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Comment worth noting: reader asks should he defend Trump on facebook or stay silent

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 30, 2017

Editor: As longtime readers know, from time to time, I elevate comments I receive to posts because the comment deserves further attention. This is one from yesterday from a regular reader—‘domstudent11’.  I almost answered it last night, but was conflicted about what to say. I am not conflicted this morning after posting my earlier report.

By the way, he is not the first reader over the weekend to bring up the issue of conflicts on facebook.

Here is ‘domstudent11’:


I was unfriended today by a fellow church member who didn’t like my post explaining the lucrative refugee resettlement program. I guess liberals don’t like facts. I wonder if all the hostility on FB is because until now, there was no pushback from conservatives. So I am torn. I could keep my mouth shut and ignore all the anti-Trump posts from my so-called friends, or try to enlighten them, which has resulted in me being unfriended and blocked. For some reason I think it is important to challenge folks, and I have been trying to stick to facts only. I also “like” posts that I agree with from Gary Bauer, Jay Sekulow, Breitbart, etc. What do you-all think? Ignore or challenge?

Here are my thoughts in no particular order:

~Most facebook fights are a waste of time (IMHO). You are not going to change ‘liberals’ minds.

~That said, in light of where we are in America, it is time to bring the issue of Islamic immigration and refugee resettlement to a head, so post to facebook articles you agree with and let the chips fall where they may. But don’t waste time with back and forth arguments.

~Who cares if you lose friends who don’t see the fact that we are at a turning point for America, indeed for all of western civilization.

~Unless they are like-minded, maybe keep your family off of your facebook friends list. No sense jeopardizing your next Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner invite.

~Find more like-minded friends on facebook and in person so that you can have some emotional support for a huge war that has barely begun (assuming Trump doesn’t back down!).

~Direct your facebook energy toward your members of Congress and US Senators (the most likely to turn tail and run when things get rough). And, make sure your state and local elected officials get messages from you too.

~Put some of the time you might spend fighting with liberals on facebook toward other actions that might reach open minds—write letters to the editor, organize a citizens’ group (or join one like ACT for America) in your town, go out and demonstrate when the opportunity arises to confront those supporting more Muslim migration to America.  And, my favorite option—use your free speech—write your own blog and build a local/state clientele that will challenge (with facts!) your open borders activists and elected officials.

~And today spend your ‘free’ time supporting Trump and yelling at the Republicans in Washington who are getting cold feet! But, don’t get bogged down in the minutia of what this latest EO says!

Send a message to President Trump by clicking here!  Thank him and ask him to stand firm.

Readers! Do you have suggestions for ‘domstudent11’?  If so let us know!

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30 Responses to “Comment worth noting: reader asks should he defend Trump on facebook or stay silent”

  1. domstudent11 said

    Thanks for all your advice, folks, especially Ann. I decided to “unfollow” friends that I don’t agree with and am going to wean myself off of FB. I will continue to “like” posts from Gary Bauer, Joe Walsh, Jay Sekulow and other conservatives, but refrain from making comments. I have posted two positive hi-fives on the president’s White House page, and have sent several e-mails via NumbersUSA to my congressional reps. Ann is right. It is time to actually do something instead of just talking about it. What surprises me the most is that I have the most in common politically with my old Army buddies from decades ago, who are staunchly on Trump’s side, and the least in common with people in my current community, including church members who seem to be flaming liberals (some even went to the women’s march, and I thought Lutherans were supposed to be pro-life). This election has (shockingly) revealed everyone for who they truly are.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      The election has been revealing hasn’t it! See my post just now about what the radical left and he refugee contractors including LIRS is planning this Friday and on Feb 22nd… both offer opportunities for you. If you don’t want to go out, then write letters or call members of Congress that day—it all helps! Glad we could all help you with your facebook dilemma!


  2. Theodore said

    the last few drops before the spigot is closed?

    Exclusive: Trump administration to allow 872 refugees into U.S. this week
    Mon Jan 30, 2017 | 7:04pm EST

    “..[these 872] refugees were considered ‘in transit’ and had already been cleared for resettlement before the ban took effect.

    “Refugees preparing for resettlement typically have severed personal ties and relinquished their possessions, leaving them particularly vulnerable if their plans to depart are suddenly canceled.”

    “The 872 refugees to be admitted this week, under the waivers, were screened using Obama administration procedures, which typically take two years and include several interviews and a background check.”


    Round-2: Trump to reduce H-1B visa caps?

    Silicon Sultans push back…

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  3. michellefromsandiego said might be worthwhile to re-tweet or post without comment. Friendships may not be resilient enough to withstand political dissent. I don’t expect someone who lacks first-hand knowledge to be rational if the only input has been from the MSM. I can offer my opinion when asked face-to-face, and then my response might be on the nature of placing trust in God, not in Man.
    Please share any other neutral responses you might use because I need more choices than that one. Does anyone else regret that the voting age is 18? (It is 16 in local elections in Takoma Park, Maryland and I suppose elsewhere.)


