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Trip down memory lane: Iraqi who helped American troops convicted of brutal rape

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 29, 2017

Yesterday, when we reported on the befuddled Kevin Appleby trying to respond to Tucker Carlson’s questions about refugee crimes in America, we were stunned to see Appleby not be able to think of one case.  Was he lying?  Or is it possible he honestly doesn’t know because the cases we have reported on our pages never made national mainstream media news!

And, since the media (and refugee industry advocates) are now screaming bloody murder about the ‘pure as the driven snow’ Muslims who helped US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, below is a repost of a story from 2014:

Iraqi refugee rapist found guilty in Colorado; Diana West reports the story nationally

Author and one of the best investigative researchers in America, Diana West, has made the Colorado rape story a national story here at Townhall.   As we noted in our report on the trial of “Steve-O,” an Iraqi man who “helped” American soldiers in Iraq and who in turn was granted asylum in the US because a soldier befriended him, horrific cases like this one rarely make national news in large part, I believe, because it goes against the melting pot mythology surrounding Islam and our immigration policy that has opened America’s doors to an alien culture.


Poster boy for Iraqis who helped Americans! Jasim Ramadon doing 28 years to life for brutal rape. Why didn’t we just deport him to Iraq and save ourselves what probably will amount to hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to keep him incarcerated.

But, Diana West, says it best at Townhall.    See her blog post this week too, here.  She did some serious digging and reveals that Jasim Ramadon (aka Steve-O, aka Jay Hendrix) was a problem from his earliest days in America.  Why was that?

Two Iraqi men in their 20s have been convicted of a bloody sex crime in Colorado that left the victim, a woman in her 50s, in need of immediate surgery and a colostomy bag. Three other Iraqi men, also in their 20s,were convicted on lesser charges as accessories.

Four points set this case apart. First, there is its brutality: Law enforcement officers describe the July 2012 assault as “rare” and “horrific” and “one of the worst in Colorado history.” Second, all of these men once assisted U.S. military forces in Iraq as informants and interpreters. Third, every one of them received permanent residency status in the U.S., due in part to efforts made by U.S. military members on their behalf. Fourth, this extraordinary case and the ties that bind it to the U.S. military and the war in Iraq have received little coverage.

You must go read the whole thing!   She has uncovered some amazing additional facts including the laughable news that Ramadon once made an appearance on Oprah.

Here is the conviction story from earlier in the week at The Gazette.

As I’ve said previously I would like to see some brave members of Congress introduce legislation that would put the financial burden of criminal trials and the cost of incarceration of “refugees” and “asylees” on the US State Department and not on the local county or state where the refugee has been placed.

There also needs to be thorough consideration of deportation in cases like this one.  Send Ramadon back to Iraq and let him take the consequences there rather than burden the taxpayers of Colorado with the cost of his imprisonment for possibly a life term.  Imagine the demands Ramadon’s “religion” is going to place on the prison system there.

We have a crimes category here at RRW with 2,064 previous posts. Not all the crimes listed are as heinous as this one and many of those posts are crimes committed elsewhere in the world by refugees and asylum seekers, but if any serious investigative reporters have any interest, it is a good place to start!

5 Responses to “Trip down memory lane: Iraqi who helped American troops convicted of brutal rape”

  1. Reblogged this on North Carolina Pockets of Resistance.


  2. These crimes that the so-called refugees committed sounds exactly like what is taking place in Europe. Especially since the thousands of Syrians that poured into Europe running from the war zone. Its not safe for any woman or girl to even walk down a street at night anymore.
    They have committed rapes and the police don’t or have been told by their bosses not to even attempt to do anything about it. The more of them that comes here and are turned loose on the unsuspecting public the more of these crimes there will be. I found out about all of this at “ Read the past articles it will give you a real feeling as to what the U.S. could be facing in 10 or 15 years unless these Muslims are stopped. The politicians in Europe refuse to even allow anyone to say one word about what is going on about all of Europe being taken over by the Muslims that was allowed in the EU countries in the past 3 decades. They were a seed colony for the long term take over of the host country. The more there are the more demands they begin to make.


  3. nafbpo7 said

    It is essential that aliens who committ crimes in America do their sentence, befre deportation. Otherwise the aliens will have a field day committing crimes knowing they won’t pay a price in prison, just deportation.

    We have seen time and again how they simply sneak back in after deportation and wreak more criminal havoc. The Kate Steinle case comes to mind.


  4. Thank you for all of your diligence ! I will be spreading this far and wide. Their culture and hideous Mohammed allowances will never allow them to be good neighbors here. Just as in Afghanistan where local men helped our troops were raping,little boys at night. The are incompatible with western Christian values. All they want here is Hijra.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. hocuspocus13 said

    It was an eye opener for me yesterday

    In just a short time in my local airport

    Was around 200 people from terrorist countries

    If not for the ban how many more?

    As I read other people who arrived from terrorist countries are detained in other airports around the US

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