Members of Congress willing to take the lead, that legislator should hold field hearings around the country to hear directly from citizens about the impact more immigrant labor is having on local workers, to hear about the economic challenges local and state governments are facing, and to assess the cultural upheaval communities are experiencing.

Do not stop doing whatever you are doing in your pockets of resistance, but make sure everything you do gets to the ears of your member of Congress and US Senators.

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31 thoughts on “He did it! President Donald Trump signed the executive order on refugees

    1. I disagree. Congress must put changes in law. Executive orders can and will be overturned in 4 or 8 years (this one expires in 4 months!). Also, we need to expose the treasonous members of Congress. Make them all show us who they are.

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  1. Hi Mrs. Corcoran, thank you so very much for providing this information as a valued service to our Country. I think you should apply to the Trump administration (check the whitehouse.gov website) as a subsidiary adjunct to the Press Office. The information here is topnotch and can only help get our fellow Americans to wake up and realize their country is being taken over without their ever realizing it. I believe “silent invasion” is the term now, and if not it should be; they can’t beat us on the battlefield, so they come through the back door and our politicians let them. Haha, the joke is on us. The people we elect let the invader in the back door, isn’t that called TREASON?

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    1. Be prepared for every large and small leftwing dominated news outlet to run sob stories about who did not get here and who could not bring their ‘suffering’ family members.

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  2. Ann, your summary appears to be correct, I just watched an update on the 11 PM news. It seems it also includes (again according to the news) a complete defunding of the Refugee Program. I also got my daily update from CAIR, they are announcing a “major” lawsuit to be launched against the measure on Monday.Respectfully,Rick

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    1. To be accurate….All of the 32,000 who have entered so far this fiscal year are not Muslims. All 50,000 won’t be, but at least half will be. We take large numbers of Hindu Bhutanese and other religious groups as well. We take many Christians from some parts of the world too.


  3. It is better than nothing but I am actually discouraged that he did not take the move supported by many members of congress and advocated by Rep. Brian Babin, i.e. to suspend the entire program.


  4. Now to remove the invaders already entered!
    Mohammad himself was once a (claimed) refugee taken in by the Jewish city of Medina.
    Within five years, Mohammad (with his other invading “refugees”) had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jew living in Medina before The Rise of Islam, Medina Was Originally A Jewish City..
    Medina is more Jewish than Islamic. Talented Jews built Medina [then called Yathrib] and made it one of the most prosperous areas in the Arabian peninsula. Two polytheist Arab tribes settled alongside with the Jews, who maintained a strong presence there until Muhammad and some of his followers killed, enslaved, robbed and/or expelled Jews.
    Medina then fell under Islamic backwardness and the Saudi regime is in the forefront in promoting the Jihad against infidels

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  5. Ann, if you can Marshall your contacts for a 10 minute audience with Mssrs Trump and Cruz. Together it will produce incredible results. CAIR & Muslim Brotherhood are the biggest threats to keeping this ban from being memorialized into law and the USA not becoming a vassal State of the UN and Organization of Isamic States.

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  6. Thank the lord. I have been holding my breath. I know it is only 4 months but if we work hard we can pressure congress to make some changes and defund it until further notice. God Bless Donald J Trump. He will get alot of grief for this for a long time. Good work Ann C for keeping us informed.

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  7. Great news. Interestingly, yesterday morning, the Florida House legislator’s sub-committee on Children, Families & Seniors held a two hour session on the Florida Refugee program. 4 of 5 speakers were supportive of it. The head of the Florida Refugee Services Dept. is a Democrat and former legislator. She used weasel words when asked how communities learned about inbound refugees, saying they had community meetings (but only with insiders), and had regional task force public meetings. I have attended the regional meetings and video taped several. They never had details on inbound refugee counts or locations. You wrote once about R&P reports that were required by the Feds, but neither the Refugee Service head, the regional head got them, and the regional heads of two VOLAGS in the Orlando area (Catholics and Lutherans) never returned calls asking for them. That is a reason alone to prohibit entry of refugees. I tried to provide input at the meeting, but they would not accept Skype or phone calls, even though other committees do that. There was no public input, but apparently there is an upcoming bill to restrict some Refugee program areas, so this was an introductory session. This video of yesterday’s meeting is at: http://thefloridachannel.org/videos/12617-house-children-families-seniors-subcommittee/

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  8. Congrats, Ann! Thanx for your hard work getting the info to us.

    While they’re rewriting the 1980 law they should UNDO Bill Clinton’s executive order that requires local communities to PROVIDE TRANSLATORS for foreigners who REFUSE TO LEARN ENGLISH. That’s ridiculous – why should THOSE darlings be inconvenienced?

    Pleeeze keep up the great work!

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    1. I’ll try to write about that executive order again, most people don’t know about it. It is costing local governments, hospitals, etc. a fortune!

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  9. I think it is 120 days/until further notice. Also if 50K for the year, won’t it take 2 years with extreme vetting? I guess it is one step at atime and this is a big step! Yes, the 50K is much too many, should be zero.

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  10. People who are convinced that Allah is God even though Allah wants us dead making deadly things in space doing the big bang needs to not be here at all never coming here. God did not blow up what he made.


  11. Thanking God!!

    — and, ditto! ….
    “. . . . . Do not stop doing whatever you are doing in your pockets of resistance, but make sure everything you do gets to the ears of your member of Congress and US Senators.. . . . . . . “

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