  4. I think your advice, Ann, is perfect. I just had my best friend of 35 years tell me she doesn’t think we share the same values because I support President Trump and even traveled from California to DC for the inauguration. For over 25 of the 35 years we were best friends she heard me repeatedly talk about the evil of allowing illegal immigration, the dangers of allowing too much immigration – whether illegal or legal, the falsehood of Islam and the fact that the Muslims would soon use the same playbook as the Mexican. I’ve also spoken about situational values and how allowing various peoples to retain their cultures and language frames while demanding that America shift to suit these people was a recipe for disaster. As a Black woman (my former best friend is one, too), I shared with her how I saw these societal shifts has being of tantamount danger to Blacks. In short, aside from his views on abortion and the police, President Trump has never said one thing I wasn’t already saying for the past 25 years!! I didn’t argue with her over the break nor have I tried to “win” her back. I figure if she could be this callous and cavalier about losing a best friend over a presidential campaign, then it’s prudent to part ways with her now. Just want to let “domstudent11” know he isn’t the only one to experience this nor, unfortunately, is this behavior exclusive to the young – those who are old enough to know better have succumbed to the folly as well.


  5. You cant stay silent. I am a young gay man and I live in San Francisco; I speak out now whenever I hear someone repeat the lies of our media about the true agenda of the Kleptocracy that has been running our country into the ground; for profit. The refugee resettlement scam is treason. I post stuff or make comments on FaceBook stating my views and have lost a lot of FaceBook friends; and I dont care. Im sick of what is happening. People are afraid though of talking about this; even if they agree with you; so I make it my business to speak out even more knowing some people are not brave enough. I will fight to the death to stop what is happening in this country; and I tell people this directly so they know Im not backing down. That usually shuts them up. My grandfather on my fathers side was a General in the Greek army who was assassinated during the civil war by Communist partisans; I will not be intimidated by anyone in his memory.


  6. FatherJon said

    There seem to be fewer and fewer websites where a person can register under a pen name and post opinions that go against the leftist/liberal consensus. Facebook is one such. I have had around 30 profiles subjected to the FB censors’ attentions over the past year, resulting in my profiles being ‘suspended’ unless I supply them with copies of my genuine government-issued identification documentation. This is their nice way of saying ‘bye bye chum, we don’t like your opinions/posts’.
    Why else would someone use a pen name if they were willing to supply their real ID to some faceless apparatchik on a website? That’s their tactic.

    Like it or not, the leftist media hold sway over the dissemination of public opinion globally. They like to portray the rest of middle class conservative opinion holders as rabid Klan followers. The entire canon of anti-Trump rhetoric currently dominating the media is an exercise in knee-jerk cherry-picking and selective fakery. I wish the man well, and would like some of our Australian politicians to come out more vocally to support him. After all he’s doing our government a huge public relations favour by taking 2,000 illegal, unidentifiable Muslims off our detention centres on Nauru and Manus. They owe him that.


  7. icthelite said

    @POTUS and also @WhiteHouse
    These are good to get small points of view across. That is if anyone is really reading them


  8. ottis1952 said

    Wise advice Ann, thank you.
    I toughly enjoy your site. I can always get honest and factual info here.
    Keep up the wonderful job, you are a credit to society.


  9. Just witnessed a strange request on a community FB page. The request was asking community members to call local mosques and Islamic centers, numbers were provided, to show that we support them (morally) during Trump’s “Muslim ban”.

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  10. Great suggestions! I left Facebook last year because of virtue-signalling conflict among church members. Sad.


  11. Raymond Monmonier said

    Dear Ms. Corcoran, You and your readers should be aware of the YouTube videos of Stefan Molyneux, especially those concerning Muslims.  His latest video “What Pisses Me Off About President Trump’s Muslim Ban” released 1/27.  He is Canadian; a Philosopher; a “Talking Head”, and a voice of reason that I am sure all of us would appreciate.  Please watch this new release and suggest viewing to others with similar interests, if you agree. Thanks for all your efforts. Sincerely,Raymond  Monmonier 

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  12. My sister and i are facing the same issue as domstudent11. Your suggestions are helpful. Thanks

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  13. sulli159 said

    Also President Trump is going to keep tabs on honor killings and violence against women: h/t BRP

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  14. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    To Domstudent11, (and anybody else unsure) please take Ann’s advice. Share the posts you agree with, speak your mind, don’t argue with liberals on Facebook, and support our new president.

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  15. murlimews said

    Sorry to diverge from you subject Ann-I forwarded this to my college student daughter who’s at a stand still with her leftist uncle on Facebook, for months!

