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Suggestion for President Trump: save millions by cutting funding for the International Rescue Committee

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 28, 2017

Everyday I start my day at around 5 a.m. with CNN.  I recommend that you all consider doing that (not necessarily at that hour!) because it is so informative to see how they spin the news each and every day. Kind of fires me up to get to work!


In 2013, Miliband awarded George Soros the IRC’s Freedom Award (this is not a joke, or fake news!).

This morning CNN showed a clip of the International Rescue Committee‘s CEO David Miliband whining (in his snooty British accent!) about Trump’s EO on refugees.  I tried to find the clip just now, but couldn’t.  But it doesn’t matter.

This is what you need to know (especially you lazy reporters who never mention that the refugee contractors, including the IRC, are largely taxpayer funded while you pretend their intentions are pure as the driven snow!).

The IRC is one of the nine major federally funded refugee contractors.

David Miliband is a British national who came over from the UK a few years back to run the International Rescue Committee which places refugees in a couple dozen US cities. He was a former Foreign Secretary and is the brother of ‘Red’ Ed.


The International Rescue Committee had an annual income stream of $688,920,920 for the year ending September 2015 according to ‘Charity Navigator.’

66.5% of that income came from you—the US taxpayer!




Miliband is paid annual compensation of $591,846! What the h*** does he do for that kind of money? Doing well by doing good, is he?




And, here is where the IRC is placing refugees in America (screenshot from their website):



Think about it! A rich British elitist is changing American cities and we taxpayers pay him to do it!


So my suggestion to the President is to begin balancing the US budget by cutting off the supposed humanitarians, especially the foreign ones being paid handsome salaries out of the US Treasury! Let them raise PRIVATE money from those who want refugees seeded throughout America. Heck, the US taxpayer could save almost a half a billion bucks annually by pulling them off the federal teat!

We have a lot more on Miliband (Hillary had a crush on him, he likes her smile), click here for more.

18 Responses to “Suggestion for President Trump: save millions by cutting funding for the International Rescue Committee”

  1. Germany will pay happily for all…


  2. mea mark said

    I suggest Trump civil forfeiture all IRC funds and all the stuff of the principles; then, use that money to send all the phony alien imports back home and bill the muslims for all related costs.

    On Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 10:44 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Everyday I start my day at around 5 a.m. with CNN. > I recommend that you all consider doing that (not necessarily at that > hour!) because it is so informative to see how they spin the news each and > every day. Kind of fires me up to get to work! This” >


  3. tomasrose said

    I was recently at a conference where David Milliband spoke. with a completely straight face he claimed that the federal government only provided 3 months of assistance to refugees. Apparently, a lifetime of SSI/Medicaid is not federal government assistance.


  4. Geri Marshall said

    I know Oakland was sending poor people to Modesto, Turlock & Empire. It was cheaper than housing them in Oakland. So, Why would they move refugees to Oakland when they can’t even afford to house their own poor? It makes no sense….. And Los Angeles Co and Orange County have some of the highest real estate prices in the country. It makes no sense. 



    David Miliband ‘to be given top US government job if Hillary Clinton becomes president’ via @telegraphnews


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Wow! Good catch!


      • lehi48 said

        I believe David Miliband was head of the Labor Party awhile back until it suffered a resounding defeat and he resigned before being booted out. Just think about this a Labor advocate who complains about CEOs being paid X-multiples of their line employees goes to America to run an International Charity at the rate of ½ million Dollars per year, $100,000 more than the President of the United States. Yet, no one in the Socialist World Media thinks that this is an odd situation to be reported on and used as bully pulpit. This Leftist has it made in the shade. Now I’m hardly an expert on each and every town mentioned in this list but BALTIMORE? Remember how it was mentioned during the riots how there were no available jobs and that the unemployment rate was something like 50% and this was for the indigenous population. Now bring a “refugee” non-English speaking group of people from a Culture that is as different as the Man on the Moon and a Religion that instills the belief of Superiority over the locals, what do you think the recipe is brewing. I believe greater unemployment, jealously over jobs going to the newbies and violence. The placement of these “refugees” in city’s with major military bases should be off-limits i.e. San Diego.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. David Miliband’s refugee aid group in corruption probe

    11 MAY 2016 • 6:54PM
    The United States is investigating an international aid group headed by David Miliband over allegations of corruption in projects intended to help Syrian civilians and refugees.

    The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of three international groups to have had millions of pounds in funding withdrawn over alleged bid-rigging and bribery.

    Mr Miliband, a former foreign secretary, was appointed president and chief executive of the organisation in 2013, following his exit from Westminster politics.
    USAID’s Office of the Inspector General confirmed on Friday that 14 entities and individuals had been suspended as part of a “complex investigation into cross-border aid programs”.

    This includes International Medical Corps, one of the largest providers of medical aid to Syrians, and GOAL, an Irish NGO.

