Fox News’ Tucker Carlson eviscerates former US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ lobbyist

There is so much I could start with today, but this has to be it!  If you want to start your day with a smile, watch this! Hat tip: Rosemary

Obviously Carlson has done his homework on the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, especially as it relates to the taxpayer-funding the nine major refugee contractors receive to do their “Christian” charity. A national news outlet is finally reporting on the fact that money (your money) runs the US refugee program!

Kevin Appleby laughably claims that ISIS and other Islamists are going to hate us even more now!

Yes, maybe because President Donald Trump has slowed their migration (Hijra!) to America!

To learn more about the extremely controversial EO signed by Trump last night, go here.



We have written about Kevin Appleby many times over the years during his time as a lobbyist for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Click here to read those posts.

One thing that has always troubled me is the 2013 trip by the USCCB to Central America and subsequent report, penned by Appleby, which predicted the huge wave of invading ‘children’ that swamped our border beginning in earnest within months of the trip.

Maybe the Trump team could investigate what happened on that trip—did the Bishops encourage the migration of the ‘children?’

Who benefited financially from that huge influx of ‘Unaccompanied alien children?’ The USCCB and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (two of the nine major refugee contractors) which have been paid for years to take care of the ‘children’ as their ‘Christian charitable’ work, for refugees and for the illegal alien children.

To learn more about what President Trump’s executive order on refugees contains, click here. Update: See the exact language here.

8 thoughts on “Fox News’ Tucker Carlson eviscerates former US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ lobbyist

  1. Where are the photos of incoming “refugees”? Answer: nowhere to be found. These operations are hidden from us all incl. mayors and governors. Applebee is a propagandist!

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  2. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Did this Kevin Appleby character really think he could take on Tucker Carlson?
    And Appleby is so full of shit–Good Lord! Yes, the churches have their names on these 9 national SCAM refugee outfits, with their hundreds of local offices, but how much does the church actually pay? Not much. Also, what percentage of the church people love their church’s name being affiliated with such scam?
    And SCAM is what it is.
    Taxpayers are footing most of the bill, and the islamic-run UN is telling our state department who, how many, and where–at least the islamic-run UN HAS BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH THAT
    But our new president, Donald Trump, is in charge now, and ol’#44 is gone.
    Thank God the election went as it did.

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  3. Yes Tucker understands how the money flow works and he understands that we tax payers are not interested in doing certain humanitarian work and charitable work is the job of churches NOT governments. He also called out this fear of making ISIS mad. What a joke.

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  4. OMG- My head is going to explode after watching this little weasel.. This is the BEST Tucker video I have seen yet and we need to get this posted all over, in every blog, website, Facebook, etc. Finally, the truth that Ann has been telling us is getting some air time.

    This guy Appleby s a LYING LIAR. Every time he opened his mouth it was one lie after another. He was no match for Tucker and the scary part is that there are thousands of these taxpayer funded, social justice warriors still out there who are operating with impunity in our communities. Thank God that Tucker exposed him and his BS and made it crystal clear that all these do-gooders are doing is forcing the unwilling taxpayers to pay for the invasion while lining their own pockets.

    President Trump has done more in the last week to help put the brakes on than anyone else I know. I believe he is going to do the right thing and if we listen carefully to what he says, it sounds like someone in his administration has been reading Ann’s blog.

    The best thing President Trump could do would be to appoint Ann as Chief Advisor for Refugee Resettlement. (worldwide)

    Thanks again for everything you do.

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