    I have a question how does one handle such deliberate obfuscation as I share below:

    As I read the above Grand Forks Herald article this morning I nearly popped a gasket as this:

    “(Senator) Heitkamp cited in her post a Cato Institute study stating no Americans died from 1975 to 2015 in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil due to attacks perpetrated by foreign nationals from the countries listed in Trump’s ban. ”

    Just like a Democrat to slather over the problem with wiggle words instead of addressing the genesis of the idea. I could interpret this as Heitkamp suggesting we ADD countries to Trump’s list, haha. And a great idea, but alas I fear not.

    Heitkamp’s quote from a Cato study is one long string of wiggle words: killed (injured doesn’t count?) U.S. soil (the jet that blew up over Long Island Sound crashed into the sea. The analysis did not prove it wasn’t taken out by an enemy missile) American Muslims don’t count (i.e. Major Hassam @ Fort Hood, foreign born who became an American citizen), etc., etc.


  16. Cathy said

    This is a great question that has challenged me, as virtually everyone in my family is very leftist. I’m already estranged from them, living in Israel with the others all living in the US. They rarely write and since the inauguration, or maybe even since the election, I have not had one single email from my closest family. Yet I see their postings, criticizing and mocking Pres. Trump, while showing some ignorance of the facts. I was not able to discuss in an adult way politics when we were face-to-face, as one close family member called me a racist when I dared to criticize Obama. So I agree, having a Facebook argument, or any other email argument, is fruitless. Feelings can also be hurt because words may convey anger when there is no anger. So I do not post anything political on the rare occasions when I post, but I do a lot of “liking” and a lot of writing in comments in the comment sections on posts where I know my family members will not be seeing them. I may not affect my family opinions, but there is always the hope a stranger will pick up on something I say. Bottom line – I agree with your answer and the advice you provided. Thank you.

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  17. sidefxny said

    Excellent advice Just perfect.

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  18. mikekiljom said

    Excellent reply! Worth sharing to my public FB. Agree we will never change the closed mind of those brain dead liberals. Writing and our congress folks is great idea and I try to when I can – like today is an absolute necessity to do!


  19. Actually you should be sabotaging facebook and NEVER EVER put “real” personal data there.

    SUCKerberg wants to CENSOR who uses FACEBOOK —- but WE should not CENSOR who comes into OUR HOUSE?! TAKE the locks off his doors. Take those WALLS down from around SUCKerberg’s houses. NEVER allow him to file a “breaking & entering” complaint because that is what SUCKerberg wants to deny to America.

    By the way ….. SUCK thinks he can just “share” our house/Nation …..he never served in uniform so he should “share” all his money with those who were wounded saving HIS FREEDOM. Since SUCK does not recognize Our property RIGHTS to the country then he has no property rights to his money.

    FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE are PLACES OF PUBLIC GATHERING, “SOCIAL Media”, and ADVERTISE themselves as PUBLIC places.. They are also PUBLICLY TRADED CORPORATIONS, unlike the PRIVATELY owned and operated “Mom&Pop” Bakery and Party Planner SUED by homosexuals.
    FACEBOOK is a PUBLIC SPACE therefore it has no right or legal option to censor participants. FACEBOOK is a PUBLICLY TRADED company, NOT a “private entity” and it solicits PUBLIC memberships.
    Just as cake bakers HAVE to bake homosexual cakes, and wedding planners HAVE to “accept” homosexual weddings, SUCKERberg has to accept opinions, videos, and pictures he does not like.
    The same applies to ALL “social media”, YOUTUBE, and search engines.
    A lowly COUNTY CLERK was jailed for refusing to “do her duty” by not issuing homosexuals marriage licenses The Baker, Planner, and Clerk SHOULD have just said: “You homosexuals VIOLATE OUR COMMUNITY GUIDLINES” !!! They advertise themselves as “Social Media & Public Spaces” so everything that is covered under the First Amendment can be posted there. A Party Planner and a Baker were successfully sued for refusing service to homosexuals ….. these “Social Media” can & should also be sued for violating People’s 1st Amendment RIGHTS to speak freely in PUBLIC SPACES.
    Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. engaging in politically motivated censorship is like your meter reader shutting off your electricity because you have a Trump sign on your lawn. These social media have become like public utilities and therefore have no right to engage in political censorship.

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  20. Domstudent11, stay strong, smart, active, and safe. Ann’s suggestions are the way to go. is my FB page. Send a friend request.


  21. I have separate accounts – one for personal and family and the other for politics.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Good idea!


    • FatherJon said

      I also have a family persona for FB, but it’s my political posts that get censored. Anyone who’s read my stuff here knows my views on certain topics. They’re not abusive, I don’t use 4-letter words, nor do I personalise my opinions/refutations. I still get the block and ban treatment from FB!


  22. niekro2 said

    Your work is much appreciated and one of the few solid sources on the Refugee Resettlement Program. Your’s has been the one voice in the wilderness for the past several years on a tone deaf administration. Now you are the first source subject matter expert on RR.

    Keep up the great work!!


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