    Allegations relate to the organisations systematically overpaying for goods in Turkey. A senior USAID official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said private Turkish companies had sold cut-rate blankets and other basic materials at vastly inflated prices and pocketed the difference.

    The items are meant to ensure the survival of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians, many of whom have been left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

    “What became clear in the course of this investigation was this was a pretty sophisticated operation,” the USAID official said.

    Residents wait in line to receive food aid distributed in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus
    Residents wait in line to receive food aid distributed in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus CREDIT: UNRWA/GETTY
    The IRC, which has an annual budget of £350 million, relies heavily on government funding from Britain and the United States.

    An IRC spokesman told The Times: “We are fully engaged and working with USAID on this issue.”

    Two IRC staff members were dismissed in January after it was found that they had accepted money from suppliers in return for awarding them contracts.

    The Telegraph understands that International Medical Corps has suspended one of its most senior officials working on the cross-border aid operation. GOAL has also replaced a locally staffed logistics team in Turkey and is currently barred from using its €6.2m of US grant money to procure food and non-food items.

    The organisations are among the most important players in the delivery of cross-border aid to hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

    Almost half a million people have been killed and more than half of the country’s pre-war population has been displaced.

    In rebel-held neighbourhoods across the country, hospitals and market places have been systematically targeted by Syrian and Russian government planes.

    Refugee camps on the Syrian side of the border have also been shelled and, in some cases, almost entirely levelled, even as the Turkish frontier remains closed to those seeking safety.


    • lehi48 said

      Thank you for the extensive information. I hope there is a concurrent Criminal Investigation taking place.David Milibrand comes across as intelligent but not that kind of street smart to carry out something out something like this without a lot of help from the right type of people including terrorist on the ground to run it. Think about him being paid $½ mm of a L325 Budget. What is the cumulative amount of the top 15 paid officers? This is just like any other Charity scam. Check out the quality and quantity of the food distributed and if its an orderly hand out or the strongest get the most.


  7. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    I love how Ann Corcoran talks, she’s not afraid of the powers-that-be (now the powers-that-“think”-they-be.)
    In the post please see the photo of David Milibrand, CEO, IRC, standing beside his buddy, George Soros, presenting the Freedom Award.
    Hmmm…, and both those idiots want to END freedom.


    • lehi48 said

      Forest9patrol you have to believe despite the current “Powers that May Be” if you be you believe in either the Jewish or Christian Faiths (The People of the Book) We will prevail. How do I k-n-o-w this as a Jew, Jews have faces those who sought our annihilation: Egyptians, Babylonians, Philistines, Persians, Greeks, Romans, the Church of Spain, The Roman Church of Catholicism, The Czars of of All the Russians, the Crusades, Hitler. The Eastern European AntiSemitic Henchmen who worked to help Hitler devoid Juden Europe like Jewish Kapos George Soros putting up signs for his own people to assemble at certain Transport points to destinations unknown but Soros didn’t go and lived, Stalin, Franco, Juan Peron, and host of others.Most of these older Civilizations do not exist today.Although Peoples populate those lands they are not direct descendants of those Greeks,Romans, Egyptians and their civilizations are gone while Jews genetically are a Family and do maintain a worldwide ethos, culture, desire to learn.
      So despite Milibrand and Soros both being Jew haters and yet being born Jewish at the same time; they may turn out to be the death of the Left and downturn of Jihad.


  8. a person who doesn’t have to struggle to make it through just one more day, are more concerned about your money than human beings. Evidence of classic white privilege.


    • Spreaders of the “White privilege” MYTH are mentally ill. They have Low Self Esteem, and Negative Self Worth, and need Mental Counseling. Those who promote this hate-message are Passive Aggressive cancers attempting to kill off the Healthy Life around them.
      Patients suffering from delusions of “White Privilege” should be removed from any contact with impressionable Youth.
      Patients suffering from delusions of “White Privilege” should be monitored for depression & possible suicide and shown how to do so neatly so they do not leave a mess for others to clean up.

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    • Hello, I’m white and last time I checked my ‘privilege’ it was just fine. How about yours?


    • That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Just another white person that apparently now needs needs the privilege and sanctions for others to live in peace.


  9. I urge you to reconsider your position and think of the thousands of lives that are at stake. Mothers and children that are fleeing their war-torn countries, vulnerable people in need of aid. And you,


    • domstudent11 said

      We do understand that there are genuine people in need, but there are also many people in need here in the U.S. There are better ways to help these people than by bringing them by the hundreds of thousands into the U.S. to be supported by tax dollars from American citizens who are themselves struggling financially. The resettlement contractors have turned charities into businesses. Please understand that there is no way to guarantee that ISIS has infiltrated the refugee population (which they said they would do) and the first responsibility of our government is to protect U.S. citizens.


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